How to apply Zencor from potato weed

Gardeners often have to deal with weed growth in the area. Using Zenkor on potatoes will help to quickly eliminate different types of weed plants.

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Как применять Зенкор от сорняков для картофеля

How to apply Weed Zencor for potatoes

Herbicides are designed to effectively control pests. They neutralize the soil The taste and quality of vegetables from them is not They are easy to use. After using them, the earth does not need to be fertilized the next year.


Zencor is a broad-spectrum preparation. It is used for various garden crops: tomatoes, soybeans, carrots, apple trees, pears, etc. But he gives the best results for potatoes. It is rational to use it in large fields.

According to the instructions, it has the following characteristics:

  • activity spectrum of the drug – annual dicotyledonous, cereal weeds;
  • systemic nature of the action;
  • suspension concentrate (liquid creamy solution) or in the form of water-soluble granules;
  • minimum exposure temperature – 10 ° C, maximum – 35 ° C.

The product is produced in Germany, stored at room temperature so that it is not exposed to sunlight.

In one package there can be 20 or 100 g, if these are bottles . For home use, 5-20 granules weighing 20 g are sufficient. The active ingredient is metribuzin.

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The effect of the drug depends on its components. The main components of Zenkor Ultra are active chemicals.

Metribuzin inhibits the transport of electrons in the photosynthesis of pests. Subsequently, the weeds die and dry.

The duration of exposure is explained by the ability of metribuzin to penetrate through leaves and roots. Other herbicides are limited to roots, which is sometimes not enough for weed control.

Features of the drug

Сорняки отступают

Weeds recede

The product kills broadleaf and cereal pests, non-toxic to animals, people, soil and the environment.

Based on the instructions for use, the drug has several features:

  • fights with a large number of weeds;
  • completely soluble in water in 10-15 minutes;
  • is applied before and after sprouting potatoes;
  • is not addictive to pest plants;
  • large amounts of land can be cultivated;
  • used and alone, and together with pesticides;
  • promotes soil cleanliness for at least 2 months;
  • used as an agrochemical in the agricultural industry or private fields.

Benefits I Zenkoru Ultra, culture grow quickly, getting enough water, light. The drug saturates the soil with nutrient and mineral components.

In accordance with the instructions, the liquid is mixed with other herbicides. This is necessary to enhance the spectrum of action. The solution damages the underground and aboveground parts of the potato, prevents the development of any mechanically transmitted viruses. The herbicide cannot be applied to sandy soil. The leaves of the plant may turn yellow, fall. The root will dry out slightly.

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Action of the preparation

Zenkor destroys weeds that have already come down. After the preparation, they simply dry. The next season, you can not cultivate the soil. In the future, the probability of weeds in the next 3 months is zero. Treatment with the remedy will help when the plants have just begun to germinate.

The effectiveness of the action depends on the average air temperature, soil moisture, soil type.

The herbicide creates a protective film on the surface of the earth and crops. After machining the soil, the shell is destroyed. This mechanism of action is realized before the rise of crops.

After germination, metribuzin is actively acting. Processing speed – a week or 14 days.

Zenkor does not increase productivity, but prevents its decrease. To achieve the desired effect, be sure to follow the recommendations for use in the instructions.

For which weeds are used

Thanks to its wide range of applications, Zenkor can handle a lot of weed plants. Their list:

  • wild daisies;
  • ragweed;
  • shiritsa;
  • dull nettle grass;
  • fists;
  • yellow thistle;
  • middle asterisk;
  • thin-legged, etc.

Zenkor shows a low effectiveness with a small amount of humus in the soil. It is also not recommended to use it against field bindweed, black nightshade, creeping wheatgrass and bedstraws. If pest plants are perennial, Ultra will not help.

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Initially, the soil must be leveled and crushed. Zencor bred with water.According to the instructions for use, the consumption rate for potatoes does not exceed 11 ml of the drug per 5 liters of water. This is enough for one hundredth.

The drug is sprayed with a sprayer. The main requirement is to distribute the product evenly throughout the area. The drug must soak the soil at least 3 cm.

The dose depends on the type of land. For heavy soils, take the maximum (11 ml), for light and airy – the minimum (5 ml).

If rain is expected, treatment is carried out in the morning, 4-5 hours before rain. Rain will moisten the soil, and Zenkor Ultra will penetrate deep inside.


In order not to harm anyone during the processing of the soil by Zenkor Ultra, it is important to follow the tips:

  • In dry periods, use the maximum permitted rate, in the rainy season – the minimum dose.
  • Use the product only in open ground. Soil cultivation in greenhouses and greenhouses can activate phototoxicity.
  • Follow the norms of consumption – 200-300 ml per 1 ha.
  • Do not dispose of residues in open water.

If everything is done correctly, the suppression of weeds will be quick, it will come to the closure of tops in separate rows.

Restrictions on use

Zencor Ultra cannot be used when too dry and hot weather due to evaporation. High humidity will not allow the drug to penetrate deep into the earth.Heavy rains can wash the product and make it ineffective.

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Exceeding the recommended dose will lead to a decrease in the quality of potatoes. Darkening forms in the fruits, leaves turn yellow or whiten. The tips become dry and crumble.

Do not cultivate the soil with a herbicide with the strong sensitivity of different varieties of potatoes to any herbicides. For cereal plants with the planting of legumes, the remedy will be ineffective. If frequent frosts, a sharp change in weather, drought are possible, you should refuse the remedy. With special care, it is used on plantings of early potato varieties.

How to apply herbicides
Zencor 20g herbicide
potato herbicide


Zenkor Ultra is an excellent remedy for weed control, just 5-11 ml per 5 l is enough water for 1 hundred parts of the earth. In addition to the protective function, the drug gives the potato nutrients, does not harm animals, other crops (carrots, tomatoes, soybeans). It is not a threat to human health.

Before processing the soil, pay attention attention to weather conditions, in anticipation of rainy weather t spraying the herbicide. In this case, make sure that the temperature is not lower than 10 ° C and not higher than 35 ° C. Under the influence of the drug, the taste of potatoes does not suffer.

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