What causes diarrhea in goslings and how to treat it

A frequent occurrence in the farm, goslings diarrhea, requires special attention from the person. White diarrhea or stool with dark clots can indicate serious infectious and contagious diseases.

  1. Common symptoms of goose diarrhea
  2. Causes of diarrhea in small goslings
  3. Methods of treating diarrhea in goslings
  4. Treatment of goslings at home
  5. Prevention of diarrhea in goslings
  6. Conclusion

Понос у гусят

Goslings diarrhea

If the goslings are poorly emptied with loose stools for several days in a row , the farmer should review the conditions of the young and consult a veterinarian, which will quickly lead to dehydration for three days, resulting in a fatal outcome.

Common symptoms of diarrhea in goslings

Stool disorder in goslings has several common causes. For small goslings, white diarrhea and dark stools can be caused by internal and external factors Domesticated birds are entirely dependent on the nutrition and water that the farmer brings. The first thing to look for the reason that diarrhea arose in goslings should be in the feeder and drinker. Young growth is keenly responsive to any changes in the environment.

There are many risks of loose stools for goslings with good and high-quality nutrition.

Infections and pathogens that can enter the body of the chicks are the causative agents of serious diseases.A loose stool that lasts several days is an alarming signal for a person. The immune system of small birds is not yet strong enough to withstand infections and bacteria, so goslings have diarrhea and other symptoms of bird diseases. It depends on the farmer’s actions whether the goose population will survive or the young will infect the rest of the poultry. Sometimes in the liquid feces blood veins are traced. The smell of diarrhea is unpleasant, even fetid. Along with diarrhea, goslings have a decreased appetite and fever. The birds constantly sleep, and when awake, they look weak and lethargic. It is not worth making premature conclusions, but it is simply necessary to observe the behavior of young animals.

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A frequent occurrence after white diarrhea in birds is the fall of young animals on their feet. Sick birds are doused with water, trying to reduce the fever, sometimes they fall on their backs and lie in this position. The treatment of the entire brood is the primary task of the farmer who is worried about the future of all birds on the farm.

Causes of diarrhea in small goslings

Gosyats are vilified, the question is why? Determining the root cause will allow you to start a quick and effective treatment of birds. If goslings are vilified for a long time in yellow or white, a person needs to call a veterinarian. The first and main cause of the disease in young animals is improper maintenance.Treatment of complications in birds, together with a change in living conditions, will allow the gosling’s stomach to work.

What factors lead to diarrhea in small geese? It is impossible to start treatment without determining the cause of the malaise of the bird. If diarrhea occurs, you should examine:

  • the feed that the bird eats every day;
  • water quality;
  • the condition of the drinkers and feeders;
  • soil and grass in places where young animals feed;
  • the territory where goslings live.

Such a bird should be treated with a balanced diet with vitamin and healthy supplements. Compound feed with cake and vegetable additives saves from white diarrhea. Treatment for white or dark diarrhea is carried out only after the primary cause of the weakness of the brood has been clarified. The factor how and how to treat small goslings from diarrhea will depend on what reason. Egg production and growth of young animals in the future depends on the health of young animals. Yellow diarrhea indicates a disturbance in the work of the gosling’s stomach.

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What is the purpose of treating goose youngsters? The cause of the disease will tell you how to solve the problem. Whatever the diagnosis, the farmer needs to be careful with the water and feed that makes up the young. The cause of white diarrhea or dark loose stools can give an overall picture of the disease, which can develop into an epidemic. How and how to treat diarrhea in goslings?

Methods for treating diarrhea in goslings

How can a bird be relieved?Caterpillar poisoning occurs against the background of malnutrition. The reason is simple: roughage or high salt content in complementary foods leads to constant loose stools in chicks. Bird infection can be prevented in one way: by observing cleanliness in bird feeders and cages. Goslings cause loose stools:

  • viral diseases;
  • parasitic disease;
  • salmonellosis;
  • infection.

It is not always possible to prevent a disease, so its treatment will require all attention and strength from the farmer. You can cure the bird at home without the involvement of specialists, but it is better for novice farmers not to risk the health of domestic birds. First aid can and should be provided from the first days of loose stool in young animals. It is not worth making hasty conclusions without a specialist, but every minute of delay can cost the farmer a brood.

The treatment of diarrhea in goslings begins with a change in food. A person should cook young potatoes. The goslings are fed root crops in a warm state. Starch in potatoes will help stop loose stools. With the help of such measures, complete dehydration of the bird can be avoided. If there is no potato at hand, feed chopped cabbage with bran to the bird. It is impossible to give such food for more than two days. Folk remedies are temporary measures that can stop, but not cure, loose stools.

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Treat goslings at home

How to treat small goslings for diarrhea?Thoughtlessly giving medicine to young animals is unreasonable and dangerous. Depending on the color of the stool, the bird may suffer from infection or poisoning. A disease that is improperly treated leads to the death of the entire poultry population. The required course of drug therapy can only be prescribed by a veterinarian. To give tobacco ash or bran should only be on the first day of diarrhea. Substances that spread liquid stool can do no less harm than the disease itself.

Liquid stool from hypothermia can be a minor problem. The warmed bird gets rid of the problem on its own within 3 days. To help the bird drink a weak potassium solution. The course of therapy does not extend, and if the general symptoms do not go away, in such cases it is necessary to seek help from a specialist.

The infectious nature of the disease causes the most severe reaction in the gosling. In the treatment of infection, potent broad-spectrum antibiotics are used. The necessary course is prescribed by specialists. A goose that has become infected quickly wanes. Together with antibiotics, the bird is fed with Sulfadimisene or Norsulfazole. Use potent remedies for more than 5 days is not worth it. The result of treatment will be visible from the first day of taking the medication.

Prevention of diarrhea in goslings

After treatment, goslings recover for a long time. The transferred disease harms the avian body and It’s always easier to prevent danger than to cure an infection or save young animals from food poisoning How to prevent the appearance of white diarrhea of ​​geese or yellow loose stools?

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The contents of a bird feeder are the key to its health. If a feathered bird brings an egg, meat and fluff to a person, then the farmer must respond with mutual care.


A balanced diet of young animals will strengthen immunity, and clean water will eliminate possible infection young infections.Dry foods with the addition of vitamin supplements and minerals will protect the bird from bacterial diseases. Green lure is diluted in the summer with compound feeds, and in winter the bird should provide dry grass. The organization of the farm will prevent epidemics and the mass death of livestock. To ensure the health of birds feasible for every experienced farmer or beginner.

If the little goslings blaspheme, what should I do? This is a question that worries a farmer of a large farm. Such a thing as loose stools is often found in young animals. The fragile organism of the chicks reacts sharply to a change in diet or spoiled food. Along with food poisoning, infection of young animals often occurs. Dangerous diseases and minor ailments require attention from the person.

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