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A fairly large number of people are engaged in farming, and poultry farming is one of its most popular areas. Among the most common birds in the household are geese. In the old days, geese were plucked by hand, only modern technologies do not stand still. Now the universal assistant in plucking birds is a feathering machine for geese.

Where to buy goose scavengers

It is best to purchase pickup machines in specialized stores. Such a move has a number of advantages. Firstly, such stores provide a guarantee of product quality. Secondly, at the slightest negative side, you can return the goods back and get your money back. Thirdly, on site you can check the quality of work.

Neither the online store nor a stranger can carry out all the necessary checks of the goods. An important factor is that in specialized stores you can buy additional nozzles that will help you process birds of different sizes.

How to pluck birds

Goose feathers are valuable. Butchering meat will never require as much attention as plucking geese, ducks, chickens or turkeys requires, because it is necessary not only not to leave foam in the carcass, but also not damage the feather itself. It is for this reason that experienced farmers set themselves one specific task. Initially, they begin to prioritize, which indicate the need for meat or the feather itself.

It is best to pluck the poultry with your own hands. This process is quite effective in terms of pen quality. That’s just it has a drawback. The most common is that it will take a lot of time, especially if you have a fairly large amount of living creature in the yard. It is in such situations that they use pen-picking machines for plucking geese.

Main characteristics of the machine

Pen-picking machines have been manufactured for many years. Their essence was that the laws of physics made it possible to carry out all work more efficiently and require minimal time. The drum is the most basic part of the device. Special materials were placed in the drum.This material is called “finger”, because it is a substitute for human hands. The main law of physics is the process of friction. The so-called fingers of the water by the influence of the physical process when you touch the bird begin to pull feathers out of it. If you still decide to do the job using a similar tool, you can not only increase productivity, but also save time.

Various nozzles increase productivity, because they allow you to process birds of different sizes. It is necessary to choose such nozzles that will last on the farm for a long time – it is extremely important to pay attention to their quality. Pick-up machines may differ in finger arrangement, size and power. The choice of sizes depends on how large the birds are in your household.

The process of plucking a bird

A pickup machine can pluck a bird based on certain rules.

  1. After the goose has been slaughtered, it is necessary to put the bird for several hours in a cool place so that the carcass is slightly cooled.
  2. Heat the water to a temperature warmer than room temperature. It is best if the temperature is 70-80 ° C: so the feathers are steamed better and will be better pulled out.
  3. Put the goose in the water for several minutes. The main thing here is not to overexpose the animal. Water should leak into all the feathers that are on the carcass.
  4. Turn on and warm up the device.It is important to ensure that all nozzles are in place. Now you can put the carcass of the animal in it.
  5. During the operation of the apparatus, pour boiling water over the geese.
  6. Remove the animal and rinse it. Turn off the device so that it cools down and rinse the nozzles from feathers. Now you can look carefully at the carcass and, if there are remnants of feathers, then remove them manually.

Owners of a small herd of geese, turkeys, chickens or ducks may not spend money on such equipment, it is quite possible to pinch a bird with your own hand. However, purchased equipment is also great for removing feathers from broiler chickens. The remaining fluff can actually be removed using a soldering iron or blowtorch. With a knife, you need to remove the remains of burnt fluff, after which the carcass needs to be washed in warm water.

It is not difficult to remove feathers with your own hands

In order to effectively remove plumage from chickens, geese, turkeys and ducks, it is necessary to prepare gauze or bandage and an iron. It is required to put a small piece of gauze or bandage on a piece of carcass. The rag must be wetted with warm water in advance. Place a hot iron on top and hold for several tens of seconds. After the site warms up very well, you can slowly remove the feathers. They should be removed without problems, as the skin of the animal will be well steamed.

Using this process, you can not only speed up the performance, but also damage the skin of the bird less.After all the manipulations are carried out, you should burn the rest of the fluff with a blowtorch and remove the charred areas. The animal carcass should be washed under warm water and left to dry.

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In no case should you throw out bird feathers, because they are so valuable that you can earn good money for them. There are special reception centers that handle feathers and fluff. A person tries to pluck very carefully, because not only the quality of the meat, but also the quality of the fluff depends on it. Even meat from which feathers are qualitatively removed (even with their own hands) will cost much more. Profit directly depends on personal efforts.

Hand-made product or purchased

A home appliance that was created by oneself can work well and smoothly. There is just no guarantee that this will last long, which cannot be said about the quality equipment purchased. On the Internet, videos about how to create a pen-removal apparatus are so widespread that even people who have never encountered such things can make it with their own hands. In these videos, the whole process is qualitatively and in detail indicated, and the creation of the device will not take much effort. The only thing required is the availability of all the necessary materials and knowledge in the field of welding.

If you are not an expert in this field, you can turn to a friend who will help you create the necessary device for help. It will be less expensive than buying a device in a store.

You should also choose the exact video that talks about the reliable device, because it is important to make sure that home-made cars will serve faithfully for more than one day.

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