How to make a goose feeder

The issue of breeding geese needs to be approached seriously and think over the details. In fact, everything is not so simple: there are many aspects that need to be taken into account. One of the important issues is feeding, the quality of which depends, among other things, on the feeding trough. Nowadays, there is more than one design on shelves in stores, but it’s much cheaper and more interesting to make do-it-yourself feeders for geese.

  1. Varieties of feeders
  2. Feeder for bulk mixes
  3. Feeder for wet food
  4. Feeder for goslings
  5. Drinking bowls
  6. To summarize

Кормушки для гусей своими руками

DIY goose feeders

Varieties of feeders

Main requirement to feeders – reliability and durability, as well as convenience and practicality.They are divided based on the purpose: for dry, wet and mineral feed. And with this they choose the material. For wet agitators, metal is suitable, and for dry agitators, wood.

The design for dry food should have a fastener that helps to place it on the wall: this saves space in the room. It is also important to calculate the capacity of the container : it should contain the daily rate of dry mixes. The situation is simpler with wet fodder: any metal vessel, even a basin, is suitable for the role of a feeder. The main thing is to remember that it is forbidden to pour milk feed in them.

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Goslings will need a separate container for mineral feed.

Feeder for bulk mixtures

How to make do-it-yourself feeder for domestic geese for bulk mixes?Getting started:

  • 2 wide and 2 narrow rails knock into a rectangular box;
  • 2 small rails and beat on the sides – make stubs;
  • stability designs add attached thin strips at the bottom of the caps, they will also act as legs;
  • nailed a round bar to the top of the side rails.

The advantage of this product is that the bird cannot get into it.

Wet food feeder

And which goose feeders can be made for wet food? People came up with a simple device from a plastic or galvanized pipe with a diameter of at least 25 cm.

The pipe is cut in half and welded sides. So 2 beautiful and strong feeders for geese from one pipe turn out, photos of which inspire and bribe with ease of execution.

Another method of manufacturing is suitable for those who have old tires lying around: it is enough to trim the top and the round feeder is ready. They put a bucket in the center and stop worrying about the scattered food: there will be no more problems.

Goslings feeder

And how to make a feeder for little goslings? For small goslings, any container will fit, but when the kids grow up, there will be a need to make a more complex structure. A box with a side height of 6 cm is knocked together from the boards. A rail of 14 cm is pinned to the sides: it will simplify the movement of the feeder. What are the advantages of this tray for goslings?

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  • Simplicity.Everyone can easily make a goose feeder on their own.
  • Helps protect young animals’ food from being scattered and contaminated.
  • Available for filling.
  • Perfectly copes with the main task – convenience feeding.

Drinking bowls

Proper care of poultry includes not only food but also water. For small goslings, a simple type of drinking bowl is used: water is poured into a jar, it is covered, for example, with an old frying pan, and turned over. The liquid will flow out only as it descends from the pan.

Adult birds make the same design of the drinking bowl, but with a larger size. Five liter plastic bottles are perfect. The principle is the same: they fill it, cover it with a basin with a wide bottom, turn it over.

The general operating requirements are set for all drinkers:

  • only clean water is allowed to be poured into them;
  • in winter, the drinker should not be frozen;
  • the water should not be cold;
  • the drinker should be small enough so that geese could not swim in it, especially in winter period;
  • from time to time should carry out disinfection;
  • it is necessary to control the presence of water and to prevent its absence.

Summing up um g

Any container intended for feeding geese should be selected in accordance with its intended use.Depending on whether grass, wet, dry or mineral dressing will be carried out, the type of container and the material from which it is made with its own hands will be selected. The goose feeder in the photo on the Internet will give a more accurate idea of ​​what it is.

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