How to lure a goose correctly

Before the next hunting season, hunters begin to stock up on ammunition, profiles and camouflage equipment. But this is not enough for hunting geese. It is necessary to lure the bird to the ambush site. Today in any hunting store you can find many electronic decoys, but their use in our country is prohibited. Allowed to use only a wind decoy, but how to lure a goose with its help is a question that should be examined in detail.

  1. What is decoy
  2. Work Specifics
  3. A little about geese
  4. Description of the process of blowing air from the device
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Как манить гуся

How to lure a goose

What is a decoy

There is a special college of manna sport hunting in America. She imitates the cries of a wild goose and ducks quite distantly. But due to the fact that bird communication is very diverse, birds respond to the call of sports manna. There is no such school in the Russian Federation, respectively, there are no people with a good education in this area either.

To date, American decoys remain the best among those on the world market. Hunting device developers can literally control wild birds. As a rule, manufacturers of Russian and American decoys attach a disc with a step-by-step video to their product: “How to use decoy on a goose.” quite a challenge. His work is significantly different from decoy on a duck.It is a linguistic musical instrument, so its use requires some skills and experience. It functions in two tones: low and high.

The frequency in any of them will be changed by strengthening or weakening the force of the air flow passing through the decoy. You should hold it with your thumb and forefinger for the horn, similar to duck. The three remaining fingers will cover and open the desired holes. To learn how to properly attract a wild goose, you should follow these recommendations:

  1. You do not need to puff out your cheeks when you blow into mann, you need to work with your stomach here.
  2. By releasing a small stream of air, we get a low an octave. Anser geese are most often attracted by such a timbre.
  3. If you get a low timbre and start to force the air flow abruptly, you get a transition to a higher octave.
  4. It is possible to achieve various shades of sound on both octaves.
  5. The highest sounds are achieved by completely closing the semolina with your hand and passing a large amount of air through it.

A bit about geese

The ancestor of domesticated representatives of the goose genus are considered the gray goose, respectively, and its gagging is similar to that of the geese in the tree Viennese courtyards. For the most part, his communication is in the low octave and only in the rarest cases does it switch to high. There is no particular ordering in the sounds.Mann adapted to gray will act in the same way on the goose goose.

The sound frequencies of the goose goose obey certain laws, especially when the bird flies. Systematic jerky sounds are heard in low timbre, and double high in high timbre. High-fidelity simulation is used to lure flocks of flying flying to profiles and stuffed animals. When the flock flew close, you should switch to the lower octave.

For a large white-fronted goose on manna, you need to set a higher key than on the previous 2 representatives. In the high timbre of a white-fronted goose, sometimes you can hear the sounds of a squeak, but not so gentle. An approaching flock makes a cacophony of various sounds in high and low tones.

In general, working with decoy for luring any kind of geese includes the following rules:

  • high timbre for far-flying birds;
  • when the birds pay attention and try to fly up, it is necessary to gradually reduce the sound intensity.

Description of the process of blowing air from the device

Take the decoy with your thumb and forefinger at the end of the hearth. Put on the lower lip and make a few short, rather sharp, but not very strong exhalations. To learn how to use the device correctly, you need to breathe in, gently pull in your stomach and tighten your abs, then briefly exhale the air in the decoy.

To get the clacking characteristic of the white-fronted geese, the free fingers need to be squeezed slightly so that the palm becomes a continuation of the decoy. The palm of the second hand must be brought to the device at such a distance that it begins to work in 2 keys. To simulate the sound of the voice of a feeding goose, you need to make short exhalations with the addition of any sound, for example, often exhaling to pronounce the sound “y” each time.

Learning to entice a goose in 15 minutes
Manim whitefin. Goose hunting. Work with mank
How to lure a goose.How to use the white-fronted goose decoy

The tone is easily adjustable with your fingers. A characteristic clanging sound is obtained only if there is an obstacle in the path of the exhaust air. Then it is reflected and again returns inside the device. It is important that the decoy is not contaminated during operation. Dirt can reduce the effectiveness of the fixture.

When using the semolina in cold, damp weather, condensation will inevitably accumulate inside the membrane between the membrane and the whiteboard, which will cause the membrane to stick. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to regularly purge the device from the back. If sticking does occur, you need to insert inside any piece of paper rolled up in a tube and pass it through the decoy.


Unfortunately, it is forbidden to use powerful electric tanks on the territory of our country, therefore, any hunter must learn to use the wind decoy and use the sleeve on time. Using this tool is a whole art. However, if you learn to control it, then all that is required for a successful hunt is an accurate shot. Depending on how we learn to manage the decoy, the quality and quantity of birds shot depends.

Decoy is almost a musical instrument, so its use requires some skills.Its adjustment is affected not only by the position of the membrane, but also by the pressure force of the locking wedges. Each hunt will end in rich prey if you learn how to manage your semolina properly.

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