The use of regent from the Colorado potato beetle

Each gardener, involved in the cultivation of potatoes, faced with the problem of attacking the vegetable by the most common and difficult to remove pests – Colorado beetles. Most poisons are powerless against them, but the fruits may become unfit for food.However, progress does not stand still, and on the agricultural market effective remedies appear against parasitic insects, which, moreover, will positively affect the crop as a whole. Regent from the Colorado potato beetle – how to use and what to expect results?

  1. Description of the tool
  2. Mechanism of action
  3. When processing
  4. Release form
  5. We prepare the solution
  6. Terms of use
  7. Conclusion <

Применение регента от колорадского жука

Using the Regent from the Colorado potato beetle

Description of the tool

Regent is a product of a German company BASS, which distributes its products worldwide. The universal action insecticide Regent-800 with the active substance Fipronil of the class of new generation pyrrolpyrazoles was created for the urgent and one hundred percent disposal of the plant from pests such as colorado, aphid, bear, ladybug, cockroaches, bugs and others. Relatively new to the market, this substance of the contact-intestinal principle of work affects the beetle due to the lack of immunity to Fipronil.

The drug is unique, it has no analogues.

The mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of the Regent is to damage the insect’s nervous system by blocking the gamma receptors to the oil amino acid and thereby gradually stop its vital activity. During the day, the pest dies. The poison can enter the beetle in two ways: through the stomach, when the insect eats a piece of the processed fruit, or by getting the substance on its legs. The infected individual carries poison to the nest on the suction cups, thereby spreading the infection to other pests.

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The activity of the drug lasts up to 3 weeks after spraying it with the plant. This means that the strength of the poison will affect both adults and larvae and thereby will allow you to get rid of parasites forever. The regent is designed in such a way that when applied it lies on the surface evenly. It spreads its effect over a rather large radius, so even those areas where the insecticide did not fall are protected.

When processing is carried out

Processing is carried out no later than in a month before picking potatoes. All the time the crop ripens, the drug remains in force – and for this one spray is enough (usually it takes two or three courses to eliminate parasites), regardless of the number of pests in your area. Effective even in hot weather (up to 40 ° C) while most drugs lose their strength at temperatures above 25 ° C.However, in order to achieve the maximum effect of the insecticide, you should adhere to all the rules for use specified in the instructions. The finished product is transparent in color, odorless and harmless to humans, does not cause allergic reactions in it.

Release form

There are several varieties on the modern market a drug designed to fight bugs. Against Colorado, Regent is available in two forms: a package with 6 ampoules of 6 ml each and a dry powder.

The concentrate is intended for dilution in a liquid until a homogeneous solution is obtained. Mixing this insecticide with other drugs is prohibited in order to avoid unforeseen reactions.

We prepare the solution

Жуки отступают

Beetles retreat

To use Regent poison from the Colorado potato beetle, you must first prepare it. Depending on the dose you need, you will need a bucket of 1 or 2 liters. Carefully open the ampoule and pour its contents into a bucket of water. But first, read the instructions on the back, where the dosage table is given.

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Thoroughly mix the resulting mixture. Add so much water that there is only 10 liters of liquid in the bucket. The solution is ready, now they can spray the habitats of Colorado beetles. One ampoule is enough to process 1 hundred parts of the garden.

Terms of use

To achieve the maximum effect from the Regent, you must strictly follow the instructions. The algorithm of actions is presented below.

  1. Pour the poison into the sprayer. It should be freshly prepared, as it loses its strength after prolonged aging.
  2. The Regent should be used either in the morning, before 10 o’clock, or in the evening, from 18 to 22 o’clock, in dry and calm weather. If it rains within 5-6 hours after spraying, there will be no result.
  3. You need to irrigate potato plants so that all the leaves are moistened.
  4. The poison should not fall onto any other plants, not for you. Wear a protective suit that would cover the entire body and arm yourself with a respirator mask or special goggles to protect the mucous membrane of the eyes.
  5. After treatment, leave the room or bed for 10 hours.

If you strictly follow the instructions for use, the Regent will cope with his task as much as possible and will not harm anyone except the Colorado potato beetles. Including the fruits of potatoes themselves can be eaten. However, some farmers do not trust the safety of the drug in relation to people. If he deals with pests so quickly and effectively, can he harm a person as well? The answer is no. The insecticide is minimally toxic and does not affect humans – provided that the waiting period is met. Children and animals must leave the room during treatment.Cover other plants nearby.

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After working with the Regent, wash your hands thoroughly, soak your clothes and boil them. Wash the used containers thoroughly, pour out the rest of the preparation.

EDC REGENT ( BASF) insecticide against pests fipronil 800 g / kg
Remedy for Colorado potato beetle shield
Remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Aktar | Protecting potatoes from pests
Regent insecticide


The farmers’ feedback on the Regent 800 was entirely positive. In almost 100% of the cases, the insects , and none of the living creatures suffered during the persecution process. Users of the insecticide highly appreciate its advantages such as:


  • mobility;
  • safety for humans;
  • economy;
  • ease of use;
  • prolonged action.

You can buy Regent-800 in almost any specialized store at an affordable price. Follow the tips for using the Regent – and you can remove Colorado from your garden in a matter of time!

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