When and why sheep and sheep are sheared

Experienced farmers always know during which period it is better to cut their wards to get the maximum benefit from this process and not harm the animals. But what about newcomers who do not know when and how farmers cut sheep and sheep? You should not be upset in this situation, because this is a simple matter, you just need to take a little time and learn the basic rules and subtleties.

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  2. What to do to make the procedure go smoothly
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Стрижка овец и баранов

Shearing and sheep

Shearing should be done promptly and accurately. Different technologies are suitable for different breeds: for some, shearing with a machine is more acceptable, for others = electric shears are suitable. The farmer should clearly know which him breed to be Trim the sheep without any problems.

When to cut it

Shearing a ram or a sheep is an easy procedure. It is just as easy for animals, if you choose the right time, the main points you need to know to properly cut cattle at home are:

  • Shearing sheep and rams with a uniform coat is carried out by the farmer every year in the spring. Animals should not be sheared more than once a year.
  • Sheep and mixed-type sheep are sheared twice a year: this is best done during spring and autumn.
  • For some coarse-haired breeds the procedure can be carried out 3 times a year.
  • For lambs, the period of the procedure should begin when they reach 5 months.
  • If the newborn’s coat is thin or semi-thin, you should not touch it until it reaches 4-5 cm in length.
  • Regardless of the farmer’s region of residence and the climatic zone, there is a single rule: to make a haircut in a long warm period.
  • You can’t overdo it with the previous paragraph, so it is important to remember that in too hot climatic conditions the animal will feel bad from excess heat. And if you cut off the wool a little earlier than the onset of heat, the animal can get sick, because the function of the wool on the animal’s body is to regulate the thermal processes.
  • The farmer should always be ready. For coarse-haired individuals, it is important to seize the moment, otherwise the molting will begin with the onset of warmth.
  • The terms of the haircut should exclude the period of turning the wool into a fleece, for which the most accurate days are calculated.

Shearing an animal: a sheep, a ram or a very small lamb is by no means difficult. It is only important to correctly determine its breed and the quality of the coat so that it does not harm the beast by its actions.

It is a mistake to assume that shearing wool from a ram should be done several times a year. It all depends on the climatic conditions of living and growing this breed. For some individuals, the haircut period occurs three times in a year, and for some, once, and then with difficulty. The most optimal for all breeds is the spring period, which includes all the summer months: from early March to late May.

What to do to make the procedure go smoothly

It’s not enough just to choose the right date for shearing. Shearing sheep has a number of subtleties, which a novice farmer should know in advance. Observing them, you can get quality products and not harm the animal. How to shear sheep:

  • the choice of premises should be made in advance in order to have time to prepare the place for the procedure (it is better to stay in a bright room, spacious and clean; tarps should be laid on the tables: this will help to avoid pollution and loss wool);
  • it is important to choose the right tool to cut; it should be either a machine or electric scissors (the first option is often easier, because the knife automatically cuts the wool from the animal, and the second option provides a more thorough cut and higher quality of the material obtained);
  • manual labor is painstaking and requires great care: you need to trim the sheep’s hair close to the skin, but in no case touching it; wool from the belly should be shared with a common fleece and packed separately.

Good farmers cut their sheep carefully, trying not to touch the delicate skin of the animal with scissors. When doing the procedure manually, the wool will be of higher quality, and the price of such a product will increase accordingly. Proper shearing leads to the fact that the sheep feels comfortable and quite healthy, and its owner has a good profit and a quality farm.

Процесс стрижки овец должен проходить аккуратно

The process of shearing should be done carefully

Even after studying the many subtleties and rules, the process itself may remain incomprehensible. Shearing should take place according to a certain algorithm:

  • The sheep should be placed facing the farmer, that is, the back and the most densely covered area with wool to the person.
  • Clear the wool from weeds that appear in it or dirt that got there. Make sure it is clean and dry.
  • Cut the thighs and humps, fore and hind limbs and areas around the udder. After that, the cut hair is laid in a separate bag.
  • After that, it is necessary to start cutting the wool onto the fleece. The sequence is simple: from the right hind leg in the inguinal region to the right front leg. The same thing needs to be done with the back and chest.
  • The next point is to turn off the clipper (or put off the scissors) so that the shearing does not accidentally hurt the animal, for which shearing is already stressful.
  • Turn the sheep over to the other side.
  • Cut the hair in the area of ​​the left shoulder blade and croup.
  • Further shearing takes place neatly and stripely (right side and lower back). During the procedure, the coat itself should fall onto the covered surface of the table or floor.
  • Turn off or put the cutting shear off again, change the position of the animal.
  • Cut the area of ​​the croup and right shoulder blade.
  • With long stripe movements, cut off the fur in the area of ​​the back of the animal.
  • After all this, cut the hair of the young sheep from the rest of the areas: cut the head and neck area.
  • To work out folds in the neck it is best to unfold the animal transversely, only after that process the necessary sections (right and left sides).
  • After the procedure is completed, carefully release the sheep. The wool is collected and its processing begins.

It is not so difficult to cut an animal, be it a sheep or a sheep. Sheep are sheared at the same time as the sheep are sheared. Usually this happens 1 to 3 times per year. Often, farmers make the mistake of ignoring the appearance of the coat of the animal, thereby harming the young individual. How many times a year a sheep requires a shearing directly depends on her breed.

After the first shearing, you can immediately do the procedure annually. Repeating it is recommended as many years as necessary. If the farmer has steam on the farm, it is better to cut at the same time. So the animals feel more comfortable and better undergo a stressful situation.

Sheep shearing method

You can hire a specialist for sheep shearing for whom this is a profession. Such people usually have several years of experience. They do the job efficiently and quickly, but it’s best to learn how to do the procedure yourself: it will save money and bring more benefits.Novice farmers should not bother with all sorts of modern devices and wonder what shears are cut and where to get tools. It is worth remembering 2 ways:

  • specialized machine;
  • scissors for manual cutting.

All other devices have not yet received widespread acceptance they are used only by experienced breeders with many years of experience who know all the features of the process: newcomers can harm their stock.


When shearing sheep, it is best to observe Calm atmosphere and maintain a quiet atmosphere. If any misunderstanding arises and panic begins, the animal will definitely feel it. The response can be a kicking and bad behavior of a goat. To calm the beast, it is best to carry out the procedure in a well-prepared place: a clean, dry, familiar goat. Best of all, if the farmer has an assistant: this makes the task much easier.

The process of shearing goats or sheep is not complicated. It is easy to learn for beginners, so it is possible to produce shearing wool annually and independently. The experience remains for several decades, it is enough to learn once.

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