Rules for choosing an orchid

Choosing an orchid is a process that helps you determine the variety and color of the flower you need for your home. Choose phalaenopsis, taking into account the characteristics and features of caring for it.

  1. Features of the choice of phalaenopsis
  2. Choosing a healthy plant
  3. Phalaenopsis
  4. Cymbidium
  5. Dendrobium
  6. Phalaenopsis hybrid
  7. Brogues <
  8. Transplant <
  9. Conclusion <

Выбор орхидеи

Select orchid

Features of the choice of phalaenopsis

When choosing an orchid, the following should be considered:

  • potted labels, stickers with detailed information about the conditions of care;
  • curved stem, indicating a lack of oxygen during the growth and development of phalaenopsis;
  • respect for the proportions between the components of the flower;
  • leaves in healthy phalaenopsis look elastic and dense, bright green, color deviations, damaged by truth indicates the presence of problems;
  • healthy bright green roots – an indicator of the growth conditions of phalaenopsis;
  • the absence of soft and hollow tissues on aerial roots, their hardness and elasticity, when the pot is shaken in a healthy the state of the root system does not hang out;
  • the absence of plaque or sticky layer, spots, stripes;
  • the presence of peduncles and buds; they buy with them, flowers may be lost during transportation, but the buds will begin to open soon;
  • check the orchid for bugs, parasites, thrips, worms.
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Choosing a healthy plant

At home, choose an orchid suitable for development at home. First of all, they are determined with the variety.


In apartments, the phalaenopsis is most often found.

It is called a butterfly, becausein appearance, inflorescences and a variety of colors resemble an insect. In Phalaenopsis, 2 peduncles appear, each of which is covered in large numbers with large flowers. The colors of the flower are diverse: from snow-white to black. The plant is well looked after, protected from sunlight, maintain the desired temperature. Flowering lasts several months, occurs twice a year.


In plants, thickened and rounded pseudobulbs resemble bulbs in appearance. The leaves of this species are long and narrow. The plant develops several peduncles, while observing differences in day and night temperatures: at high temperatures, flowers fall faster.

The colors of cymbidiums are diverse. It is comfortable to grow a flower on a glazed balcony with heating or in the conservatory. It is chosen carefully, taking into account all the features of the plant. It is comfortable to grow cymbidium in the apartment.

Орхидея Цимбидиум

Orchid Cymbidium


When flowering, Dendrobium has beautiful white, red, yellow large flowers. For growing a flower, a balcony with heating and a loggia are suitable. In warm conditions, flowering is rare, children grow up requiring transplantation into a new pot.

Phalaenopsis hybrid

Flowers of white, raspberry and violet color.Hybrid Phalaenopsis favorably relates to the warm climatic conditions of apartments.

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A rare species is Paphiopedilum, it is also called Shoes. It has an unusual flower structure with a lip resembling slippers or a woman’s shoe. With good care, it blooms several times a year. The flowering period lasts several months. The plant has an amazing leaf shape with an intricate pattern of dark stripes and specks.


Phalaenopsis is sold in pots. After making a choice and transporting them home, they are transplanted. In order to avoid diseases of all domestic flowers, treatment from pests is required, while the phalaenopsis is more likely to fade.

It is not too difficult to choose a healthy orchid, and in the home environment after transplantation they provide it with a number of conditions: li> lack of temperature differences;

  • diffused lighting;
  • controlled watering.


Choosing the right orchid and providing it with comfortable conditions helps recommendations. An orchid is easy to choose, following personal preferences and desires, but you need to consider that it needs proper care, only in this case it will grow, develop and amaze with flowering.

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