The benefits and harms of goose down

Each of us, buying pillows, blankets and even such an item of clothing as a jacket, is most often interested in what kind of filler is used in the middle of each product. In such a case, it is important that it is warm, environmentally friendly and safe for the human body. Today there is a huge amount of fillers, but the most popular and often used is goose down.Let’s consider what properties and advantages this filler has and where it can be used.

  1. Goose down: properties and structure
  2. Goose or duck
  3. How to choose fluffy products
  4. How to properly care for fluffy products?

Гусиный пух

Goose Down

Goose down: properties and structure

When looking at goose down, answer the question what he is, can only relevant specialists ornithologists. Experienced experts will answer that each bird has a contour feather, under which there is a special kind of feather, which is called fluff. In the scientific literature, goose down is also called by other terms, but the warming ability does not depend on the name, but on other characteristics. Such a feature is that downy villi are able to hold air even in the smallest plexuses. Due to this, all down products are warm compared to other fillers, so goose down is the best filler for numerous products.

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If you look at a filler such as goose down, you can be sure that this is a natural material with excellent performance. Each property that is endowed with goose down is unique.

  1. Goose down has high thermal insulation characteristics. In cold weather, it is able to retain heat, and in the heat, on the contrary, it is slightly cool.
  2. High indicators of comfort, since birds such as geese make it possible to obtain soft material, which is subsequently used to create soft material touch of blankets, pillows and other products.
  3. Goose fluff has good hygroscopicity, which makes it possible to quickly absorb moisture.
  4. Geese provide an opportunity to get elastic and elastic goose down. Due to this, any pillow and other down products quickly take the form of the head or other part of the human body.
  5. This raw material is quite light, since about 10 million small fluffs fall on 1 kg of fluff.
  6. One of the important properties of goose down is the ability to be stored for many years. On average, goose down is kept in good condition for 5 years, so the production of such products is justified in this case.

If you do not know whether to choose goose down as the main filler, then in this case we should say with confidence what is needed, since it has a lot of advantages.

Goose or duck

Birds such as ducks and geese allow us to collect raw materials that are widely used in the manufacture of various outdoor clothing and other household items textile. Naturally, in this case, the natural question is whether duck or goose down is better? It is impossible to say 100% that duck material is much better than goose material. But you should definitely consider their main differences.

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Goose down in production is more affordable than duck analog. To obtain such material is obtained only if certain people simply collect it directly from the bird. In addition, comparing it with swan fluff, there is with confidence there is an opportunity to say that their characteristics are almost similar, only the price will be different. Goose down and its price will be affordable for everyone, which depends on the productive collection of down without harming the goose population. The most valuable today is the goose down, but this does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to other options.

If we consider the characteristics of the down obtained from geese and ducks, the second option is less preferred in in the event that it is used to create garments. The type of raw material obtained from ducks will be much smaller and tougher. In addition, it can gather in small lumps, moreover, it is not so warm compared to that obtained from geese.

How to choose the right down products

In the event that you decide to purchase jackets, pillows, blankets and other items with a similar filler, you must first carefully review each product before direct purchase. First you need to pay attention to a number of parameters:

  • the product should be light enough, but not heavy;
  • the product should emit a pleasant aroma: a bad smell will signal that the material was simply poorly washed before being put into production.
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Immediately after determining these factors, it is necessary to pick up the product, shake it and squeeze it. When implementing this process, approximately 50-70% of the product after compression should be instantly restored. In the event that no changes are observed, we can talk about poor-quality raw materials.

Collect natural goose down
Goose down
How to pinch a goose and collect fluff

No less important is the stage of probing the product. In this case, you need to carefully probe the entire surface of the jacket, blanket or other product for the presence of long feathers with sharp edges.They should not be, therefore, wondering how much the product costs using In this case, you need to pay attention to what characteristics are inherent in this material.For example, the manufacturer of down products kariguz offers high-quality products for reasonable money.

How to properly care for down products ?

First of all, after buying down products, you need to learn how to properly care for them. The main recommendations should include the following points:

  • It is necessary to ventilate and shake the items from the fluff as often as possible and only in the fresh air.
  • You need to wash such things as carefully as possible: for this process, it is advisable to use any liquid soap and after washing, it is mandatory to rinse, squeeze and shake things well.
  • In case the washing machine has a special mode for washing such products, this option can be safely used, and it is very important to carry out this process at a temperature of 40 ° C, but not higher.
  • So that this material is not subsequently exposed the process of decay, it cannot be stored in sufficiently humid x conditions.
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In keeping with the main recommendations to maintain a warm material, as down in the cellar. At the same time, one should not forget that geese enable us to obtain a unique type of raw material in its properties, widely used in modern production.

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