Description of varieties of white cucumbers

The white cucumber has an unusual appearance, has a beautiful skin color, looks very unusual on the dining table. If you are a lover of the new and the unusual – this vegetable crop is for you. Easy to grow and care, unpretentious and exotic looking culture will always become a table decoration.

  1. Features of the varieties
  2. Popular varieties
  3. Planting rules
  4. Seed preparation
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  7. Plant Care

Описание сортов белых огурцов

Description of white cucumber varieties

Features of the varieties

Such a beautiful and exotic white-fruited cucumber species was bred by breeders in the early 60s of the last century.The most widespread species in Central Asia, especially prices The culture in China is underway. White cucumbers choose to plant in the garden for their qualities:

  • frost resistance;
  • healing properties;
  • exotic look;
  • unpretentious planting and growth;
  • resistance to diseases and pests.

High yields and long shelf life allow you to grow white cucumbers for sale and own use. If your summer cottage is not of impressive size, this will not become an obstacle to growing a vegetable crop. Due to its resistance to droughts, this vegetable is excellent for busy hosts who grow crops at a distance.

Depending on the variety you prefer to plant, the length of the fruit can range from 10 to 30 cm and above.It is worth noting that it is better to collect white cucumbers small so that they do not outgrow and their quality characteristics are not lost. The peel as it ripens may be light green, light green in color, but ultimately it will turn white.

Popular varieties

The most popular types of cucumbers grown in our farmers’ plots , consider below.

  1. White angel, has a delicate taste without bitterness. Peel of a white shade with spikes. The culture is able to grow, both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions.
  2. Snow leopard is a high-yielding variety, the fruits grow up to 25 cm in length and have a pleasant taste of pulp. A general description of the bush suggests that it is a tall plant that grows up to 3 m in height. In view of this growth of the stem, the bush is tied or grown near a specially stretched network. The leaves are medium sized, dark green in color.
  3. Snow White is a white-fruited cucumber that is resistant to changes in air temperature, and therefore has a high yield and is most revered among domestic farmers. Snow White is great for growing in greenhouse conditions. The skin is thin, tastes good. The pulp is soft, has a delicate texture, the seeds are small. It can taste as sweet as sugar.
  4. The bride is very whimsical and delicate in growing white cucumbers, favorably distinguished by their taste and unusual texture of the pulp.
  5. Bidigo-Lungo is a hybrid species of white cucumber, it spets very quickly, gives a rich harvest. It is the choice of many gardeners for its ability to bear fruit for a long time.
  6. Chinese white – fruiting period is three months, has excellent taste, resistant to fungal infections.
  7. White delicacy – very good for cultivation for sale, has a long shelf life and excellent indicators of taste. White cucumbers are a delicacy – a mid-season variety that ripens 45 days after planting.
  8. Italian variety – will be remembered for its sweet taste and miniature: only 10 to 15 cm.

Planting Rules

Для получения хорошего урожая нужно правильно ухаживать за растениями

To get a good harvest you need to take good care of behind plants

White cucumbers are usually planted in a greenhouse or greenhouse, seedlings or seeds are planted. Although many gardeners are perfectly planting in open ground conditions. The soil for the growth of cucumber bushes should have neutral acidity, and should be loose. The most optimal soil option is a mixture of humus and turf, pine sawdust is also added here. Such a soil will have a loose structure, which will ensure good water passage and prevent its stagnation, and at the same time fungal infections and root rot.

Preparing the seeds

We carefully select the seeds, they must be:

  • without chips;
  • bruises;
  • must not be empty.

To prevent disease, the seeds are soaked before planting in a solution of potassium permanganate.


We plant seeds on seedlings 3 weeks before the onset of heat so that the sprouts do not outgrow. To do this, we take specially prepared boxes or pots that fill the ground and pierce seedlings with seeds at a distance of 4 cm from each other.

Every 3-4 days we water, we monitor the temperature regime. Immediately before planting in open soil, it will be necessary to harden the plant. For a few days, we begin to put the seedlings in a cooler room, and then outside.


For planting, dig holes up to 20 cm between each other and already dig sprouted seedlings or seeds, then watered and mulched. You should also fertilize the ground with chicken droppings or lime, in order to prevent mold. Flaxing with copper sulphate will provide further protection against root rot.

Plant Care

Shrubs do not need special care. It is enough to provide the plant with morning watering once for 4-5 days, the water should be warm. It is important to understand that soil should not be moistened in the afternoon because the plant can get sunburn.Vegetable culture likes high humidity in the air, so you can put a barrel filled with liquid in the middle of the garden, then due to evaporation the plant will get the desired humidity.

Collect the fruits when their size reaches 15 cm, the collection is carried out if necessary, most often, 2 times a week. Ovaries form on the main and lateral shoots. Due to this growth, the plant does not need to form fruit growth. But, if desired, you can pinch the main stem, which will provide new shoot formation and a higher yield.

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Also, when leaving, organic fertilizers and soil loosening are used in order to ensure healthy and proper growth of the bush. Mandatory is the removal of weeds on the site, in order to avoid diseases and the invasion of pests that they attract.

Absolutely all types of white cucumbers are perfect for eating raw, for pickling and pickling. Thanks to the exotic look, they will decorate any feast or buffet table.

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