Description of varieties of cucumbers in the letter H

Description of varieties of cucumbers in the letter H

In the past few years, hybrid varieties of cucumbers starting with the letter N have begun to gain active popularity. Thanks to the excellent immune system, high yields and pleasant taste, many people liked them modern gardeners. A detailed description of these varieties will be considered in the article.

  1. Natasha
  2. Description of the bush
  3. Description of the fruits
  4. Nadyusha
  5. Description of the bush
  6. Description of the fruit
  7. Nerl
  8. Bride
  9. Description of the bush
  10. Description of the fruits
  11. Nastya
  12. Description of the bush
  13. Description of the fruit
  14. Conclusion <

Описание сортов огурцов на букву Н

Description of cucumber varieties in the letter H


The variety of cucumbers Natasha mix f1 in 1967 was included in the State Russian registry. This variety from German scientists gained popularity immediately after the first seeds were produced. It is suitable for cultivation both in greenhouse conditions and in open ground. The first-generation hybrid of the f1 category belongs to the early varieties. The growing season is only 40 days from the moment of the formation of the first seedlings.

Seeds of these cucumbers are supplied to the market by Zedek. Description of cucumber Natasha f1 indicates that he needs to be pollinated by bees. Therefore, with planting in the greenhouse, you need to be especially careful so as not to reduce yield.

Description of the bush

The height of the bush is 3-3.5 m. The number of lateral shoots is moderate type. The female type of flowering prevails.In each node, the formation of several ovaries is possible, which positively affects the overall yield. Leaves are presented in a light green shade. Their sizes are small.

Description of the fruit

Fruits of the Natalie variety of category f1 are small in size, cylindrical in shape. Cucumbers are 10 cm long, and their weight is 60-90 g. The entire surface of the green leaf is covered with white spots, brown pubescence and small frequent spikes. The taste is pleasant, sweet. Bitterness is not observed due to genetics. It is suitable for fresh consumption or for the preparation of canned food.


In the variety of cucumbers Nadyusha early fruiting dates are noted. The growing season is only 30 days, from the moment of emergence of seed germination. This species needs pollination by bees, therefore it is better not to rush with planting in a greenhouse. Otherwise, this may lead to a decrease in yield.

Description of the bush

The plant is not tall. The female type of flowering prevails, although plants with a combined type may occur. The height of the bush is only 2 m. Leaves of moderate size are characterized by a dark green hue.

Description of the fruit

The fruits of the variety Nadezhda are not large and are characterized by a rectangular shape. The length of the fruit is 7 cm, and the diameter in the section is about 5 cm. The weight of green leaves can vary from 80 to 100 g. Their entire surface is covered with brown pubescence and small bright spines.

The taste of this variety of cucumbers is pleasant, with distinct notes of sweetness. It should be noted that bitterness in these fruits is not observed at all. Ripe products are suitable for fresh consumption or for pickles for the winter.


Seed packages of this variety are delivered to the world market by Gavrish. The hybrid cucumber species of the Nerl of category F1 is characterized by early ripening, parthenocarpism and a female type of flowering.

The growing season is only 35-40 days from the first germination. It does not need pollination by bees. It is for this reason that plants can be planted in open ground or in a greenhouse. The plant reaches a height of 3 m. Lateral shoots are characterized by a determinant type of development. In 1 node, up to 5 ovaries are formed. Oblivion is moderate, dark green in color.

Плоды обладают хорошим вкусом

The fruits have a good taste

Characteristics of the fruit:

  • the length of the Nerl cucumbers is 13-15 cm;
  • the weight of the greens varies from 100 to 120 g;
  • in the section, the diameter of the fruit is about 4 cm;
  • the surface is characterized by a dark green tint and small white spots;
  • spikes are quite rare and they are small in structure;
  • pubescence of a moderate type is characterized by white color.

Tastes high quality.Sweetness prevails, no bitterness.


Seeds are supplied by Semko. Bee pollinated grade Bride category F1 is allowed to be grown only in protected ground. The growing season is observed 40 days after the formation of the first seedlings. This variety is suitable for universal use. It shows excellent taste and quality characteristics, even when preserved or salted.

Description of the bush

The height of the plant is about 3 m, with a moderate amount of side shoots. Their number can reach up to 12 pcs. The female type of flowering prevails. In each ovary, up to 5 female flowers are formed. This characteristic has a positive effect on the future harvest.

Description of the fruit

The fruits of cucumbers The bride of category f1 are characterized by a greenish-white tint, dense skin and large size. The length of greenery is about 30 cm, the weight reaches 200 g maximum. It should also be noted small frequent spikes and brown pubescence, which are located along the entire perimeter of the surface. The taste is sweet, delicate. The pulp is crispy and juicy.


Cucumber hybrid variety Nastya of category F1 is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is intended for cultivation in the Eastern and Central parts of the country. This culture should be grown in open ground. Hybrid matures early.The vegetation period, from the moment the first seedlings appear, lasts for 35 days. The variety is self-pollinated, therefore external pollinators in the form of bees are not required.

Description of the bush

The plant is characterized by unlimited growth, height can reach 4 m. Lateral shoots of moderate characteristics. The female type of flowering prevails. In each node, it is possible to immediately form 5-7 ovaries, which increases the yield indicators. The leaves are small, dark green in color.

Description of the fruit

Cucumber Nastya f1 has the following characteristics of the fruit:

  • the shape is cylindrical;
  • the color is light green;
  • the green stuff is 8 cm long;
  • the weight is about 90 g;
  • the entire surface is covered with small bright spots and rare spikes;
  • pubescence presented in brown.

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The taste of the fruit is pleasant, intense, sweet. There is no bitterness at the genetic level.


Hybrid seeds of cucumbers are much easier to grow, because they are unpretentious to environmental factors. And, despite minimal care, they give high yields. Growing hybrid crops is a blessing for modern gardeners.

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