Description of Atlantis Cucumber Variety

It is believed that hybrid varieties are extremely weak. If they mature early, their palatability leaves much to be desired. To achieve a pleasant taste, they need to ripen for a long time. But the Atlantis f1 cucumber variety is a hybrid with early ripening characteristics, taste does not suffer.

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Описание сорта огурца Атлантис

Description of the variety Atlantis cucumber

Characteristics of the variety

This variety of cucumbers was developed back in 2000. Atlantis from Holland was engaged in the breeding. Already in 2002, Atlantis cucumber categories AI f1 was entered in the State Register of the Russian Federation.

Cucumbers show excellent yield indicators in any region of the country.

Description plant

Atlantis category f1 refers to crops that are pollinated only by bees, for this reason they are not recommended to be grown indoors or in greenhouses. Type of flowering – female. A bush of determinant type, reaches 2 m in height.

Leaves of moderate size, with a small rough surface. In rare cases, moderate tuberosity occurs on the surface of the leaf. The population is average, so the main stem receives the necessary amount of sunlight. Lateral shoots do not obscure the stem.

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Description of the fruit

The Atlantis cucumber f1 has the shape of a cylinder. The description indicates that the length of an individual ripened cucumber does not exceed the mark of 12 cm. In the context, the diameter of the fruit is about 5 cm. The surface has small spikes covered with white pollen. The average weight is 100 g. The color of the fruit is dark green.

The taste is pleasant, without bitterness. The pulp is juicy, does not have a watery structure. When used, crunch indicators are observed, which attracts public attention even more. Cucumbers are lightweight and small, and therefore universal in use. They are extremely convenient to preserve for the winter, as they fully fit in the jar.

Advantages and disadvantages

Сорт хорошо хранится и транспортируется

The variety is well stored and transported

The main positive qualities of the species include:

  • early ripening;
  • versatility;
  • flat fruits, well suited for sale;
  • long shelf life and transportation;
  • immunity to powdery mildew, spotting or late blight.

Planting Rules

Atlantis Cucumbers yraschivayut several methods. The first involves planting with seeds. They are planted only in warm soil, the temperature of which should be about 17 ° C. The ambient temperature should warm up to 18 ° C.

Before planting, moisten the soil with warm water. The distance between the holes is 40 cm, and the depth of planting seeds is 3 cm. Immediately after planting, it is important to cover all the holes with plastic wrap to create a greenhouse effect. The film is opened every day for airing.

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Atlantis cucumbers show the best characteristics of germination and yield when planting is carried out by seedlings. Fertilize the soil first. A mixture of peat, humus and sand, mixed in a ratio of 1: 1, is introduced into it. The soil should also be analyzed for acid-base levels. It should not exceed 6%. The distance between the beds should be 60 cm, and between the holes – 70 cm.


Watering is carried out exclusively in the evening and only with warm water. These requirements are important so that all moisture does not evaporate from the soil when exposed to sunlight. Top dressing should consist of complex fertilizers, mainly from mineral components. It is best to use phosphoric and potassium substances, which will help the root system develop correctly and enhance palatability. Organics in the form of humus or peat should be applied only in autumn, after plowing the site.

Illumination is necessary for the plant to form and grow correctly. Lighting should turn on in the early morning and last for 8 hours. To plant seedlings in open ground on a permanent basis, pricking is carried out.To do this, open a greenhouse for several hours every day.

It is important to follow all recommendations for care. If the lighting is insufficient, the plant will begin to grow and lose its unique qualities.

Pest and disease control

This species is quite resistant to disease. Breeders made sure that it was not affected by powdery mildew, spotting or late blight, but at certain points in time this species may be exposed to parasites. To avoid crop problems, use fungicidal preparations at intervals of 10 days.

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To permanently get rid of the Colorado potato beetle or bear, it is advisable to use Confidor or Regent. A rusting preparation called Tabbu. If the plant has overtaken aphids, each bush should be treated with a solution of lime and ash from the tree.


Most of the gardeners show reviews This grade is based on improper care. If the result of the cultivation is negative, you should consider: maybe the wrong seeds were bought or the rules for care were not followed.

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