Characteristics of Nevsky potato

Potatoes Nevsky result of crossing varieties Candidate and Veselovskaya. High yield, attractive fruit, excellent taste General characteristics of the vegetable.

  1. Features of the
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Planting potatoes
  4. Soil preparation
  5. Planting potatoes
  6. Caring for potatoes
  7. Watering
  8. Fertilizer
  9. Pest Control
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Характеристика картофеля сорта Невский

Characteristics of Nevsky potato

In demand from Russian gardeners because of the simplicity of cultivation.To get high-quality fruits, you need to know the requirements of agricultural technology of potatoes.

Features of the variety

Nevsky potato cultivar is medium early. From planting to obtaining fruit it takes 75-95 days. Plants sprout well in all regions of Russia. They have a high yield: 35-40 tons per hectare.

Description of the Nevsky potato variety is practically no different from other plants. The tubers are round, oblong. On one bush, 15-20 tubers are formed. They are large and reach 150 g each.

The size of the eyes on the tubers is small. They have a pink color.

Description of Nevsky potato bushes:

  • erect;
  • low (up to 1 m);
  • branched.

The leaves have a bright green color, glossy surface.They reflect the sun’s rays and protect the plant from overdrying.

Advantages and disadvantages

The characteristics of this variety of potato include its advantages and disadvantages. The number of pluses prevails over the minuses. Therefore, Nevsky seed potatoes are recommended for planting to Russian gardeners.

The advantages of tubers are:

  • the average weight of the tuber is 100-135 g, which is a high value;
  • of the casing easy to clean;
  • starch in moderation from 9 to 13%;
  • the cut fruit does not darken for a long time;
  • quickly recovers after the negative influence of Colorado potato beetles;
  • resistant to drought and frost due to a well-developed root system;
  • the yield is 1.5-2 kg per bush;
  • high marketability of 90-95% and t .d.

If you follow the basic rules for the care of potatoes, you can get up to 60 tons of the crop. Fertilizer and frequent watering favorably affect crop yields.

The main advantage of the variety is the presence of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant. The potato has excellent taste. Does not break down during cooking due to its moderate starch content.

Данный сорт отличается содержанием витамина С

This variety has a vitamin C content

Nevsky potato deficiencies:

  • weak immunity to the nematode, which can destroy all bushes;
  • poorly tolerates late blight;
  • spruce bushes, which is why it is difficult to weed and hull the plant;
  • low productivity on acidified soil.

Taste qualities are not lost during heat treatment. After cleaning, the fruits retain their original appearance.

The number of pluses prevails over the minuses, so the variety is recommended for purchase and planting. Timely watering, high-quality fertilizer, pest protection are the main tasks of the gardener. As a result, he will receive potatoes with excellent taste.

Planting potatoes

Potatoes of this variety are grown by seed. Preparing seeds for this process is a necessity. You need to inspect them for mechanical damage or disease. For prevention, seeds are treated with a solution of potassium permanganate: 10 crystals per 1 liter of water.

Disinfected tubers are placed on the floor at a temperature of 15-20 °. In such conditions, they germinate for 2-3 weeks. The normal height of the sprouts is 12-14 mm. They are tender and fragile, easily break off with careless care.

Soil preparation

It is not recommended to plant Nevsky potatoes in the soil where other crops were previously grown.This will negatively affect the yield of tubers. Only oats have a positive effect. This is a natural soil cleaner for pests and diseases.

For potatoes, the Finnish elite choose sandy loamy or loamy soils. If there are none, clay soil will do. Add organic fertilizers and river sand to it. So you can improve the quality of the land.

Description of the following actions of the gardener:

  1. In autumn, the planting site is chosen.
  2. Superphosphate, 8 kg of manure, compost is laid out in the soil.
  3. The earth is dug up and left until spring.
  4. Repeat the same action in the spring season. The air temperature should not be less than 14 °.

A lot of light should get on the soil. You need to choose a dark and open area. In one place, this variety can be grown for 2-3 years.

Картофель нужно садить на открытом участке

Potatoes need to be planted in the open area

Tubers are prepared 3 weeks before planting. The size of seed potatoes is small, weight up to 90 gr. If the tubers are too large, they will rot and will not produce a crop. Small potatoes for planting have low productivity.

Planting potatoes

After preparing the seeds and soil, they can be transplanted into the ground. The best time is the beginning of May, when the average temperature is 16-18 °. This should not be done before. There is a risk of losing half the crop.

The basic requirements for planting potatoes are the Finnish elite:

  1. The depth of the hole is 20 cm or more. Focus on the shovel bayonet.
  2. The distance between the pits is 40 cm, between the rows 65-75 cm. This is necessary for convenient hilling of bushes in the future.
  3. Fill the hole with fertilizer. Litter or cow dung will do. You can add onion peel or wood ash.
  4. The potato should be sprouts up and sprinkled with soil.
  5. Level the ground with a rake. After that, water the planted soil abundantly.

The first shoots will be in 15-25 days. Time depends on climatic and weather conditions, the action of the gardener.

It is more convenient to plant tubers together. One digs holes and plants tubers in them, the second lays fertilizers.

Care for potatoes

The quality of fruits depends on the actions of the gardener. The soil should not be waterlogged or allow overdrying. Potato variety Nevsky is resistant to different growing conditions, but low temperatures will negatively affect yield.

The soil must be loosened regularly before the first shoots appear. It will be enriched with oxygen and accelerate the ripening process of fruits. Repeat every 2 weeks.

Spread the bushes with soil on moist soil. During the procedure, plants should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The best time is early morning or evening after sunset. The number of weeds after hilling will be reduced significantly.

In the northern regions, 3-4 hills are enough, in the southern 2. Before each process, it is necessary to replenish the soil and eliminate weeds.

This variety of potatoes requires cultivation at least 4 times. It is carried out during the growing season.


Поливать картофель лучше всего вечером

Watering potatoes is best in the evening

The main rule of watering is carried out as needed. It is necessary to monitor the state of the soil.

It is not worth watering the soil in the hot season. This will only worsen the condition of the tubers. Moisten the soil in the evening or in the morning 2-3 times a week. If there is natural rainfall in the form of rain, the number of irrigation potatoes Nevsky can be reduced.

The hose must spray water. A direct, powerful jet can ruin the appearance of a bush or harm it. Drip irrigation is the best option.


It makes fertilizers depending on the fertility of the variety. Top dressing is carried out before planting and flowering Nevsky potatoes. The soil must be abundantly moistened. Water is one of the auxiliary sources for fertilizing.

For feeding:

  • peat;
  • wood ash contains all the necessary trace elements;
  • chicken droppings in a ratio of 1:10;
  • slurry;
  • potassium;
  • phosphate;
  • nitrogen solutions;
  • organic products;
  • compost, etc.

The listed fertilizers are applied exclusively under the root. When planting, you can put half-rotted manure. According to gardeners, after this the productivity of the Nevsky variety increases.

The interval between top dressing is 2 weeks. With minerals you need to be careful. They can provoke diseases.

Pest control

Nevsky potato variety is resistant to disease. It reacts neutrally to pests: rhizoctonia, scab, cancer, etc. Negatively affects the grade of nematode and late blight. If the second disease is not difficult to detect, then the first will cause difficulties.

Nematodes are small worms that appear inside the tubers. They hit him in the region of the root system. The results of their activities are holes in potatoes. Ways to prevent plants from them are preventive:

  1. Plant only tested and processed seeds.
  2. Alternate crops and change the place of cultivation every 2-3 years.
  3. Eliminate weeds at the first sign of their appearance.
  4. In the autumn, dig up potatoes.
  5. regularly loosen the soil for better ventilation.
  6. Do not allow the soil to become too wet.

The best way to fight the nematode is phosphamide. Treat it with bushes at a concentration of 0.2%. The treatment time is 10 days.

The manifestation of late blight leaves darken and curl. The disease is practically untreatable.But if it is found at the initial stage, then 1 tablet of Trichopolum per 10 liters of water will help. The solution must be sprayed with soil and bush twice a month.

Characteristics of potato varieties: Nevsky, Lyubava , Tuleevsky, Kunezchanka, Tanay, Kemerovochanin.
Karto cabinet from seeds Variety Nevsky
Aug 9, 2016 They dug up Nevsky potatoes and a row of red ones. Kalina


Potato Nevsky popular due to palatability, easy care and pest resistance.It is enough to water it as needed and to top it up every two weeks.

The yield is high and stable. The potato is stored for a long time and does not germinate. Due to its low starch content, it does not break down during cooking.

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