The use of cytokinin paste for orchids

Cytokinin paste for orchids is a hormonal drug that allows you to accelerate the formation of fresh shoots on the stem of the plant.

  1. Composition and purpose
  2. Terms of use
  3. The effectiveness of the paste
  4. Application scheme
  5. Place of application paste
  6. The algorithm for applying paste
  7. Care after applying the paste
  8. Fertilizers
  9. Temperature
  10. Humidity
  11. Illumination
  12. First results
  13. Conclusion

Composition and purpose

The basis of the cytokinin paste is the phytohormonal agent cytokinin. Its purpose is to stimulate the process of cell division. Vitamins in lanolin are noted among other components.

Purpose of cytokinin treatment:

  • acceleration of the awakening of sleeping kidneys and the appearance of fresh lateral processes;
  • regulation of metabolic processes in tissues;
  • increase in lush leaf mass;
  • delay in the aging process and cell decay ;
  • activation of growth;
  • acceleration of the onset of the flowering stage .

Compulsory cytokinin used when tightening the period of winter dormancy in the flower. They process orchids with the appearance of deformed leaves.

A cytokinin ointment should be used to get the flower to start flowering and to multiply the orchid by dividing by children. A properly used product is also able to restore a wilted flower, damaged by adverse factors, including:

  • after freezing when the temperature drops,
  • drying due to a dry substrate,
  • decay due to excessive soil moisture.

The product is stable, does not wash out with water.

Цитокининовую мазь стоит применять, чтобы добиться от цветка начала цветения

The cytokinin ointment should be used to get the flower to bloom

Terms of use

Note The use of cytokinin paste on orchids is permissible subject to the mandatory attendant conditions:

  • adhere to the recommended dosage, becausean excessive amount of the drug leads to drying out of the buds or excessive growth of green mass, which inhibits the process of formation of shoots and flowering,
  • plants are treated at the end of the winter period or in early spring, when the flower ends the dormancy stage,
  • simultaneously with a hormonal stimulant, nitrogen-containing fertilizer complexes are used, after the stage with the appearance and development of peduncles and children for feeding, formulations with phosphorus and potassium are used,
  • provide thorough flower care, supporting necessary levels of temperature and humidity, light intensity and watering.

It is not recommended to use cytokinin paste for orchids:

  • on pest-affected or diseased flowers, as well as undergoing short-term stress in the process of transplantation,
  • on the foliage and the root system, because in the first case it leads to the dumping of leaves and in the second to rotting of the roots,
  • on young flowers and children to when 5 leaves appear or when the orchid reaches the age of 2 years,
  • on fresh upright processes,
  • on a flowering plant immediately after closure of the flowering stage.

Processing more than 3 buds on one spike at a time is not recommended, ie. k. causes excessive weakening of the plant.

The effectiveness of the paste

Decrease the effectiveness of the cytokinin stimulator or completely neutralize the effect of its use:

  • low humidity,
  • low or too high air temperature.

Improving the effectiveness of the product helps:

  • warming the cooled ointment to room temperature for 2 hours,
  • moistening the treated area,
  • creating the necessary humidity in the room or placing the flower on a pallet with water.

The scheme is applied oia

Before starting use, it is necessary to prepare:

  • tweezers treated with antiseptic,
  • wooden stick (toothpick),
  • sanitized sewing igloo,
  • boiled water,
  • cotton bud.
Подготовка к обработке цитокининовой пастой

Preparation for processing with cytokinin paste

Place of application of the paste

The place of application of the paste depends on the purpose of its application .

Awakening of the kidney

In order to awaken the kidneys before applying the paste to a pre-sanitized the ligature makes a scratch with a needle.

Reproduction by children

When forming a new kidney, a sleeping tubercle is chosen for the subsequent reproduction procedure. For treatment with cytokinin, it is worth choosing the lower or upper kidneys.The upper flake is removed from the selected sleeping tubercle, for which the kidney flakes are moistened with a moist cotton swab, bent off its edges with a needle or a toothpick and torn off with tweezers.

No peduncle or kidney

Use a cytokinin hormonal ointment perhaps even in the absence of a peduncle, for which purpose a scratch is made on the stem above the leaf with a needle.

In the absence of a kidney, it is recommended to process the place where it was previously located. This gives a chance to grow a side of a new flower stalk or a baby.


The phytohormonal agent is also applicable to orchid tubers. Dosage and application instructions are similar to application on peduncles.

Algorithm for applying paste

A ball made of ointment should be applied to a previously prepared place for applying a cytokinin stimulator using a wooden stick or toothpick small size.

The drug is distributed throughout the kidney in uniform circular movements. At the same time, with the intention of propagating the plant, they take a pea with a diameter of 2.5 mm, to wake the peduncle, a ball with a diameter of up to 2 mm.

Care after applying the paste

The flower treated with cytokinin ointment additional care is required.


The introduction of fertilizer complexes allows the plant to make up for the lack of nutrition taken by children.Suitable fertilizers will be nitrogen-containing compounds and complexes for irrigation with potassium and phosphorus.

Succinic acid is suitable as a top dressing for the period of activation of the kidneys, 2 tablets of which are dissolved in a small amount of hot water. The volume of the working fluid is adjusted to 1 L, the flower is sprayed or watered with a flower at intervals of 2 weeks.

После обработки цитокининовой мазью требуется дополнительный уход

After treatment with cytokinin ointment, additional care is required


The level of temperature regime after treatment of the flower depends on the purpose for which the hormone was used :

  • to activate flowering, the orchid after applying the paste is placed overnight in conditions with a temperature of 2 ° C-3 ° C below daytime;
  • for propagation of the flower pu so that after the ointment is processed, the flower is placed in a warm place and the temperature drops are prevented.


When waiting for the result of exposure to cytokinin paste, the kidneys are checked, to avoid drying out. To moisten them, they are sprayed with warm water.


To speed up the process of awakening the buds, it is recommended to provide the flower with a lot of light: its lack affects the quality and health of new shoots.

First results

The primary awakening of buds on peduncles in the form of a new shoot starting to grow is observed after 7-10 days after treatment of the kidneys with hormonal ointment.

When processing a scratch on the trunk in the absence of a peduncle and treating the site of a dead kidney, the period of appearance of the results increases to 2-4 months.

When more than 2 shoots appear from one processed bud at a time, the extra shoots are removed , after which the places of the slices are sprinkled with an antiseptic, in which quality medical green, crushed charcoal and cinnamon.

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Hormone cytokinin paste for orchids – an effective preparation am, helping to accelerate the process of flowering and quickly propagate the flower. Due to its chemical composition, it affects cell reproduction and in a short time leads to the awakening of sleeping buds, stimulating the formation of young shoots.

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