Characteristics of cucumber varieties Chinese Farm f1

A wide range and choice of different varieties allows gardeners to experiment on personal plots. Unique cucumber Chinese Farmer f1 will be interested in its differences from the usual cucumbers grown in the middle lane.

  1. Advantages of the sort
  2. Deficiencies of the variety
  3. Features of cultivation
  4. Germination of seeds
  5. Caring for the bushes
  6. Watering
  7. Feeding <
  8. Garter <
  9. Wrestling with pests
  10. Treatment of fungal diseases

Характеристика огурца сорта Китайский Фермерский f1

Characteristics of Chinese cucumber variety Farmer f1

Advantages of the variety

The main advantages of this unfamiliar variety are:

  • high yield
  • excellent taste
  • smooth smooth surface
  • creamy uniform pulp structure
  • precocity (25-30 days)
  • self-pollination (does not require insects)
  • long fruiting period (before the first frost)

Cucumbers reach a length of more than 50 cm. The fruits are not overloaded with seeds, which are concentrated in a narrow small-sized seed chambers. They have a unique taste similarity to melon and watermelon, a sweetish taste.

The level of yield from the bush reaches 25-30kg, which cannot fail to amaze. The plant has long stems with a minimum number of lateral shoots, which allows growing on a small area.

The variety is suitable for cultivation both in open ground and in greenhouses.

Disadvantages of the variety

Despite the large number of advantages, the variety also has disadvantages.

  • First of all, it is a narrow sphere of use, cucumbers are not very suitable for salting, preservation.
  • They have a short storage period, lose their elasticity.
  • You can attributed to the minuses is the tendency to deformation of the fruit with improper farming techniques. Poor germination of seeds is noted, which requires additional efforts when germinating seedlings.

Features of cultivation

The cultivation technology of this variety has certain features that are worth paying attention to attention.


  1. Soaking seeds to increase germination
  2. Maintaining the temperature regime during the growth of seedlings
  3. Growing on vertical supports

Seed germination

Due to the fact that there is a reduced percentage of seed germination before sowing, it’s worth soaking and sprout the seeds. The process is simple, not laborious. In a pallet or container on a moistened piece of gauze or cotton cloth, lay the seeds and leave in a warm place until the sprouts hatch. It is important to ensure that the seeds do not dry out and spray with water at room temperature. For germination, you can use a tool to stimulate germination, such as Epin. At the time of the appearance of sprouts, plant in loose soil.

Planting on seedlings is carried out in separate pots from which it will be easy to remove and plant young plants at the place of constant cultivation. Necessary for the full growth of seedlings is to maintain the temperature regime. The temperature in the room should not fall below 18 degrees. Sowing and planting time does not differ from other varieties of cucumbers.

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Care for the bushes

Ухаживать за растением очень просто

It’s very easy to take care of the plant

A Chinese farmer is easy to care for, which does not provide much trouble.


Watering as the soil dries, the amount and frequency are regulated depending on weather conditions.


Application of high-quality fertilizers (mineral, organic nettle tinctures) following the instructions.


Ideal and necessary for growing Chinese farmer f1 cucumber will be a method of growing on vertical supports and nets. Plant bushes along the support quite densely, keeping a distance of about 15 cm. This method has its advantages:

  1. Good ventilation (reduces damage to fungal diseases)
  2. Qualitative formation of long, even fruits
  3. Save space
  4. Convenience when harvesting

All this will not be difficult, but will give a quality crop.

Pest control

In the hot season, the bushes are particularly susceptible to pest infection. Spider mite is especially active. Which slowly but surely depletes the plants parasitizing on it, which leads to death.

To combat the tick, it is worth choosing a high-quality acaricide (Actelyk, Nurell) and carefully treat the infected bushes. If other cucumber pests (powdery worm, aphid, whitefly) are detected, immediately treat with insecticides.

Treatment of fungal diseases

Besides attack by pests, cucumbers are also exposed to fungal diseases such as peronosporosis, powdery mildew. Despite the resistance of the variety to these diseases, infection is possible under persistent unfavorable conditions (long rainy season, low temperature, contaminated soil)

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CUCUMBER Chinese farmer in bags in the open ground without shelter.
Chinese cucumber. Summer defines the variety
How to grow cucumbers from the Chinese series
Cucumbers Chinese cold-resistant F1

The best option is to use preventive methods, then allow to avoid infection. These include the processing of the bard and a mixture of bioactive fungicides that will not cause any harm, and make the plant stronger and more resistant. In case of a disease, treatment of the bushes with fungicides (Quadris, Redomil, Fundazole) will prevent the destruction of the crop.

The Chinese farm variety will provide the crop until late autumn, will be pleased with its freshness and form and will not be difficult to grow even for beginners case.

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