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Since ancient times, people have known about the healing properties of certain plants. Fairy tales are full of mentions of tear-grass, sleep-grass, slaughter-grass. In order to get the coveted root or berry, herbalists went high into the mountains, risked their lives in the taiga or forest more often, because they knew that there was no other way to get a wonderful plant.

Nowadays, on the windowsills in many apartments and offices, you can find a tall, rather nondescript plant with fleshy dark green leaves and a mustache consisting of small joints. And it is unlikely that an uninitiated person can imagine that this plant can be called magical.

Callisia fragrant, or Golden mustache (Callisia fragrans)

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Extraordinary Doctor

Golden mustache, Chinese mustache, homemade ginseng, or fragrant collision is one of the most amazing potted plants. Its medicinal properties have been little studied, but the results of its use are simply stunning. Ointments made on the basis of shoots and leaves of a golden mustache are indispensable in the treatment of burns and frostbite, for the healing of wounds or trophic ulcers. Alcoholic infusion is used in the treatment of pneumonia, tuberculosis, osteochondrosis, etc. Oil emulsion of the golden mustache is used as one of the components of the complex for the treatment of cancer, and the honey infusion of collision is used even in the treatment of a disease such as leukemia.

Callisia fragrant, or Golden mustache (Callisia fragrans)Callisia fragrant, or Golden mustache (Callisia fragrans)

Fragrant collision care

Golden mustache is an unpretentious plant. It is not difficult to grow it in an ordinary apartment. The collision multiplies with the help of a socket located in the upper part of the mustache, which must be placed in the water before the roots form, and then planted in the ground, consisting of a mixture of humus, river sand and sod land. The plant loves light, but does not tolerate direct sunlight. When watering, it is better to observe moderation, especially in autumn and winter, however, with a lack of moisture, the collision will lose leaves.

Golden mustache is unique, and preparations based on it are like a healing elixir. And the real miracle is that there is no need to climb high in the mountains or go through an impenetrable swamp. It is enough just to go to the windowsill and tear off a leaf from a plant from a fairy tale.

Callisia fragrant, or Golden mustache (Callisia fragrans)Callisia fragrant, or Golden mustache (Callisia fragrans)

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