Apple and pear trees were blossoming, and … potato trees – care

Of course, this glorious ornamental plant has nothing to do with potatoes – it belongs to the nightshade family. But the flowers, and the leaves, really resemble potato ones. The tree blooms thickly, looks unusual, and therefore makes a special impression. The potato tree, also known as Gentian nightshade, (Lycianthes rantonnetii) is literally strewn with purple-blue flowers with a yellow eye.

Potato tree, or gentian nightshade (Lycianthes rantonnetii). Farmer FASTILY

There are two types of potato tree: curly and ampelous. Shoots reach two meters in length. The leaves are small, oval, โ€œfluffyโ€, the flowers are either blue-violet or white with a yellow center. The advantage of the potato tree is abundant and long flowering – from May to October.
The potato tree came to us from South America, so it loves warmth. If you want to grow it in the country, remember: even a weak frost will destroy the plant.

To achieve the most lush flowering, place the decorative “potato” in a place where it will be in direct sunlight all the time, but protected from wind and rain.

Watering is necessary often, especially in the heat – twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. During the flowering period, add liquid flower fertilizer to the water once a week.

Take a closer look at the leaves: if they start to turn yellow, urgently increase the dose of dressing, otherwise they will simply fall off.

Potato tree, or gentian nightshade (Lycianthes rantonnetii)Potato tree, or gentian nightshade (Lycianthes rantonnetii)

Blooming “potato” grows quickly, so the tops of the shoots can be shortened several times per season. What to do with it in winter? Bring to a cool, bright room, water sparingly. The air temperature in the room should not exceed 7 degrees.

To prevent pests and fungus from sticking to the plant, regularly ventilate the room, trying not to chill the flower.

In the summer, help a potato tree – tie it to a trellis, and a wall of solid flowers is destined for you. Moreover, the flowers are outlandish. And you can tell your surprised neighbors that this is a new, decorative potato variety in bloom …

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