The Saguaro cactus is a living monument of the desert. – leaving

The life of many plants does not start easily. The giant Saguaro is no exception. He makes his way out of a small grain, which, by good chance, fell into the right soil, under the canopy of a tree or bush. After heavy rains, a sprout is knocked out of the grain, which in 25-30 years will reach a height of about a meter. Well, this plant can already be called a cactus. After 50 years, the Saguaro cactus reaches adulthood and blooms for the first time with beautiful white flowers that bloom only at night. Upon reaching five meters in height, lateral processes are formed at the cactus. Adult plants grow up to 15 meters in height, weigh up to 6-8 tons and live up to 150 years. It is also interesting that 80% of these giants are made of water, with their impressive weight – this is just a real well of water in the desert.

Saguaro or Giant Carnegia (Saguaro)

Farmer Stan Shebs

The first ten years of his life, Saguaro spends in the shade of a tree or shrub, which serve as a small cactus protection from the winds, provide shade on hot sunny days. And the nutrient medium under the roots of the tree supports the life of the Saguaro. With the growth of a cactus, the tree that protects it dies. The fact is that the cactus too actively sucks water from the poor soil, and practically nothing remains for the tree or shrub – the patron. Saguaro absorbs water so efficiently that it can even burst from an excess of water. Because of this, new shoots appear and cactus after each rain. The tops of the cactus are covered with special whitish hairs that protect the plant from heat, if you remove this cover, the temperature will increase by 5 degrees! Another oddity of the Saguaro is the drying out of the plant from the inside.

The Saguaro cactus is a living monument of the desert. - leavingSaguaro, or Giant Carnegia (Saguaro)

Farmer Frank Vincentz

The Saguaro giants know no shortage of visitors. Many birds hide from predators and bad weather, hollowing out hollows in the soft core of the cactus. Despite the sharp needles, birds such as the golden woodpecker and the small black woodpecker make their nests in the cactus. Over time, the feathered guests leave their shelters, and other birds settle in their place in the voids of the cactus, for example, the elf little owl, the smallest owl in the world, as well as various lizards. Desert animals use the fruit of the cactus as food. And at the same time, they spread the seeds of the Saguaro cactus throughout the desert. Saguaro fruits can only be harvested by obtaining permission from the leaders of some Indian tribes. From these fruits, the Indians cook a traditional sweetish thick syrup.

The Saguaro cactus is a living monument of the desert. - leavingSaguaro, or Giant Carnegia (Saguaro)

Farmer Bernard Gagnon

Saguaro cacti are an integral part of the desert landscapes of the American Southwest, a symbol of the Sonoran Desert that stretches from Mexico to the southern borders of Arizona. To prevent these proud giants from disappearing, Saguaro National Park was created.

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