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The genus Sprekelia, or Sprekelia, is the only species found in nature – Sprekelia the most beautiful, or Sprekelia magnificent (Sprekelia formosissima). The plant belongs to the amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae). Sprekelia is equally beautiful and delightfully beautiful in a cozy apartment on the window, and in a large spacious office, and in the garden, its bright bloom is impressive.

Sprekelia the fairest, or Sprekelia formosissima. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com JJ Harrison

The finest Sprekelia naturally grows in the countries of Latin America – Mexico and Guatemala. Its flowers are used to decorate festive ceremonies in Indian settlements, so the plant received another name – Lilia Aztecs… Also Sprekelia the most beautiful is referred to in literature as the Lily of the Templars. Another outdated synonym is Amaryllis formosissima.

Sprekelia (Sprekelia) resembles a tropical orchid and is prized for its beautiful bright red flower and delicate aroma similar to vanilla. With its most beautiful type of sprekelia, the magnificent one is able to charm any person.

Some sources in the genus Sprekelia, or Sprekelia (Sprekelia) there are two types: in addition to the most beautiful Sprekelia (Sprekelia formosissima) – Sprekelia howardii.

Growing the fairest sprekelia

Sprekelia loves a sunny and warm place, moist and fertile soil. I plant the bulbs in early May, the distance between the bulbs is 15-20 cm, the planting depth is 10-15 cm. The plant is universal in that it can be grown both as an indoor flower and as a garden perennial.

Sprekelia the most beautiful, or Sprekelia magnificent (Latin Sprekelia formosissima)Sprekelia the most beautiful, or Sprekelia magnificent (Latin Sprekelia formosissima). Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Middleton House

When choosing a place for planting sprekelia, I, first of all, take into account that the plant is demanding on lighting. Feels best on the south side. I water the sprekelia very carefully so that the water does not get on either the leaves or the bulb. I water it around the plant.

I feed Sprekelia during the growing season once every two weeks with mineral fertilizers. I put this classic flower fertilizer into the hole for 1-4 g. Then I feed it in the budding phase and I do the next feeding in the flowering phase.

Provided that the sprekelia cannot winter in the open field, with the onset of the cold period, in the fall, I transplant it into a pot, put it in a cool room and stop watering until spring. And in the spring, in April, I resume watering. For good air permeability to the root system of sprekelia, I prepare a special substrate: I add compost, peat, river sand in equal proportions.

Sprekelia in the gardenSprekelia in the garden. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Nadiatalent

Spreckelia can be propagated by carefully separating the daughter bulbs during transplantation.

Of course, planting a sprekelia and caring for it takes a lot of time and effort, but when it gives beautiful fragrant flowers, then the time and effort spent is not at all a pity.

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