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Succulents are very diverse. Both compact (sometimes miniature) and larger extravagant plants are united by only one feature – the ability to accumulate water. Despite the fact that โ€œbabiesโ€ have always been considered more fashionable, the assortment of succulents that can be used to decorate a modern interior is worth taking a closer look at. After all, colors, sizes, patterning, degree of prickle, influence on the interior are just a few parameters by which you can choose them. In this article, we will tell you about the five most fashionable succulents that amazingly transform modern interiors.

5 most fashionable succulents for modern interiors

Influence of succulents on the atmosphere of interiors

Succulents have always been a favorite collection plant. And if earlier they were often grown in separate pots, today they are grouped and created whole gardens of different species, united by one idea and capacity.

Despite the well-established opinion that the interior and its atmosphere are more influenced by herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees, succulents bring their own special charm to it. They are expressive both in shape and color. They play a great role of accents. They allow you to look for harmony between lines, contours and pattern effects, and not just the color palette and the density of the crown.

At the same time, in order for succulents to become true stars, you must first of all remember that they “work” in modern interiors, and not in boring classics. And the more minimalistic the setting, the more emphasis is placed on materials, the better succulents look.

They are especially good in combination with white, concrete, stone, glass, allowing you to reveal the beauty of “cold” materials in a new way. Succulents always attract the most attention when placed on a table and tables, countertops and bar counters. But, thanks to the original solutions of the designers, the fancy pots move along with the succulents and onto the walls.

True, it is worth remembering that succulents do not like clusters of plants and decor: they best reveal their beauty in groups with their own kind and against a clean background.

Let’s take a closer look at the most fashionable succulent indoor plants. Extravagant and daring, they easily become real stars of modern interior design. And they always bring a touch of charm to even the most modest design.

For a list of the most fashionable succulents for modern interiors, see the next page.

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