How to choose the best names and nicknames for kids

They should know that children should be wise in their approach to the question of nicknames. There are various recommendations from experienced pastoralists on how to name a goat.

  1. Name Criteria for Children
  2. Human names for goats.
  3. Season as a criterion for choosing a name
  4. Goat-related names
  5. Choosing a nickname by the nature of the baby
  6. Other nickname selection criteria
  7. The influence of the number of children in the litter on the choice of names
  8. Names of animals in large livestock farms

Every kid needs a nickname

Every kid needs a nickname

The appearance of young animals on a goat farm is always a joyful event. But, like all children, young children require a lot of attention. Not the least of all fears is the choice of the name of the animal.

Name Criteria for Children

First of all, you need to decide whether to leave the child for fattening or plan to kill him with milk. In the second case, you do not need to give nicknames, as you can name a goat or choose a name for the children if they go to the barbecue. The man is so arranged that he naturally gets used to and becomes attached to his pets. The named animal is already perceived as a member of the family, and therefore psychological problems may arise with the consumption of meat of such a cloven-hoofed animal.

List of basic criteria if a nickname for a young goat is selected:

  • breed of the animal and appearance;
  • temporary lambing season;
  • the number of cubs per litter.

Many goat owners believe that a well-chosen nickname can affect the taste of meat and milk. This belief has a scientific explanation. A cow or a goat is largely guided not by the phrases awarded to the animal, but by the intonation of a person. A farmer will pronounce a good nickname affectionately, which will allow artiodactyls to relax and eat well. Milk in these animals, as a rule, has a pleasant taste and is rich in nutrients. A coarse goat nickname, pronounced with a sharp intonation, puts the animal under stress, because of which it can stop eating. In this situation, the milk of the animal may become watery, and in some cases even a chasm. That is why experienced cattle breeders caress the cloven-hoofed animals before milking, and then thank them with warm words and delicious food. Such simple actions have a pet for a person.

A kid’s nickname should not contain a lot of growling or hissing sounds, diminutive and affectionate names in use. Do not rename the artiodactyls – goats quickly get used to their nicknames and can be confusing. It is desirable that it be voiced, in this case it is easier to call the animal from a walk.

Human names for goats

If you plan to fatten a kid, first you need to know whether this is a boy or a girl. And proceed from the general principles for selecting nicknames. In this regard, it makes little difference whether you come up with a name for a cow, goat or puppy. There is no particular or ideal combination of sounds, although they are horned by a rather subtle hearing. It’s best if the nickname for the kid is monosyllabic or two-syllable, so that it’s easier for the animal to remember, and it’s easier for you to pronounce.

Try not to give the goats human nicknames. There may be people with the same name in your environment that can cause confusion and conflict. Exceptions are perhaps the names of famous historical figures. It is unlikely that in your life you will meet a person of someone Bonaparte and his abridged version of Bonnie.

Local human names are given only in the case of a stable tradition in a particular region and such nicknames are always diminutive. An animal is never called a person’s full name for ethical reasons.

Season as criteria for selecting a name

The goat’s okotka usually occurs from February to August. Accordingly, names for farm goats can be associated with a month, a season, or as variations on a theme.

Then the nicknames for kid boys would be a list like this:

  • March;
  • Snow;
  • Jul;
  • May;
  • August;
  • Sun;
  • Warm;
  • Rain;
  • Day.

A nickname for a goat can be:

  • Marta;
  • Mike;
  • Leta;
  • Spring;
  • Branch;
  • Cloud;
  • Grass.

Often artiodactyls are called not only after date of birth, but also of some natural phenomena associated with this date or the appearance of the animal: Shadow, Snowball, Rain, Light, Haze.

Sometimes the place where the pet was born becomes the selection criterion c. So the names Amur, Irtysh, Onega or Volzhanka appear. There is a belief that if a goat is named after a full-flowing river, then it will produce more milk. That is why you can meet a goat with the names Volga or Dunya (short for the name of the Danube River).

Names associated with the appearance of a goat

Sometimes the nickname of a kid directly depends on the external a cloven-hoofed species or breed. Young growth can be white, gray, red, black and spotted. Depending on their exterior, good nicknames for a goat are Squirrel, Night, Beja, Corey, Bagheera, Jackdaw. And the name for the goat is: Tsvetik, Gypsy, Gray, Brown, Belyak, Snow.

Besides a common goat, a kid can also have some peculiarity, for example a tie on the neck, a dark spot around the eye or a particular breed .Then the Spot, Bow, Nose, Tail, Push, Eared will be a suitable nickname for the kid.

The weight characteristics of the animal play not the last place. Often the nickname for a large kid is characterized by its external parameters:

  • Giant;
  • Champion;
  • Fortified.

Small or decorative breeds can also be given similar names for goats:

  • Masya;
  • Kid;
  • Krosh.

Matching a nickname according to the character of the kid

Goats respond to their nickname

Goats respond to their nickname

If you do not know what to name the young goat, then choose her name in accordance with the character. However, this should be done very carefully. It is better not to provoke the animal to inappropriate behavior by the names of trouble, grief, frivolity, bodun, dodger, theft, plague. It is difficult to explain, without going into mysticism, how the kids nicknames are associated with their behavior, but, nevertheless, such a connection was noted by the owners. So, choosing nicknames of goats, try to come up with a nickname with a positive or neutral connotation.

Such names for goats are well suited:

  • Kras;
  • Stoyan;
  • Baron;
  • Quiet;
  • King;
  • Sultan.

A nickname for a goat is a list of names:

  • Weasel;
  • Mila;
  • Nezha;
  • Nada;
  • Dana;
  • Beloved;
  • Zhdana;
  • Beauty.

It is worth remembering that an animal no less than a person reacts not just to his nickname but how much to the tone and voice of the owner. If you want to praise a pet for milk, talk to her affectionately, it’s not just a nickname of a goat, but a diminutive affectionate nickname.

If the owner wants to threaten a mischievous pet, the name must be pronounced in a strict voice. Over time, you will notice that your pet understands you perfectly, only by the tone of your voice and the sound of your name.

Other criteria for selecting a nickname

Names are quite suitable for kids in foreign languages, such as:

  • Big;
  • Love;
  • Stone;
  • Hope;
  • Milk;
  • Gray;
  • Welkam;
  • Time;
  • High;
  • Knight ;
  • Bai;
  • White.

Conveniently, these kids names are absolutely neutral, and they can be adapted for both boys and girls. Sometimes girls are called simply by numbers. So in the southern regions you can hear the horny name: Two, Three, Five, or just Tsyferka.

Name affects character

The name affects the character

Individual the line can be made the names of the heroes of books, films, cartoons, legends or something related to them:

  • Hatter;
  • Santa;
  • Fudge;
  • Troll;
  • Elf;
  • Shire;
  • York;
  • Malvasia;
  • Forest.

Sometimes an animal of one genus is given the name of another genus as a nickname. Here are some examples of what to name a kid: Cat, Fish, Bird, Hedgehog. Sometimes such a name identifies an animal with an antagonist in wildlife or folklore. For example, a goat named Wolf or Leo. Or the size can be contrasted: a goat named Fly or a goat named Elephant

Sometimes the name of a kid is chosen according to taste. So you can say about the nicknames that give, based on everything related to food:

  • Bun;
  • Bagel;
  • Krajushka;
  • Waffle;
  • Puff;
  • Loaf;
  • Tiny.

Most often such nicknames for farmers animal goat, choose if horned for meat, in order to improve the taste of artiodactyls. By the way, an interesting fact from psychologists, here, as it turned out, the rule works: “As you call a ship, it will sail!” That is, sometimes the development, growth, and even the nature of the animal adapts to its nickname.

Having called the goat, Demon or Demon, do not be surprised if he is pugnacious.And if you gave the name to the goat Princess, then you can expect mannered behavior, and sometimes severe moodiness.

Influences the number of kids in the litter on the choice of names

If your the pet brings the kids constantly, from year to year, in order not to get confused in the litters, you can call each of them according to some system.

For example, there are beautiful names of kids, data:

  1. Alphabetically: Alpha (the so-called strong goats of boys), Alga, Brest, Bark, Volya, Van, Gel, Gasya, Dred, Dag, Yele, Yenik, Zhilya. Beetle.
  2. By the name of stars or constellations: Gamal, Shirotan, Aldebaran, Castor, Pollux, Regulus, Zosma, Zuben, Ras, Khan, Subic, Spica
  3. By notes: House, Dora, Dol; Rem, Paradise, Rug; Mina, Peace, Mile; Fanya, Fai, Pharaoh; Salt, Juice, Owl; Lyamur, Lyasha, Lyarik; Blue, Syrup, Strength; Nona, Nota, Nolik.

To track producers and avoid inbreeding, names can be given using the first letter of the father’s name and the last letter of the mother’s name. Remember that the goat has a highly developed organism, so you should avoid related mating. This can result in severe genetic disorders in the offspring that cannot be treated.

Animal nicknames in large cattle farms

All of the above nicknames for kids are suitable for either small farms, or for animals that are pets.Currently, there are dwarf goat breeds that are kept in the house like dogs or cats.

In large farms with a large number of cattle, nicknames are not given. Since it is impossible to mention all the goats by appearance. In such cases, it is appropriate to chip young animals, they also use tags, collars or branding animals with liquid nitrogen.

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Animal nicknames and piety

Tags are usually hung on the goat’s ear. Chipping is performed using a microchip, which is inserted under the skin. An appropriate device is required to read the data. Such chips allow you to store all the necessary information for zootechnical registration: vaccination calendars, feeding options, weight gain and pedigree tracking.

With more cattle, this method has proven itself. Although it is considered quite expensive. Chipping also helps to locate the animal that has strayed from the herd, which reduces the loss of goats during walking.

So, to give the goat the correct name, you must adhere to certain criteria. The name for the goats is best chosen based on the purpose of the animals. The name of the goats most often bears a courageous coloring, artiodactyls from childhood should feel like a leader. The kids can be named according to external features, in accordance with the date of birth or based on the nature of the parents. Animals are not called full human names or nicknames that carry negative energy.

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