Description of the tomato King of the Market

Today, there are a large number of varieties of such a crop as tomato. Among those that are called hybrid, the King of the Market has gained great popularity. It is perfect for growing for both simple consumption and for the purpose of selling and generating income.

  1. Characteristics of the variety
  2. Description of the bush
  3. What are the qualities of the fruits
  4. Where is the cultivar
  5. Cultivated and cultivated
  6. Preparation of seedlings
  7. How to plant in the soil
  8. Disease prevention
  9. Summary

Описание томата Король Рынка

Description of the tomato King of the Market

The tomato variety King of the Market began its history in 2009, when it was bred by specialists from Russia. Named e, which received this variety, is fully justified by its characteristics.

Characteristics of the variety

Before growing any crop, including tomatoes, gardeners will learn a lot of information about what peculiarities a culture of a certain variety possesses. Among this information, the first positions are the advantages and disadvantages of the variety.

According to experts, tomato of the Market King f1 variety has the following advantages:

  1. Unpretentiousness in leaving.
  2. High level of productivity.
  3. Resistance to most diseases that can affect the plant.

Also, many tomato breeders add to the list of advantages the rapid ripening of fruits.The first tomatoes belonging to the King of the market variety can be harvested already in July or August.

The main disadvantage of the variety is the high heat resistance of tomatoes.

For this reason, it becomes slightly difficult to grow them in regions remote from the south. Also, some owners argue that the inability to preserve the fruits of the King of the Market as a whole is also a varietal flaw.

Description of the bush

Description of the tomato King of the Market, as well as any other description culture, contains general information about what a particular variety is.

Based on this information, you can make an initial conclusion about whether to buy such a variety of tomatoes or to find one that is similar characteristics.

Description, which specifies the variety of tomatoes, get your name King of the Market, contains the following information:

  1. The bush is thick.
  2. It is distinguished from the rest by a small number of stepsons.
  3. The height of the bush of the tomato is small .

This characteristic indicates that the variety is very suitable for planting in open ground. This is influenced by the fact that the bushes are standard and determinant.

Experienced gardeners who have been cultivating this variety of tomatoes for more than a year say that the height of the bush does not exempt the breeder from such a procedure as tying.This is due to the fact that the total mass of formed fruits can lead to breakage or fall of tomato bushes. The stem of the plant quickly enough comes to its end in the form of a flower brush. Also, due to the considerable thickness of the bush, one of its qualities is the strength of the stem.

The King of the Market is able to show resistance to many diseases that usually affect tomatoes of various varieties. All that is required of the gardener is to carry out the timely destruction of pests that have appeared on the site and to carry out the prevention of tomato diseases. In this case, the culture will appreciate a plentiful harvest, which can be harvested with enviable stability.

What qualities the fruits have

Плоды ценятся за свои вкусовые качества

Fruits are valued for their palatability

Undoubtedly, every gardener is interested not only in how intensively he will have to take care of the culture that he was going to grow, but what characteristics his crop will have. This allows you to determine the profitability of planting and further care of the plant. This is especially important when the cultivation of tomatoes is carried out for the purpose of subsequent sale.

According to the statements of experts, experienced gardeners and ordinary consumers, cultivating the King of the Market Market tomato on its plot is fully justified.This process is justified not only by the ease of care, but also by the following commodity indicators:

  1. One fruit can weigh up to 300 g.
  2. The tomatoes look round, slightly oblong.
  3. The surface of the tomato is smooth.
  4. The fruits are resistant to cracking.

Ripe tomatoes turn red. The skin of a tomato has a higher density. This prevents the flesh from being damaged during storage or transport. This property is also appreciated by breeders and consumers.

The taste characteristic of the King of the Market tomato indicates that the fruits of this variety are just perfect for consuming them fresh. Tasty and sweet-tasting tomatoes are added to salads, vegetable dishes, various snacks. Also, these tomatoes are actively used for making juice. The large size of the fruit becomes an obstacle to their conservation. However, inventive hostesses found a way out – dried or barrel-salted tomatoes, the King of the Market perfectly dilutes the winter ration of many families.

Where the variety is grown

As mentioned earlier, the King of the Market – thermophilic tomato. It is ideal for planting and growing in regions such as:

  1. Astrakhan.
  2. Krasnodar.
  3. Crimea.

Undoubtedly, in other areas the greenhouse can save the situation. However, cultivation in open ground will still be more effective.

In addition to the lack of the required amount of sunlight, many factors affect the productivity of growing in the more northern regions, including:

  1. Freezing at night. A particularly striking example of such weather conditions is the Siberian region, where night frost can become a serious threat even in May.
  2. Sharp temperature drops.
  3. A small number of sunny days.

For these reasons, gardeners in the northern regions are not recommended to purchase and grow tomatoes on their plots that are more resistant to the temperature conditions unfavorable for the crop.

Cultivation and care of the crop

Preparing seedlings

Крепкая рассада является залогом хорошего урожая

Strong race the garden is the key to a good harvest

The main way that tomatoes of this productive variety are grown is seedlings. For its cultivation, tomato seeds are sown in the soil at a depth of 2-3 cm. The soil for planting planting material should be nutritious and light. It is recommended to use peat pots or separate containers as containers for planting seed material. Their use will facilitate the process of planting the finished seedlings in open soil. Thus, during the extraction, neither the stem part nor the root system is damaged.

Sow seeds for further cultivation of seedlings in late March or early April. Two weeks after sowing, the first top dressing is applied. Mineral fertilizers are usually used for it. For the entire growing season, the culture is fed no more than 3 times. From time to time, it is necessary to loosen the soil and water it abundantly. Under these conditions, the seedlings will grow strong and will allow you to get a good harvest.

How to plant in the soil

Tomatoes plant in the soil not earlier than the end of May, when the period of night frosts remains behind . For planting them, it is better not to choose a garden, since this crop grows best in open areas. When planting seedlings in the soil between the bushes, it is recommended to observe a distance of 40×70 cm.

It is easy to take care of the growing bushes. To obtain a plentiful crop, it is enough to water them, weed, fertilize and loosen the soil. Such a procedure as pruning after the formation of the first flowering brush allows you to make two from one bush of culture.

Disease Prevention

Tomato varieties King Market f1 are not afraid of many diseases typical of tomatoes. You can be sure that the varieties f1 and i1 will never be affected by late blight or gray rot.

Pests such as the bear, Colorado potato beetle or slugs can threaten this crop.You can save your harvest through the use of such means as:

  1. High-quality weeding of the plot and the preparation “Dwarf” from the bear.
  2. The solution of hot pepper or mustard that needs to be sprayed on the tomato plot is more easily battered .
  3. Against the invasion of the Colorado potato beetle, a remedy such as Prestige is used.

Representatives of this variety may be affected by a small number of diseases. Tomato is susceptible to alternariosis and bacterial spotting. Fighting them is easy enough. The preparations “Tattu” and “Antracol” will help the gardener to cope with the first. The fight against the second disease is to destroy the affected bushes by treating the rest of the space with a Bordeaux mixture. Prevention of all diseases consists in feeding with fertilizers, which include nitrogen and copper.

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A high-yielding variety of early ripening tomato yields a stable yield of up to 12 kg per square meter of the plot. It is recommended to grow it in the southern regions, the Siberian and northern climate as a whole is not the best Yes, for its cultivation. Proper weeding, watering and feeding will help to grow your fruit paradise, which will not be afraid of the queen of the bear and hordes of pests, and to learn the honey taste of fruits that have been widely recognized.

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