Characteristics of cornflower potato

Those who have planted potatoes at least once will appreciate the Cornflower variety. It stands out from the rest of the culture. The vegetable has excellent Varietal characteristics, and also boasts an unusual appearance of fruits.

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Характеристика картофеля сорта Василек

Characteristics of the potato variety Cornflower

very It is this feature that makes him a favorite guest in home gardens.

Features of the variety

Potato Vasilek description, which in many respects is similar to the popular Soviet varieties Gypsy and Sineglazka. Root crops with an unusual color grow well throughout Russia, with the exception of its northern regions.

The variety is also unique in its unusually beautiful bush. Dark green large leaves grow densely on strong erect stems. During flowering, the tops of the shoots are crowned with a scattering of purple flowers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Characteristics of the cornflower potato includes both positive and negative sides.

There are much more pluses, so this Variety can be recommended for growing and producing a plentiful harvest.

Potato Vasily has the following advantages:

  1. The variety is medium early, so its tubers are much larger than the early ones.
  2. The potato is ready for harvesting in 65-70 days after the appearance of the first sprouts.
  3. The color of the tuber shell is very decorative, although it is lost by heat treatment.
  4. The tubers contain more vitamin C than half the lemon. Among other things, carotenoids are contained there. These substances act as antioxidants and prevent the formation of free radicals.
  5. The bush is compact and upright, and requires less hilling.
  6. High yield, as well as the ability to resist solanaceous cancer.
  7. Basil potatoes are used for the preparation of first and second courses. In a boiled form, the tubers crack, but do not become friable. This is due to the high content of starch in the vegetable.

It is worth noting the disadvantages that the gardener will have to face:

  1. Lack of immunity to pathogens of dry and ring rot ;
  2. Subject to a cyst-forming golden nematode;
  3. The tuber grows quickly, thanks to the “eyes” located on the very surface of the skin, which makes it difficult to store it in winter.
  4. On acidified soil the vegetable gives meager yields of very small tubers, which are often affected by scab.

Despite all the shortcomings, the description of rtofelya varieties, Cornflower, it has very good reviews among gardeners.And in order to get high-quality tubers, it needs to be fertilized, spud and water.

Planting potatoes

Перед посадкой клубни необходимо прорастить

Before planting the tubers it is necessary to germinate

In order for the planting material to be well preserved, it is recommended to keep it in the winter in a cool dark room. An ideal option would be a dry basement or pantry.

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In mid-February, tubers are removed and laid in a single layer for germination. The potato is sprinkled on top with sawdust and constantly moistened with a spray gun.

Prepare the soil

The place for the beds must be thought out in advance, taking into account crop rotation. Rotted manure or humus poured into the ground. The soil itself is dug up to the depth of one bayonet, leaving large lumps not broken. This is done to control pests.

You can also sow a patch of rye, wheat, mustard, colza, etc. These plants play the role of siderates and enrich the soil with organic substances. As soon as the young greens reaches 10 cm, the plants mow, or completely dig the plot along with the sidirates. Digging is repeated in the spring, and complex fertilizers are added to the soil, maturing humus or bird droppings.

Planting potatoes

After the danger of the return of night frosts is over, potato tubers are planted in open ground.Before this, chemical fertilizers, chicken or cow droppings, which managed to overtake, are put in the holes or trenches. You can also use ash as a source of trace elements.

Sprouted tubers need to be inspected, and planted kidneys up. This will speed up the germination process. Some summer residents practice planting only parts of tubers or even their purifications. The depth of incorporation will depend on the density of the soil. The lighter it is, the deeper it is possible to plant a vegetable.

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Care for potatoes

Potato variety Cornflower whose characteristic describes it as universal, requires growing on fertile soil. Top dressing, timely watering and processing from parasites significantly affect the crop and its quality.

Для растений важна прополка

Weeding is important for plants

It is also important to remove weeds by weeding or mulching. Do not use needles as mulch, because it strongly acidifies the soil. Over the entire period of the growing season, the bushes spud at least 3 times. The procedure is repeated until there is a gap between the hills.


From the moment of the first shoots to flowering, it does not make sense to water the planting, except for dry and hot weather. When the plant begins to bloom, tubers begin to form on the roots. At this time, all erysipelas depend on soil moisture.

Water in this way:

  • water is poured under the root, not on top of the tops;
  • after irrigation, the soil is loosened, thereby improving aeration;
  • bushes spud, raking the ground on the stems.

Water the plant mainly in the evening or in cloudy weather. It is not recommended to use sprinklers for these purposes, because moisture entering the tops can provoke late blight development.


Top dressing is required to obtain maximum crop productivity. Fertilization begins immediately before flowering. The soil before this is well settled, so that it is easier for the bush to absorb beneficial substances from it.

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As top dressing, use:

  • chicken droppings, soaked in water for 2 weeks in a ratio of 1:10 ;
  • 1 tbsp; liters of urea diluted in 10 liters of water, calculated at 400-500 ml per plant;
  • soaked varietal grass prepared by fermentation;
  • infused manure at a rate of 1:10 with water.

All these fertilizers are applied under the root. The interval between dressings should be at least 1-1.5 weeks.

Pest control

In order to protect tubers and tops from pests, it is recommended to process planting material special preparations before planting. To do this, tubers are soaked in a solution or sprayed with it.If the preparation is used dry, it is mixed with sifted wood ash and dusted with the same sieve.

Potato varieties luck shock video.
Potato l early Zhukovsky. Harvest on July 15, 2017.
Potato cultivars photo

If there was no spring treatment from pests, then an adult plant will need to be sprayed. This is ineffective, since the chemical is quickly washed off from the shoots by sediments.


Cornflower variety should be planted for the unusual appearance of the fruits and their excellent taste characteristics. The vegetable is equally well suited for cooking, frying and mashed potatoes.

With proper care, the plant gives good yields. From one hundredth you can get up to 70 kg of large healthy fruits. The main thing is to follow the rules of crop rotation and not to plant it after other solanaceous.

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