How to form a money tree correctly – care

Many of us have a money tree – “crassula”, or “fat woman”, sometimes it is also called the “tree of happiness”, but it does not always grow beautiful. Due to mistakes in care, the plant stretches upward, its branches are thin, long, and the leaves are only at the top.

Fat woman, or Crassula – “Money tree”

Unfortunately, in a city apartment it is extremely difficult to create ideal conditions for crassula, so the tree must be formed and it is advisable to start doing this when it is still very small.

The fat woman (Crassula) Is a genus of succulent plants of the Tolstyankovye family. Includes about 300 species. Many of these species are used in indoor floriculture. The people often call the fat woman a “money tree”.


Choosing a pot and soil for a money tree

The first mistake most people make is wrong. pot selection… With a large volume of soil, the taproot stretches downward, and the plant itself upward, which makes it thin and weak. If your plant was in a large pot, transplant it into a small, flat pot.

soil for money trees, it should be half sand and fine gravel. It can be easily purchased at flower shops.

Fat woman, or Crassula (Crаssula)Fat woman, or Crassula (Crаssula)

Money tree care

If during the transfer you notice that plant root has grown a lot in length, shorten it slightly with scissors so that it fits well into the new pot.

Water the money tree it is not recommended plentifully, but often, since with abundant watering, water can stagnate in the pot, which often causes rotting of the plant roots.

Pruning the money treePruning the money tree
A six-year-old money tree in an oversized potA six-year-old money tree in an oversized pot. Farmer Shade

Formation of the money tree

If your tree is small and has not yet begun to branch (optimal height is 15 centimeters), pinch off 2 small top leaves, you can pinch off more, but only so that 2 large leaves remain at the end of the branch. Later, branching should begin at this place (2 pairs of leaves will appear at once), if this does not happen and there is only one pair, it should pinch off again.

You can start forming a money tree later. Even if it has already grown large, you can shorten the branches, but, unfortunately, stumps will remain at the place of pinching, so it is better to start forming the plant when it is still young and remove only the top leaves where, in your opinion, the tree should branch …

Crassula is a very tenacious plant. It does not require special care and will even tolerate a prolonged lack of watering without problems. It is also easy to propagate. Just put a small twig in the water and after a few days it will take root.

Rooting the money treeRooting the money tree

Try to form a money tree and after a while you will be pleasantly surprised by the result, and perhaps it will even become your little hobby.

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