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Merino wool is a unique material obtained from a special breed of sheep. Previously, such products could only be worn by people of noble origin, and attempts to export material outside of their native Spain were punishable by death. Today, yarn and threads from the wool of these sheep are available to everyone, a large number of products that have unique properties are produced from them. Merino – what kind of wool is it and what products from it are in priority?

  1. High level of thermal insulation. Sheep wool has excellent thermoregulation, and the fibers are very thin.
  2. Light weight products. Products weigh very little due to the fact that the thickness of one hair is about 5 times less than a human.
  3. Beneficial effect on health. The merino plaid not only warms well in cold weather, but also absorbs toxic substances from the body, so wool can be used not only for clothing for adults, but also for newborn babies.
  4. Soothes nerves. A blanket or a blanket made of the wool of such an animal is very pleasant to the touch, so their touch can calm the nerves after a hard day’s work.
  5. Environmentally friendly product.Things made of such a material are good not only for their operational qualities, but also for the fact that parasites never get into such wool, and the smell of sweat does not appear even after a large-knit merino wool blanket or other product is used for several days in a row. By the way, merino is an animal whose wool products can be washed.

As you can see from all of the above, a large knitted merino blanket, hat, underwear or pillowcase are great purchases that provide not only warmth, but also strengthen health and cheer up.

Теплые вещи из шерсти мериноса

Warm clothes from merino wool

Variety of products and children’s underwear

In modern stores you can buy not only a merino plaid, but also many other products. For example, thin yarn is often used for clothing for children. She will very well protect the child from the cold, but at the same time she will not let him sweat. The fabric often goes for thermal underwear and other types of underwear, on top of which you should still wear warmer clothes.

Теплая детская одежда из шерсти мериноса

Warm children’s clothing from merino wool

It’s worth choosing children’s clothes from this material, paying great attention to the thickness of the fabric and its composition.Children’s clothing should absorb sweat well and prevent the baby’s body from freezing. At the same time, products should not contain components that are harmful to health or are capable of causing allergies.

Blankets and rugs

A blanket made of real wool of large knit merino will warm in the cold season and the baby and his parents. From thick yarn, products such as a blanket or plaid are most often made. They not only retain heat very well, but also give a unique feeling of coziness and comfort, and also do not cause allergies. In addition, it can be washed just like any other woolen linen, that is, with your own hands or in a washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C.

Also, large-knit products can boast the following advantages:

  1. A large knitted merino wool blanket retains heat much better than any other blanket.
  2. Special blankets are not required for plaids made of thick merino yarn.
  3. It is very elastic , so the products are easily stretched, but there is no loss of shape.
  4. The yarn breathes well, which means that sweating you don’t have to sweat with such a blanket or a blanket of thick yarn.
Красивый плед из шерсти мериноса

Beautiful plaid from merino wool

In addition to all this, yarn from the wool of the described animal gives such an advantage as skin micromassage when used.The cover will give dry heat, which reduces the risk of arthritis, radiculitis and other diseases of the joints and bones.

Male and female thermal underwear

Merino wool or alpaca have also been established for a long time production of linen for men and women. Italy is the leader in this production, but socks and other products from Australian merino wool can be found on the market.

Men’s and women’s underwear is the best option for those who engage in extreme sports at sub-zero temperatures, i.e. for climbers, skiers, snowboarders. Products from large merino wool can now be ordered in many sports online stores, the cost will be higher than regular thermal underwear, but if you read the description and reviews of experienced athletes, but it becomes clear what the price is.

What clothes can be?

In addition to plaids, coarse merino wool is also used to make outerwear. Brands like Woolie or Ohhio offer light and very warm coarse knitwear that is very popular among residents of cold countries such as Russia, climbers and athletes. One of the best manufacturers of thermal underwear is the company Norveg.

Sweaters or scarves made of thick soft merino wool are useful when hiking in the mountains or skiing, while the cost of such things is fully justified by their operational qualities, and you can order one thing or a whole set of linen on the Internet.

Yarn as a whole art

Anyone who likes to do things with their own hands or simply cannot find the right size in the store can easily find a large merino wool plaid You can knit it yourself. The price of yarn will be lower than that of the finished product, and the resulting clothing can be of any color, shape and size, depending on the tastes of its owner. Threads can be bought in bobbins or other convenient format.

Anyone who wants to knit a large merino wool blanket, sweater, cardigan or coat should buy or order yarn. This can be done in a specialized store or via the Internet, and the assortment includes both raw merino wool and ready-made threads for knitting.

Нитки для вязки из шерсти мериноса

Threads for knitting from merino wool

Threads with additives of other materials are quite voluminous and apart from sheep’s wool, their composition can be diluted with cotton and silk, it can include acrylic, rayon, a certain percentage of cashmere and other materials.The percentage of such additives should be paid special attention when buying do-it-yourself knitting threads, since the product performance depends on them.

By the way, if you see a merino wool blanket in the photo, this does not mean yet that there are no additives of other materials. Carefully read the composition of things before buying, for example, extrafine yarn consists of 22% silk and 8% cashmere. Yarn from Australian wool is produced under the Pecherka brand and costs less than Italian, and if you are also interested in domestic products, then pay attention to Zephyr firm: the yarn is very voluminous, so you can knit from it even without using a hook, that is, with your hands .

Care and pricing

If you already know what kind of wool it is and now want to know how to care for it, you should pay attention to elementary rules.

  1. Plaid, vest, booties, bed linen and other products require special care stroke in terms of washing. This means that the water temperature should be up to 60 ° C.
  2. Drying carpets and other products should also be very delicate.
  3. If it is not possible to wash a blanket or blanket in a typewriter, then do it needs to be done manually. Carpets and other bulky items can be sent to a specialized dry cleaning.

The cost of goods made of material depends on the manufacturer and a number of other parameters.For example, if Russia appears on the label as the manufacturing country, then such a cardigan or slippers will cost less than the Italian version. For foreign manufacturers, the price also varies. For example, a blanket from the American company “Modern Wool” costs around 13,000 rubles, but delivery is not carried out to Russia, but the Russian company “LLC Woolie” offers the same products at a much more affordable price. The assortment of products is in different colors, including red, green, and many others.

The Ukrainian company Ohhio, which was created in a startup format and raised 10 times more money than was required for development, is super successful. In terms of the ruble, prices for her melange-style products start at 19,000 rubles, but also without the possibility of delivery to Russia. If you want to know how much children’s things cost, you can ask this question directly on the companies website.

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Do-it-yourself merino knit blanket

Children’s underwear is not prickly, it warms up well and boasts the other benefits described above. Woolen tights from the Norwegian brand Janus are also very popular today. If you are interested in a plaid or some other product from the described material, you can appreciate all its advantages from the photo and detailed description.

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