Ardisia – bush with berries – care

Ardisia – Ardisia. The family is mirsin. Homeland – tropical regions of Asia.

An original evergreen houseplant with beautiful fruits. Indoors, ardisia is a small bush 60 – 80 cm high with green leathery oval leaves. In spring (May – June) blooms with small, white flowers. The fruits are coral-red berries the size of a pea. With good care, it blooms and bears fruit almost all year round.

Ardisia (Ardisia)

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Placement… The plant prefers a place that is bright and protected from direct sunlight. In summer, ardisia can be taken out into the air, in winter – installed in a room with a temperature of 15 – 17 ° C.

Care… Moderate watering with lime-free water. In the summer, frequent spraying is recommended, you can place the pot on a tray filled with water with gravel. During the period of growth and development (March-September), it is recommended to feed Ardisia with flower fertilizers twice a month. A young plant is transplanted annually, after 5-6 years – a year later.

Ardisia - bush with berries - careArdisia (Ardisia)

Farmer mingiweng

Pests and diseases… Scabbards and felts appear on the plant if the air in the room is very dry. With an excess of moisture, root decay may begin.

Reproduction possibly seeds that germinate directly on the mother plant, and apical cuttings, if the soil temperature is maintained at 22 – 25 ° C.

On a note:

  • On the edges of the leaves of this plant, there are special thickenings in which vital bacteria live. When the leaves are removed, the bacteria are killed.

Ardisia (Ardisia)Ardisia (Ardisia)

Farmer mingiweng

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