Features of the Kuban geese

The Kuban geese are a large poultry breed known since the late sixties of the twentieth century. Its main advantage is unsurpassed egg laying. Actually, this was the goal of the staff of the poultry department of the Kuban Agricultural Institute, engaged in the breeding of a new breed by crossing Gorky geese with Chinese ones. “yaCounter45160368.reachGoal (‘sood’); “>

  1. Characteristics of the exterior of the Kuban geese
  2. Description of biological characteristics
  3. Conditions for keeping geese
  4. Use on the farm

Кубанские гуси

Kuban geese

In goose breeding, the breeds are divided into three groups: heavy meat, medium decorative and light egg. The considered type of geese belongs to the third group.

Characteristics of the exterior of the Kuban geese

Among the relatives this bird it is distinguished by the special position of the chest: it is slightly elevated. When viewed from the side, the shape of the body is similar to a boat. The neck is long, curved. The head is large, a cone is at the base of the dark beak. The legs are medium in size, the legs are dark in color.

The plumage is grayish-brown. In the photo on the Internet you can see that on the head and neck of the feathery there is a dark brown stripe. The description of this bird is proposed below, so you can make sure that this is an amazing instance. By the way, the disadvantages of geese of the proposed breed include skin color and plumage to the detriment of carcass quality.

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Description of biological characteristics

This breed shows record numbers for the number of laid eggs for the year: up to 100 pieces. The average is 75-90 eggs from one female.Moreover, egg production begins after reaching the age of 7 months, while the old geese give an increasing number of eggs every year. The egg is large, light milk in color, the shell is strong, thick, can withstand minor blows, the weight of one piece is about 150 g. Eggs are collected daily, and the presence of nests is optional.

Geese hatch masonry closer to autumn, starting in the middle summers. Only about 60% of the birds perch on the nest. These geese have a certain order in the order of production of offspring. The first to sit the eggs are the old geese, then the young ones. If you separate the young from the herd, you can move the dates and get the chicks earlier.

The Kuban breed of geese is characterized by the rapid growth of young animals. Chicks at the age of 3 months reach a weight of 3.5 kg – this can be clearly seen by reading the photo. An adult male can have a live weight of about 6 kg, a female – 5. Several males are allowed in a herd. The male is taller. These geese are also valued for longevity. Kuban gray geese can live up to 20 years. Good reviews from the breeders are explained by:

  • the high hatchability of the Kuban goslings (75-85%);
  • the good preservation of young animals (up to 90%);
  • fast the onset of large egg production of females (210-240 days).

Conditions for keeping geese

Domestic geese are always welcome birds on the farm. Kuban breed is characterized by unpretentiousness in the care and feeding.These birds get along well with neighbors in the house, they are non-aggressive, calm in behavior. The reviews are the most positive: the birds are weather-resistant, productive, undemanding to feed.

You can learn how to build a shed for a bird from a video on the Internet. The content of geese is to change the litter, otherwise various diseases will begin. Ventilation is also required. The main food available on pastures in summer is green crops plus vegetable waste with a small amount of animal feed and clean water. As a drinking bowl, you can use buckets, troughs. There should be enough water, especially in hot weather. Sawdust, shavings, straw, peat can serve as material for litter. In the summer you can use sand. About 40 kg of litter per year must be prepared for one goose.

Farm Use

The Kuban breed of geese is of great benefit to humans. Used on the farm and fluff, and feather, and, most importantly, delicious poultry. Kuban geese have thick down and dense feather cover. Fluff, which has low hygroscopicity, is mainly used to make pillows. They are obtained in excellent quality: they do not stray, do not dry out, remain light and soft for many years.

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Goose meat has an excellent taste. The fat of this bird contains almost no cholesterol; it is used in medicine and pharmacology. Goose liver is a well-known delicacy, a delicious paste is prepared from it.However, if the main goal of the poultry breeder is large egg production and good hatchability, then Kuban geese are the best choice.

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