Sheep Sheepfold Construction

Anyone who wants to raise sheep should seriously consider building a warm, isolated room. In fact, the answer to the question of how to build a shepherd for your cattle is simple: it is enough to know the features of sheep husbandry, draw up a work plan, and choose the right materials. The sheep’s shepherd must be warm, drafts are not allowed, especially if the herd will include small sheep.

Orthodox village Poteryaevka. 05/27/2015. Nikita.Sheepdog
Cossack Farm Ecofarm. Our Shepherd is spacious. There is room to grow.
Building a new shepherd
Sheepfold device STEP 0 +

When constructing a shepherd, you need to consider all issues, because ensuring comfortable conditions is the key to the health of the offspring and adults . For clarity, it is advisable to use photos and drawings during construction.

The more gentle the care of livestock, the better the wool and milk, and this will turn into a profit.

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