Wormwood and cloves from parasites

Medicinal herbs are often used in the fight against parasitic infections in children and adults. Wormwood and cloves are popular in the treatment of helminthic invasions. The substances contained in these herbs destroy and drive away more than 10 varieties of helminths that parasitize the human intestines.

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  2. Chernobylnika
  3. Tansy <
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  5. Parasite control rules
  6. Infusion of bitter wormwood
  7. Russian triad recipe
  8. Recipe with tansy and wormwood
  9. Means for children
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Полынь и гвоздика от паразитов

Wormwood and clove from parasites

Medicinal properties of plants

Treatment of helminthic invasion if properly m the choice of drugs is not a difficult problem. Today, on the shelves of pharmacies there are a large number of synthetic anthelmintic drugs and collections of medicinal plants.

The most recognized among the people were Chernobyl, cloves and tansy. These plants have universal therapeutic properties, they are unique by their chemical composition they are also used as the main effective remedy for parasitic infections.


The most common medicinal plant in Russia and en CIS. Its feature is a bitter aftertaste and pungent odor. Composition:

  • tannins;
  • essential oils;
  • lignans and saponins;
  • artemisin;
  • thujone.

Due to this unique composition, the use of Chernobyl will be effective in combating parasites both when used internally and with enemas.

This herb effectively copes with chain and bull tapeworm, with roundworms, lamblia, etc.


Tansy is less known for its anthelmintic properties. It is strong as an antimicrobial agent, inhibits the spread of infection in the body, effectively removes toxins and toxins.

Due to the high concentration in the thujone, the use of tansy has a paralytic effect on helminths. The main thing is to adhere to the dosage, because careless use of such herbs in treatment can harm human health. Side effects from the use of tansy: nausea, vomiting, indigestion, headaches, fever, etc.


Clove is universal in application. This spice is known in cooking, and is often used in folk medicine as an antiseptic. It has the following effects:

  • carminative;
  • painkiller;
  • wound healing;
  • fungicidal.

It quickly and effectively kills and removes helminths from the intestines, and also exterminates the simplest parasites.

Parasite control rules

Лекарство с экстрактом полыни можно купить в аптеке

A medicine with wormwood extract can be bought at a pharmacy

Treatment of helminthic invasion should be comprehensive. Doctors often use anthelmintic drugs, sorbents, probiotics, etc. in therapy. Purification of the body is carried out by sorbents of a pharmacy type or alternative means – linseed or pumpkin oil. After cleaning, doctors prescribe anthelmintic drugs or replace them with traditional recipes with wormwood, tansy and cloves.

Such herbs are used not only in traditional medicine. There are also pharmaceutical antiparasitic preparations with an extract of medicinal plants. A tool called Helmavitol is popular. This is an antiparasitic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory drug, the active substances of which are extracts of milk thistle, wormwood, tansy and garlic. The medicine has a minimum number of contraindications and is used in the treatment of helminthic infestations in both children and adults.

Bitter wormwood infusion

The wormwood infusion used for cleaning is popular. organism. It is indicated both for oral administration and for enemas.

Use the crushed leaves of the plant, which are bought in a pharmacy, to prepare the medicine. The procedure for preparing the infusion:

  1. Pour 1 liter of water into the enameled container.
  2. They put on a stove and bring the liquid to a boil.
  3. Pour water into a thermos.
  4. Throw 1 teaspoon into a thermos. herbs.
  5. The tool is insisted for 3-4 hours, filtered.

Treatment of helminthic infestation requires proportions. Apply the prepared infusion of 30-40 g 2 times a day. Enema is done with the same frequency.

Russian triad recipe

Russian triad is used in dry form. It helps to get rid of worms parasitizing in the intestines, as well as liver parasites. Wormwood, tansy and cloves are mixed in a ratio of 4: 1: 2.

Apply it inside, washed down with water. Features of the use of Russian triad:

  • 1 day – 2 g of dry mixture per day before meals.
  • 2 days – 2 g of mixture 2 times a day before meals.
  • 3-7 day – 2 g of triad 3 times a day.

After a week’s intake, take a break for 14 days, and then conduct a second course of anthelmintic therapy.

For the prevention of parasitic infections, such a drug should be used 3 servings per week.

Recipe with tansy and wormwood

Лекарство поможет избавиться от паразитов

The medicine will help get rid of the parasite in

Also popular prescription drug mixture consisting of tansy and Artemisia. It allows you to quickly and effectively remove worms from the body. The main thing is to observe the proportions.The mixture is prepared simply: mix 2 tsp. chopped tansy and 1 tsp. wormwood. Features of admission:

  • 1 day – 2 g of the mixture before meals with liquid.
  • 2 day – 2 doses of 2 g of the mixture.
  • 3-7 day – 3 doses of 2 g of the mixture before meals.

The treatment is carried out for 7 days. If you experience nausea, vomiting, or other side effects, you should consult a doctor.

Means for children

Recipes with wormwood to cleanse the body of worms are not prescribed for children. Use only cloves against helminthic infestation, which is characterized by a mild effect on the body. In the treatment of using a plant, powdered. Take it 2 times a day for 1 tsp. before eating. The course of admission is 14 days. If the condition worsens, side effects are consulted by a doctor.


Cloves and wormwood leaves, like tansy, have contraindications for use. Therefore, before starting treatment, it is important to consult a doctor.

It is forbidden to cleanse the body with medicinal herbs for children under 5 years of age, as well as for pregnant and lactating women. The use of a mixture of herbs is also contraindicated for such people:

  • with liver and kidney failure;
  • with diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • for women during menstruation;
  • for any chronic pathologies during the period of their exacerbation.

In case of an overdose, side effects appear: nausea and vomiting, increased pressure, cramps and fainting.


Tansy, cloves and wormwood have anthelmintic and antibacterial properties. Their use contributes to the quick and effective cleaning and normalization of the general condition of the patient. With the choice of means there will be no problems. There are a large number of recipes for traditional medicine that are suitable not only for adults but also for children.

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