Description of the best varieties of cauliflower

All varieties of cauliflower during cultivation require a lot more effort from the gardener than regular white-cabbage varieties. Despite the exactingness for proper planting and care, these crops contain much more nutrients, for which they are appreciated. Consider the best varieties of cauliflower and the features of their cultivation.

  1. Landing Rules
  2. Care recommendations
  3. Snow globe
  4. Bruce
  5. White Beauty
  6. Cortes
  7. Conclusion

Описание лучших сортов цветной капусты

Description of the best varieties of cauliflower

Planting rules

If we consider the general recommendations on the principle of planting, several key points should be highlighted.

  1. All seeds for seedlings must first undergo the processing process. Place for 20-30 minutes in a solution of manganese (about 1 mg of the drug per 1 liter of water) or in boiled water (temperature 60 ° C).
  2. Planting seeds of varieties and hybrids of cauliflower is carried out in special common containers. The distance between the holes should be 5-7 cm.
  3. On the 12th day after the appearance of the first shoots, it is important to harden the seedlings. This will allow it to withstand temperature extremes and high humidity.
  4. Planting varieties of early cauliflower in open ground should only be done after the soil warms up to a temperature of 10 ° C and the air to 20-23 ° C. Later varieties are planted at a temperature of 16-18 ° C. If the temperature is lower, then after 1 month the plant will begin to form arrows.
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Care recommendations

To get high-quality and tasty products, you should remember that watering is correct. The first 14-18 days, after planting in open ground, all varieties of cauliflower need frequent, but not plentiful watering: 1 time in 3-4 days. About 2-4 liters of warm water are poured under each bush. In the future, plants need to be watered only 1 time per week, about 5 liters of water are poured under each bush.

For prevention from fleas and beetles, you should sprinkle the plants with powder of wood ash. For each bush should be about 50 g of powder. You can reduce the likelihood of butterflies and aphids by spraying with tinctures from the husks of onions or garlic. About 10 grams of husk are poured into 10 liters of water and insisted for 24 hours. Spraying is carried out every 10 days.

Top dressing is carried out in the fall. Organic fertilizers are introduced into it (humus, peat or mullein), after which you can plow the site. During the growing season, humus (about 2 kg per 1 m2) or bird droppings (5 kg per 1 m2) should be introduced into the soil. It is important to pay attention to what varieties of cauliflower you planted in the garden, because some of them may need to be fertilized.

Snow globe

Snow globe early ripening variety . It is the result of Russian selection, bred at the Siberian Research Institute, in the early 21st century. In 2003, the variety was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation.Ideal for growing in the North-West of Russia. The vegetation period of a plant from the moment of planting in open ground is about 70 days, i.e., the plant begins to bear fruit 100 days after the formation of the first seedlings. Planting seeds for seedlings is carried out in early March, and can be planted in open ground only in April.

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The external leaf outlet is characterized by medium size. The fruits of this variety of cauliflower have a weight of about 800 g. Head of oval shape. Head color is white. The description indicates that the leaves are light green in color. Due to the richness of taste, this variety of cauliflower is considered one of the best (its taste is richer than that of broccoli). It can be consumed fresh or used to make salads.

You can grow it either with seedlings or by planting seeds under a film. Landing is carried out in early May, according to a 50×60 cm pattern. The main advantages include:

  • high yield indicators;
  • compact head of cabbage;
  • resistance to diseases.


Сорт обладает хорошими характеристиками

The variety has good characteristics

Among the huge number of varieties and hybrids of cauliflower, it is important to highlight the Bruce variety. This first-generation hybrid has gained worldwide recognition. It was bred in the Netherlands.The plant begins to ripen after 60 days from the moment of planting in open ground. The color of the fruit is light yellow, and the leaves are characterized by green shades.

The description indicates that the heads of this species have the characteristics of self-concealment, i.e. they are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and an abundant amount of sunlight. This property allows the fruit to maintain its presentable appearance and not deteriorate under the influence of the sun. The fruit weighs up to 1 kg.

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Seeds of cauliflower of the Bruce variety should be planted in mid-March. After 25 days, the first seedlings begin to appear. In mid-April, seedlings can be planted in open ground. Planting pattern 60×70 cm.

White Beauty

This high-yielding variety of cauliflower is the result of Dutch selection, one of the best species. It was bred at the end of the 20th century. Suitable for growing in central Russia. Ripening occurs 120 days after planting in open ground.

The leaves of this variety of cauliflower are light green in color, with a slight wax coating. The head is white, dense, which facilitates the harvesting process. The weight of one fruit is about 1.5 kg. From 1 m2 you can collect about 7 kg of selected high quality products. White beauty is used not only for the preparation of salads or fresh consumption.This cauliflower variety is ideal for preservation or freezing, so you can cook fresh healthy dishes in winter.

The guarantee of high yields is observed only when planting by the seedling method (from 1 ha about 700 kg), but cultivation is allowed with using seeds under the film. In this case, 300-400 kg is collected from 1 ha. The plan for planting seedlings is at a distance of 40×50 cm. Seeds are planted according to the scheme 30-50 cm.


This cauliflower variety is one of the best, was bred in the Netherlands. In 2001, the Cortes variety was included in the State Register of Russia. Suitable for cultivation in the middle and southern strip of the country. Belongs to late grades. The growing season is 120-130 days from the moment of the first seedling emergence.

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The early ripe cauliflower of the Cortes variety of category f1 is characterized by small leaves of light green color, they are self-closing, which allows the fruit to maintain its attractive appearance. If the head turns orange, then it is not recommended to use it. This means that the fetus was exposed to sunlight, which reduced the amount of nutrients in it. The leaf outlet is not large. The head is voluminous, oval in shape and rich in white. A single fetus can weigh about 2 kg. It is believed to be the largest type of cabbage.

Planting is carried out by the seedling method. Cauliflower seeds should be planted in mid-March. It is recommended that they be disinfected with a manganese solution in advance – it can be prepared as follows: about 1 mg of the drug should be diluted in 1 liter of water. After 30 days, after the appearance of the first seedlings, it should be planted in open ground. Landing pattern 50×60 cm.


If you look at which varieties of cauliflower are the best, you can grow only high-yielding and high-quality varieties in your garden plot. This will allow you to get only quality products for further sale and significantly reduces the amount of effort spent on planting and care.

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