The benefits and harms of lamb fat

Modern medicine does not stand still. Each year, new medicines, vitamins, as well as methods of combating diseases at various stages of manifestation appear. But nothing arises from the air. All modern pills are based on many years of research and practice of predecessors who did not neglect traditional medicine.

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The benefits and harms of sheep fat

The benefits and harms of sheep fat

Today it is difficult to imagine that a mother will cure her child of a cough using lamb, but in fact, the use of this product covers a large part of our life than you could imagine, starting from traditional medicine and ending with Amy cosmetics.


Kurdyuk, or lamb fat, is a fat deposit in the tail area of ​​sheep of a certain breed, which has its own certain beneficial properties. from other animal fats, lamb real fat contains 97% of them, the rest is water, while saturation is almost several times greater than in beef and pork fat, which is why fresh mutton is more in demand in poor countries. In addition, it has many multivitamins, beta-keratin, iron, zinc and vitamins of groups A, B1 and E. It also has no contraindications for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Mutton Kurdyuk

Kurdyuk mutton

Lamb fat is presented three varieties used for cooking and producing various goods.

  1. The highest grade of mutton healthy fat is made from a certain type of fat tail sheep. External properties: a solid grade of pure white color, in some cases a yellowish shade is acceptable, when melted it becomes transparent. It is a part of meat products.
  2. First grade. Its hardness is similar to that of the highest grade, in some cases a grayish color is allowed, when melting the mutton the healing fat becomes transparent, made from raw lard (internal organs).
  3. The second grade is made only for ordinary lard. In the molten state, a cloudy precipitate is released, it may have a smell.

It takes 2 or even 3 times more energy to form a tail of fat in a sheep than to form a protein, etc. e. pure meat. Also, mutton fat is more valued by nations that have refused to use pork (for example, Muslims and Jews).


Does mutton fat bring any either benefit? Like any fat, mutton fat tail (fat) is the subject of controversy among many nutritionists. Should I use it for treatment? Will the liver suffer?

Most are of the opinion that the use and use of it has a positive effect on:

  • reduction of pain in joints and bones;
  • immunity;
  • maintaining skin elasticity;
  • prevention of colds and bronchial diseases, varicose veins;
  • blood and brain activity;
  • intensity of wound healing;
  • potency;
  • infertility treatment as part of the appropriate drugs.

However, the mutton popular fat should definitely be excluded from its diet for people who have contraindications, as it can only exacerbate the situation. Doing medical procedures is allowed only after consulting a doctor. You should refuse it and look for another alternative to treatment for those who are prone to:

  • peptic ulcer diseases;
  • problems with the liver, kidneys or gall bladder;
  • cardio -vascular diseases;
  • gastritis;
  • atherosclerosis or thrombophlebitis;
  • individual intolerance.


How to use mutton fat? Prevention and operation of this product in traditional medicine is very versatile. It can be used to treat colds, bronchial diseases, burns, abrasions, etc. In the cold season, you can easily catch a variety of colds and viral diseases, accompanied by a cough.A feature of lamb is that it contains a large number of vitamins, saturated acids and nutrients that help keep the body toned, without causing an overdose.

Lamb kurdyuk contains vitamins

Lamb kurdyuk contains vitamins

Lamb fat has such a valuable set of nutrients that is used in cosmetics. Especially often it can be found in creams, shampoos, hair balms. The main property of fat is to moisturize and saturate the scalp and face with the necessary vitamins to prevent peeling, hair loss and smoothing wrinkles.

In cooking, tail fat is used mainly in national dishes of the East. It fries meat and vegetable dishes, makes pastries and even adds to tea to keep warm and get a boost of energy.

Therapy of pulmonary diseases

There are 2 methods in folk medicine fight against cough or bronchitis: internal and external use. Melted mutton fat has been a proven treatment for more than one generation. To prepare it, it is enough to take only 1 tablespoon of fat and a glass of warm milk. This drink will give the effect of softening the walls of the throat from perspiration and will contribute to the thinning of mucus. It also helps heavy smokers by removing coughs and cleansing the lungs.The disadvantage of such a miracle remedy is its specific smell and taste, but you can experiment with it by adding honey or replacing milk with various herbal tinctures and teas, so taking a drink will be a pleasure.

The second treatment method is suitable even for baby, because it does not damage the taste buds. It is recommended for bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases to rub the body with warm lamb fat. Repeat the procedure for 3-5 days. After applying this substance to the body, you need to cover yourself with a warm blanket for a while. In this case, overheating should be avoided. During the process of rubbing warm fat on the skin of the chest and back, the pores open and the process of abundant heat transfer begins. This method is also useful for those who suffer from pain in the limbs and joints.

Lamb fat is a unique product that combines a huge number of useful properties and purposes, therefore, eating it, we not only saturate the body with the necessary trace elements, but also do not give in undesirable factors in the future. but they don’t approve of such an alternative treatment method, but it’s not officially forbidden either. Naturally, you can maintain your health with the help of traditional medicine, but the main thing is not to overdo it.  Continuation of the article …

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