What is useful kurdyuk mutton

Animal fats are a controversial product, so scientists often debate their benefits and harms. Fats have been used for a long time in the national cuisines of some peoples, while Europeans are only now beginning to get to know each other, and therefore the question often arises of what a sheep’s fat tail is. What is so surprising kurdyuk mutton? We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of raw materials.

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Полезен ли бараний курдюк

Is mutton kurdyuk

useful? such

Among the variety of food products, animal fats occupy a special place. Kurdyuk is a deposition in the tail region of a sheep of a special breed. Many people confuse it with interior lard, which is more solid. it is difficult to heat up.

Fat accumulates in the animal’s body and can reach 30 kg. The raw material is collected during fattening and consumed when weather conditions worsen. The product consists of 2 halves hidden under the tail of the beast. The bag is covered on top. with hair and long hair.

Mutton kurdyuk is a characteristic sign of the breed of sheep, therefore, not all livestock have it. Education depends on animal nutrition and favorable living conditions. Scientists are sure that the quality of soil and vegetation also affects the occurrence of fat deposits.

На возникновение жирового отложения влияет качество почвы и растительности

The occurrence of fat deposition is affected by the quality of the soil and vegetation

Fat does not freeze at room temperature, which allows it to be used as a natural preservative in the heat. The products go on sale in processed form, and the sheep’s fat tail is of three varieties.

  • Supreme. White solid fat is obtained from selected raw materials by melting.
  • First. It has a slightly gray or green hue. Prepare their high-quality fat.
  • Second. In liquid form, slight turbidity is allowed.

To taste, the raw material resembles fried greaves. The highest grade is characterized by a specific lamb flavor. It is stored for a very long time and does not lose its original properties, so the price can sometimes “bite”. The presence of yellowness or any dark inclusions is a sign of poor quality.

Content of substances

The benefits and harms of mutton fat tail are concentrated in its composition. Rarely, what kind of fat boasts an abundance of trace elements and amino acids. The energy value of 100 g of the product is almost 900 kcal, which is much higher than the daily human norm. In addition, the substance contains vitamins:

  • group B;
  • A;
  • E;
  • PP.
Бараний курдюк содержит витамины

Lamb kurdyuk contains vitamins

Raw materials are enriched with saturated and unsaturated fatty acids necessary for the human body. Natural lanolin and non-harmful cholesterol are present in abundance. A lot of minerals:

  • magnesium;
  • copper;
  • sodium;
  • zinc;
  • selenium ;
  • phosphorus.

Even after heat treatment, at least 50% of monounsaturated acids remain, among which Omega-9 takes the first place. The presence of beta-carotene allows vitamins to be better absorbed by the body. No matter how many doctors say, the product remains a popular fat in many cultures.

Useful properties

Thanks to its unique composition, the raw materials have long won many fans. Despite its calorie content, a delicious substance is quickly absorbed. Unlike lard, it does not exert pressure on the digestive system, which allows it to be used for various purposes.

What is the benefit of a sheep’s fat tail? Being a natural source of saturated and unsaturated acids, it helps in the synthesis of sex hormones. The lack of substances in men ends with impotence, and in women with infertility.

Vitamin A is needed to maintain the natural protein and fat balance. A small amount of product will allow you to forget about vision problems and perfectly activates the immune system.By the way, due to the presence of beta-carotene, the element is absorbed much better than synthetic analogues. If a person is engaged in an energy-intensive sport, then doctors recommend a high-calorie product to give strength. A small piece will allow the body to quickly replenish supplies and adapt to any difficulties.

The benefit of fat is that its unique composition protects brain cells from aging. The substance affects the body from the inside, accelerating tissue repair and maintaining the beauty of the skin and hair. By the way, thanks to vitamin B1, the body is able to regenerate and not be afraid of dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

Where it is used

The ram’s kurdyuk also has practical applications. Raw materials have long been used in folk medicine as an external remedy for burns and severe wounds. A thin layer of fat has antibacterial properties, stopping the growth of pathogenic microbes.

The product often helps with colds and treats bronchitis at home

The rubbed drug is rubbed on the chest and back, and then wrap it overnight with a film. The substance does not cause allergic reactions, so it will be safe even for babies. A spoonful of fat is dissolved in a glass of milk and given a drink before bedtime, and within 3 days there will be no trace of coughing.

The presence of lanolin in the composition is used to restore youth and beauty of the skin.From fine wrinkles, it is advised to make homemade masks with the addition of a fraction of fat tail. To maintain hormonal stability during menopause, women add the product to their daily diet.

Due to its regenerative properties, fat helps in the treatment of advanced varicose veins. Thin pieces are wound to the affected areas and fixed with a bandage. Ghee of sheep relieves pain in the joints, so it is often prescribed in the form of compresses. The substance regenerates the skin after deep wounds, burns and abscesses.

Where and why else is raw material used? The product is a traditional component of national dishes of the peoples of the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East. It is added to tea and sweets, and soap is also made from it.

Harmful properties

Not always a mutton product is beneficial, so you should know all the negative aspects of unique raw materials. There is a lot of animal cholesterol in fat tail, and abuse will lead to blockage of blood vessels and the formation of plaques. Such rash actions will cause cardiovascular diseases.

It is worthwhile to carefully use the product for people with high acidity and digestive problems. With pathology in the gallbladder and liver diseases, you can not use a fatty substance. Patients suffering from gastritis and ulcers can provoke an exacerbation of ailments.

The benefits of mutton fat tail can offset the high calorie content, which is contraindicated in obesity.Remember that almost 900 kcal is concentrated in a 100-gram slice. With low-calorie diets, such a nutritional supplement takes up more than half the diet. They recommend combining weight loss with exercise.

What goes with it

Sheep fat is a unique product that can transform any meal. Eastern peoples have long used raw materials for the preparation of vegetables, meat and cereal products, where pilaf and shurpa are the most popular and famous. The specific smell can be minimized with spices and spices.

Using fat tail fat, healthy and nutritious dishes are prepared. Caucasian cuisine is not complete without the addition of the required ingredient. If you try to replace the substance with the fat of another animal, the taste and aroma of the food will not be fully apparent.

Some people prefer to dry and smoke the product, and some may eat pickled. Before withering, the raw materials are thoroughly washed and treated with salt using a special technology. Such dishes are stored for many months.

Kyrgyz and Kazakhs are used to adding the product to salty tea. An amazing drink quickly regains strength after prolonged physical exertion and is a good protection against the cold. It is difficult for compatriots to understand the taste of an exotic drink, but even they note useful properties.

How to cook

Lamb fat tail is the perfect product for the first gastronomic acquaintance.If a person is fond of lamb, then a specific taste will not become an obstacle for him. Properly processed fat does not stink at all and is a bit like greaves. Before use, fresh raw materials are recommended to soak for several hours in cool water.

Adygei prefer to cook the product in boiling liquid until cooked, and then cut into thin slices. While the food cools, prepare garlic sauce and yogurt. The dish is served cold with bread and aromatic gravy.

If you pickle the raw materials in spices, you can quickly remove the unusual smell. To do this, use odorous herbs and seasonings, as well as grape wine. Food for 12 hours is left in the liquid. Then it is easy to grill or smoke over smoke. Smoked chicken meat is stored for a very long time and will be the complement of any dish.

If you don’t know what to do with raw materials, it is recommended to cook your favorite oriental dish on it. Pilaf with lamb will not show its taste characteristics without a required component. The ingredient gives the food a delicate, subtle aroma that is difficult to replicate with other fats.

Many gourmets recommend wilting fat tail or just salt, like regular bacon. Salting takes place using spices and salt, and the product is in the refrigerator under pressure for 3 days. Before serving, it is washed, cleaned of spices and cut into thin slices.

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