Description of tomato varieties Banana red, orange, yellow

Description of tomato varieties Banana red, orange, yellow

Farmers cultivate a large number of varieties of tomatoes. Usually everyone has their favorite varieties, tested by time and weather conditions. But often preference is given to miracle tomatoes that bear fruit very early and have excellent reviews. One of the most beloved by many owners are Banana varieties of red, yellow, orange and pink. Consider their description, characteristics and customer reviews.

  1. Characteristics of the varieties
  2. Advantages of the variety
  3. Description of varieties
  4. Other varieties of the variety
  5. Features of cultivation
  6. Seed preparation
  7. Lighting <
  8. Tomato planting care
  9. Conclusion

Характеристика томатов сорта Банан

Characteristics of banana tomatoes

Such tomatoes can be grown in two ways: in greenhouses and in open gr Unte. In any case, you can get a colorful bouquet of vegetables of excellent quality. The fruits of the Red Banana can be found in the gardens of many farms, while the orange Banana tomato and the original Golden Banana tomato appear among gourmets.

Red banana tomatoes and fruits of a different color, when combined together in jars with canned vegetables, are a spectacular sight.

Characteristics of varieties

All Bananas, regardless of color, have many similar properties.

  • early ripeness;
  • reference to table varieties;
  • elongated fruit shape;
  • ripening period – 90 days.

The varieties differ from each other only in weight: fruits of different colors can be from 60 g to 150 g.

  • the red banana weighs about 70 g;
  • an orange handsome man is also 120 g;
  • the weight of the yellow fruit reaches 150 g

Red tomato of this variety has proven itself in the preparation of tomato paste, dressings for second courses and various types of ketchups. A distinctive feature that the Golden Banana tomato has is its use for dietary nutrition.

Advantages of the variety

Advantages of the super banana variety are obvious to everyone:

  • it can be grown in all regions;
  • each brush carries about 10 fruits;
  • Banana tomato is disease resistant and resistant to pests;
  • is of great value in cooking;
  • retains its shape during long transportation;
  • can be grown both on the field and in greenhouses.
Преимущества сорта Банан

Advantages of the Banana Variety

Along with the advantages are some of the disadvantages that the Red Banana tomato has, but it is easy to deal with.

  • recommend growing vegetables of this variety by forming 2 trunks;
  • it is necessary to remove the stepsons that prevent fruiting;
  • a garter is required;
  • seeds must be treated with fungicides to prevent cladosporiasis disease.

Chemical treatment is carried out before sowing seeds of almost all varieties. And the care that tomatoes require Banana red in the form of pinching and shaping justifies itself, increasing productivity. Without tying up tall bushes, you can lose all the fruits when they fall and break. But on the poles, the red Banana tomato looks just fine in the photo.

Description of the varieties

The most common variety is the Banana red tomato, we will consider its description first. In a tomato, a red banana combines bright fruit color and high growth. Each fruit is a 10-12 cm long cylinder, which is clearly visible in the photo.

There is no other color near the stem. Due to its high sugar content, the variety of universal tomato, Red Banana, is perfectly stored and, when transported over long distances, maintains the integrity of the skin. When exposed to high temperatures during preservation, it does not crack.

Other varieties of the variety

  • Orange banana tomato has a height of up to 1.7 m, which requires fixing on trellises or supports. Stems are strong, covered with leaves. Variety tomatoes, as if from a picture, each are the same size.Small cylinders with a spout at the end taste great and look beautiful in preservation.
  • Tomato diet Banana yellow has golden elongated fruits. Each weight is up to 140 g. It is best suited for dietary nutrition in the form of fresh salads. It is also suitable for conservation and is suitable for long-term storage. The reviews about this vegetable are the most positive.
  • Pink Banana has a height of up to 1.5 m. At the same time, the ripening time is slightly longer. Duration ranges from 115 days. Grow a tomato in one stalk. Ligaments or brushes of fruits are large but neat.

The variety of universal red Banana and its colored varieties are considered suitable for all types of consumption.

Внешний вид томатов Банан

Appearance of tomatoes Banana

Salads with the addition of fresh herbs turn out to be very tasty. In cans for canning a variegated set of vegetables will have an amazing appearance. Pastas, ketchups, dressings and sauces will be a delicious addition to the table. By growing tomatoes of any kind, you can achieve variety on the kitchen table.

Features of growing

These are heat-loving plants. To achieve good fruiting, independent of the vagaries of spring weather, it is grown in seedlings. To do this, in March, the soil is prepared or special peat cups are purchased.The soil is prepared on the basis of garden soil with the addition of ash, humus of sand and peat.

Preparation of seeds

Seeds must be soaked overnight in a solution of stimulants, or, as an option, in extract of aloe juice. Rinse thoroughly in the morning and proceed with planting. Seeds are placed in each cup or container, sprinkling them with a layer of soil 1.5 cm thick. It is not recommended to sow deeper, because many seeds can lose their germination.

Soil in containers is sprayed with water from the atomizer. You can not water, so as not to blur a thin layer of earth. The next step is to cover the landings with film. Small greenhouses will provide their pets with the necessary microclimate. The temperature inside the greenhouses should be about 24 ° C for quick and friendly germination of seeds. After emergence, it is necessary to monitor the humidity inside the containers. If it is insufficient, the seedlings will begin to suffer from a lack of water. With high humidity, tomatoes can become sick. To avoid this, the containers should be ventilated, creating natural ventilation.


As soon as the first sprouts of the container appear, they are exposed. If the lighting is poor, add artificial lighting. With a shortage of light, seedlings will be weak and may even die. Transplanting to a permanent place, such plants will not tolerate. If there are 2 pairs of true leaves, the seedlings need to be dived. The process of growing seedlings occurs within 2 months.During this time, you need to feed the plants three times so that the Banana Orange tomato develops well. To do this, take a complete complex fertilizer and dilute it with warm water to the desired proportion. A week before planting in the seedling field, it must be gradually hardened.

Seedling bushes are planted in the ground in calm weather. Ashes are poured into the wells, the seedling is watered and deepened to the first pair of leaves. The distance between rows should be about 70 cm, and between plants in a row – 50 cm. Supports are installed near tall varieties. In the process of growing tomatoes, they are tied up.

Care for planting tomatoes

The plants planted in greenhouses require a little less attention. They do not need to be protected from gusts of wind or from excess moisture in the event of rain. The rest of the procedures are the same both in the field and in the greenhouse.

  • sufficient lighting for tomato growth;
  • timely watering of the plantings;
  • weed control;
  • protection of crops and fruits from pests;
  • feeding throughout the life of plants.

Timely weeding is necessary to destroy weeds and loosening the soil. If the soil is not fluffed, the flow of oxygen to the roots will be disrupted, which will affect the growth of the crop and its fertility.

A prerequisite for obtaining high yields is to feed the plants and protect them from diseases and pests. For feeding take fertilizers intended for nightshade crops.The packaging contains instructions for use. They must be strictly followed so as not to harm the tomatoes in case of a high concentration of chemicals.


In the course of the information received it becomes clear that the Banana tomato is suitable for cultivation in all regions. There it will grow either in open ground or in greenhouses. Each owner must assess the risk of planting tomatoes in open ground, and if there is the slightest danger of plant death from weather conditions, then it is better to choose greenhouses.

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Pursuing tomatoes, each person finds something unique in different varieties. it’s worth stopping at this type of tomato. Choosing its variegated varieties with proper and careful care, you can get small groves of beautiful bushes. When harvesting, you can enjoy the view of magnificent fruits, and inviting friends to visit you, surprise them with a variety of treats.

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