Characteristics of tomato Tolstoy

Tomatoes are a popular vegetable culture of the solanaceous family grown in many countries of the world. Depending on the variety, tomatoes will require different conditions for their growth. There are hybrids specially bred for the changing climate of the Central European strip – they are able to adapt to changing weather conditions. These include tomato Tolstoy F1, developed by Dutch breeders of Bejo Zaden.It is popular among gardeners due to its unpretentiousness and ease of cultivation. This is evidenced by farm reviews and a description of tomato Tolstoy.

  1. Variety Description
  2. Benefits
  3. Negative sides
  4. Growing rules
  5. Seedling care

Характеристика томата Толстой

Tolstoy tomato

Variety description

Both greenhouses and vegetable gardens grow fruits of tall Tolstoy tomato F1 of long ripening period Niya. What is its characteristic:

  • the ripening is about four months;
  • a strong stem and powerful root, deciduous shrubs, short internodes;
  • long branches, needing a garter;
  • 6-7 chambers with a seed;
  • three-meter height;
  • 12-15 brushes on a bush;
  • weight fruits up to 130 g.

High yield – an average of 15 kg per bush, about 100 tons per hectare. the maximum size of one fruit is 500 g, and the largest specimens grow on the lower branches of the plant. Thick skin, glossy and sloping surface.Round, flattened red fruits (in immaturity – green) of the same color both inside and outside. The absence of a green spot on the ribbed peduncle. Juicy pulp with an exquisite taste and fruity notes, rich in addition to various beneficial substances: vitamins C and group B, organic acids, magnesium, potassium, etc.

The period of growth and development of tomatoes of this variety lasts just over 2 months. All specimens ripen by one deadline. Tomato Tolstoy F1 is used for salads, preservation, salting, juices, pastes and sauces are prepared from it. The recommended mass planting volume is 30,000 plants per hectare.


This variety is perfectly adaptable to almost any environmental conditions, it can be grown even in shaded areas: tolerates heat. However, the best option is greenhouses. It is immune to fungal diseases such as tobacco mosaic and fruit rot, and various garden pests.

Растение обладает стойкостью к нескольким заболеваниям

The plant is resistant to several diseases

Unripe fruits can persist for about six months without changing their taste. Thanks to a strong skin, tomatoes do not crack during ripening and transportation.

Negative sides

Among the disadvantages of the variety are weak development on “poor” soils, in the open ground, weak immunity to late blight fungus. This ailment can infect a tomato even in a greenhouse.

Growing Rules

Cultivation is not an easy process. A hybrid variety requires certain conditions for its growth. Tolstoy tomatoes are no exception, based on the characteristics. The age of the necessary seedlings should be at least 2 months. To check the readiness of seeds purchased in a specialized store for growing, you must do the following: lower the seeds in a glass of salt water. If they go to the bottom, you can start sowing.

The soil where the seedlings will be planted should first be fertilized with organic substances and disinfected with a solution of manganese. The area is suitable with fruitful sandy clay soils. Greens are ideal as a tomato precursor, but not pepper, zucchini or potatoes. In the fall, a mixture of peat with rotted manure is introduced into the soil.

Seeds are planted in loosened soil in small peat glasses, 50% filled with soil. A depression of 1 cm breaks in the middle of the earth, 3 seeds of the tomato Tolstoy variety f1 are planted there and sprinkled with soil, then moistened with a spray. Seedlings are placed in a dark room with room temperature (about 25 degrees) and good lighting.When the first leaves appear, the seedlings are divided into different pots with arched wood ash, earth and moved to the sun. The film is removed. Some specialists, as can be seen from the reviews, remove one third of the main root during transplantation, thereby stimulating the intensity of ripening of the lateral sprouts. This has a positive effect on future yields.

Harvested tomato varieties (3rd part). Tolstoy F1.
Tomato Tolstoy F1
Hybrid characteristics. Tomato Tolstoy F1
Tomato Tolstoy F1
Tomato Tolstoy F1 2017
thick tomato f1

After a month the soil is fertilized with liquid organic Every four days, seedlings must be taken out to fresh air or simply open the windows in the room so that the sprouts undergo adaptation to fresh air What to do next to get the maximum yield of a tall variety?

Seedling care

Beginning of May is marked by planting prepared tomato seedlings in open soil. If the weather is cold, tomato seeds need shelter with plastic or a glass sheet for this time. What are the basic rules that should be observed when handling seedlings so that it is as prolific as possible?

  1. A distance of at least 0.5 m from one bush to another – tomato Leo Tolstoy loves space.
  2. The variety needs to be fed monthly. Berry fertilizer is suitable.
  3. Watering of tomato seeds should be root, not affecting the outer stem – this will help protect the plant from parasites and fungus. Use warm, settled water.
  4. Keep the room temperature at 21 ° C, and the night temperature at 15.
  5. Provide sufficient light so that the stems do not stretch too quickly. If it is impossible to use natural light for at least half a day in a row daily, use a special lamp.
  6. Garter the stems with stakes.
  7. Avoid blowing the seedlings by the winds, use brush holders.
  8. Do not forget about regular weeding and loosening of soil around the bush after watering and timely removal of weeds, pinching.

In the period of intensive growth, it is especially important to observe all the necessary conditions for the care of the tomato Tolstoy variety f1. You can take fruits throughout the season, and proper care in comfortable conditions will bring 3-4 crops in 1 year.

As you can see from the characteristics and description of Tolstoy tomatoes, they are the best option for growing almost on any part of the country. Unpretentiousness combined with high productivity make the tomato variety Leo Tolstoy one of the leaders among domestic gardeners, as can be seen from their reviews on agronomic forums.

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