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Even if you are going on vacation, your houseplants will not free you from regular maintenance when you are away. And you must solve this problem if you want them to please you further. Of course, you can easily solve this problem if you trust your neighbors or relatives. You can leave them the key to the apartment and they will take care of your flowers. If this option doesn’t work for you, here are some practical solutions to the problem.

Watering indoor plants. Farmer Ehow

Wrap the flowers in a clear plastic bag

Half an hour before leaving, water the flowers, and then wrap them (along with the pot) in a plastic bag or cellophane and tie. This technique is often used by florists who are unable to water all the pots.

Make small holes in several places in the cellophane to provide oxygen to the flower. In addition, the bag should be large enough not to crush the leaves.

Watering indoor plants
Watering indoor plants. Farmer Amazon

Watering plants through a wick

Another, lesser known method, is to water the plants with a wick. This is easy enough to do and requires a container of water and a strip of material.

This can be done in the following way: one end of the material is inserted into the soil up to half the pot, and the other end of the material is inserted into a bowl of water.

Under normal conditions, 250 g of water will last more than 10 days, but to get rid of the worries, it would be better to opt for a large container of water.

If you are not sure about this method, you can test it a week before leaving home.

Two bricks and two towels

Take two bricks and two towels that you are not going to use for hygiene anymore. Wrap each brick in a towel, place them in a bathtub or 1cm large container of water.

Place the pots on the bricks (no plates). In this way, the soil will draw the required amount of water from the wet material and remain moist at all times.

These ways of caring for flowers will help you not worry about your plants during 10-15 days of vacation.


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