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As soon as spring comes, many people are concerned about the choice of a particular tomato variety. After all, every gardener has a desire to grow that sort of tomato, which would bring not only high yields, but also have a pleasant taste. This category includes Lazybone tomato.

  1. Variety characteristic
  2. Description of the plant
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Advantages
  5. Disadvantages
  6. Features of growing
  7. Care rules
  8. Pests and diseases
  9. Conclusion

Variety characteristic

It is generally accepted that this species is a high-quality Siberian variety. The Russian company was engaged in the development of the species. the work continued for several years. In 2010, it was decided to include Lazy tomato in the State Register.

Due to the fact that Lazy tomato has a good immune system, they can be easily grown in conditions even the lowest temperatures. In the eastern, central and northern parts of the country, planting should be carried out only in greenhouses or greenhouses. In southern regions, planting in open areas of soil is possible.

Description of the plant

The tomato ripens quite quickly. Vegetation lasts only 90 days from the appearance of the first shoots. The bush has a characteristic that indicates the fact that it is standard.Also, the bush is characterized by a determinant type of development and its height does not exceed the mark of 70 cm.

Despite the fact that the tomato bushes are quite low and compact in structure, the fruits on them are quite large. For this reason, it is recommended to regularly back up or garter the bush.

Description of the fruit

As soon as the lazy tomato variety ripen, they have a bright rich shade of red or raspberry color. Their shape is a bit like a heart. The mass of one ripened fruit reaches a mark on the scales of 400 g.

The pulp is dense, the amount of solids reaches 6%. The peel is dense, glossy in appearance. The taste is full, sweet. Description of the tomato Lazybones says that it belongs to the universal fruits. They can be used as fresh consumption, for preparing salads or pickles.


If you carefully study all the descriptions and characteristics of the variety, you can highlight a number of positive features of the species:

  • high yields: from 1 m2 it is really possible to collect about 17 kg of excellent tomatoes;
  • excellent external characteristics;
  • matures quickly;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • universality in use.


Сорт нуждается в подвязывании

The variety needs to be tied

Those who planted Lazybones tomatoes, they highlight several negative factors about this species, so the following disadvantages should be mentioned:

  • the species is not resistant to high temperatures and can poorly bear fruit in the absence of sufficient moisture;
  • exactingness to props;
  • exactingness to soil.

Features of cultivation

First of all, you should choose the soil for cultivation, which Torah has high yields. It should contain enough nutrients. For this reason, it is recommended to feed the soil in the fall. Initially, gardeners plant seeds to get seedlings. Seeds do not have to be processed and prepared for planting. As soon as several pairs of leaves appear on the seedlings, it is recommended that you begin planting in the open ground.

The time for planting in the open ground is the beginning of June. There should be a distance of 50 cm between rows. Between the holes, the distance should be about 70 cm. Planting depth is about 2 cm.

Care rules

Siberian tomato variety Lazybones not so demanding to care.The only nuance that can cause some discomfort for the gardener is regular backups, because this allows you to get high yields and presentation. Do not forget about regular watering. It should be plentiful, because the plant does not like drought and can cease to bear fruit.

It is important to loosen the soil and remove weeds. These measures will allow oxygen to penetrate the root system. As a top dressing, mineral substances with a high content of potassium, phosphorus or nitrogen substances should be used. The first top dressing should be carried out as a cut after planting.

Pests and diseases

In order for this Siberian plant species not to be exposed to fungal infections, one should remember to regularly air the greenhouse premises. Proper watering and ventilation will protect you from rot. If your crop was attacked by an invasion of aphids or the Colorado potato beetle, then it is recommended to use a drug such as Bison.

Lazy Tomato
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To get rid of slugs or bears, you should seek help from folk methods. The solution will be the use of a solution of hot red pepper. They need to process every shrub susceptible to parasites.

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A lot can be said about the lazybones tomatoes. This is a universal variety, which is suitable not only for an experienced agronomist, but also for a beginner in the field of homestead farming.If you follow all the rules for growing and caring, then you can get the result that you could not even dream of. It is also very important to choose high-quality seeds, because it depends on how good your garden will look.

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