Description of Potato Triumph

If you are a true connoisseur of potatoes, then you will appreciate Triumph potatoes. This potato does not require special care, so growing it is quite simple. But, at the same moment, she gives a big crop. This potato variety ripens early and has a unique taste. It is for this reason that all gardeners and gardeners appreciate it. You will be pleased with the yield of this root crop, regardless of the region of your residence.

Описание картофеля Триумф

Description of the potato Triumph

Characteristics of the variety

Triumph was raised by breeders in Russia. Despite the fact that this potato showed good results during the tests, it has not been included in the country register to this day.

During the tests it was proved that the yield will be higher if the soil is light and fertile. This potato variety tolerates temperature extremes and can produce crops even during short-term droughts.

If you grow Triumph in areas with warm climatic conditions, you can harvest 2 times a year. It can be used not only for industrial purposes, but also for your own use. Due to its commercial qualities, it is perfect for sale and will bring big profits.

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It is believed that Triumph is a table root crop. It matures quite quickly, and its growing season is only 2 months.The yield of this potato is striking in its high level. It was proved that from 1 ha it is possible to collect 500 kg of fruits. It can be stored for a long time, during which it will not lose its taste and appearance. It transfers transportations over long distances perfectly.

Description of the plant

The description of the plant deserves attention. The bush does not scatter much around the site, which facilitates harvesting. Green tops are present in moderation. White flowers form on the corolla, but the berries may not appear at all.

The root system of the Triumph variety is large. In one bush there can be up to 30 fruits. If you follow all the rules of care, then there can be more than 40 tubers.

Description of the fruit

The potato does not have pronounced external flaws. Root crops with an ugly appearance are very rare. The only problem is that you cannot collect seeds from this potato. You’ll have to buy seed again.

This potato variety tastes good and does not contain a lot of water. The pulp has a creamy appearance that does not lose its color when cooking or peeling. It is also ideal to make potato chips from the collected root crops. It can be used to make soups or toast. If you make mashed potatoes from it, then it will turn out to be a pleasant yellow tint.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Большой урожай при тщательном поливе

A large crop with careful watering

The characteristics of this species show that it has the following advantages:

  • has high taste;
  • can be used in all spheres of human life;
  • each year gives a high level of yield;
  • does not require special care;
  • is subject to long-term storage, in which it does not lose its positive commercial qualities ;
  • no pa affect this variety azites and diseases.

The only drawback is that this potato needs a large amount of water so that the soil is always moist.

Growing rules

Before planting root crops, they should be processed. First you need to select the right materials, and pickle with special chemicals. After that, they should be germinated at a certain temperature, which should be no more than 12 ° C. Once the sprouts reach a mark of 3 cm, they can be planted in the ground.

If you need to propagate potatoes with seeds, it is best to use special containers. Seeds should be presoaked and treated with agents to enhance growth. Dive seedlings do not need. The soil should be selected sandy. It should be light and conduct oxygen well.First you need to loosen it, and select all the weeds that can cause the growth of bacteria, and become a source of pests.

In order to increase productivity, organic fertilizers should be poured into the soil. It can be both old humus and wood ash. Planting seedlings or root crops is recommended at the moment when the soil reaches the optimal temperature regime, which is 10 ° C. Between the bushes should be kept at a distance of 25-35 cm. But between the rows should be a distance of 50 cm. Since this type of potato depends on the level of humidity of the earth, it is necessary to install drip irrigation. If this is not possible, then ordinary watering can be used. The main thing is that it soaks the soil to a depth of 60 cm. In principle, root crops can tolerate drought. But in order to increase the yield, such extreme conditions should be avoided.

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Do not forget that constant earthing of the rows is required. Feeding consists of two stages. The first is root dressing, and the second is non-root. To do this, you can use special ready-made mixtures, or dilute bird droppings in water. You should not often use nitrogen fertilizers, as they will contribute to the occurrence of nitrates. Before you start harvesting, you should remove all the tops. This will facilitate harvesting and soak tubers. Before sending the crop to storage, it should be dried. This will reduce the likelihood of quick rot.

Diseases and parasites

All negative factors, such as insects and pests, cannot affect this type of plant. It is resistant to all negative manifestations from the outside. Due to the fact that it quickly ripens, late blight does not have time to manifest itself. In order to reduce the risk of illness during a major epidemic, copper-containing substances should be used.

Colorado potato beetles do not affect this type of potato. But, it may well be exposed to wireworms. Therefore, experts recommend changing the landing field every year. It is best if cabbage, beans or medicinal herbs grew on this soil before. Also, do not forget that soil treatment with disinfectants is required before planting.

Potato from seeds. Second season. Assol, Milena, Triumph, Revenge, Farmer.
Harvesting potatoes from seeds Variety Revenge and Triumph
Potato varieties

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Triumph over the years has been gaining popularity among a large number of specialists in the field of gardening or horticulture. If you provide him with high-quality and proper care, then it will amaze you with the amount of harvested, and taste to qualities – this is evidenced by the description of the variety.

There has not yet been a person who would remain indifferent to this root crop. An important advantage of this variety over others is that it can be planted in several ways. You you can plant it with tubers or use regular seeds.

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