How to make a drinker for geese yourself

If you are a farmer who decides to get geese, you need to remember that this is a rather whimsical bird. The owner is obliged to create the most convenient conditions for his livestock. The bottom line is that these pets tolerate hunger more easily than thirst. For this reason, geese drinkers are an integral part of their life.

  1. Requirements for creating the device
  2. Device for goslings
  3. Nipple drinker
  4. Cheaper options

Поилки для гусей своими руками

DIY goose drinkers

The easiest way to solve the problem is to buy a drinker for geese. You just need to go to the store and choose one you like. It’s just very simple and uninteresting. It’s much more interesting to build a dozer for goslings with your own hands at home Firstly oh, it’s informative. And secondly, it will bring more pleasure than a regular quick purchase. In addition, you can save quite a large amount, because everything you need to create is easy to find at home. The tools at hand are best for making drinkers .

Requirements for creating the apparatus

If you decide to create drinkers for geese with your own hands, then several important factors must be taken into account.

  1. so that the water is clean. It is important to ensure that the water supply is constant.
  2. It is necessary to ensure that the water is not covered with ice in winter.
  3. The water temperature should be optimal, because low temperatures can cause to animal disease.
  4. Geese should not get wet while drinking water.
  5. The gosling bowl should be set so that the bird can drink water calmly. It is worth minimizing the number of queues and collisions.
  6. If you decide to make a drinker for goslings, then it must fit a certain age of the bird. That is, it is necessary that drinking bowls for small birds differ from the apparatus for adults.
  7. It is necessary to observe a constant pressure of water. Its absence can adversely affect the health of geese.
  8. Disinfect the feeder. Cleanliness must always be present.
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A device for geese

If you are wondering how to make a drinker for goslings, it is quite simple. You are obliged to prepare conical shaped dishes so that their height is at least 25 cm. Sometimes large cans are used, sometimes the advantage goes to the side of plastic bottles. The lower part of the device can be created from a conventional pan. It is enough to take the dish and fill it with water, cover it with the bottom and turn it over. The meaning of this apparatus is that water will automatically enter the pan.

Another way is to make a drinker for goslings. Here, the vessel must already be grooved. A great option – from plastic pipes. Most often, such a vessel is placed when the herd is quite large. If you decide to create a stream of water from a pipe, then this is not a big deal.But if your head was struck by the idea of ​​creating a device from a sheet of iron, then you need quite extensive skills, because you will have to make a sheet with a curved shape and weld joints so that liquid does not leak out.

The size of the main part directly depends on which age bird. For very small geese, the height should be less, but adults can be made taller, but the width should be greater.

The prepared part must be installed on the legs. They are racks. The height of the apparatus should depend on the growth of goslings. It is best to install in those places where the device cannot interfere with the goslings. Such places can serve as the corner parts of the corral. In principle, such a drinker is difficult to distinguish from the instruments of other animals. Doing it yourself is quite easy, so even those people who have never encountered such a field of activity can build devices, especially since there are a huge number of videos that can demonstrate the process.

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Nipple drinking bowl

A nipple drinking bowl is very rare, because its design is so complex that only craftsmen can create it. It is best used when the farm contains a large number of individuals. The advantage of such an apparatus is that it is quite economical in comparison with others.Such devices are the best, but the most expensive on the market, because for their manufacture you need not only a large number of materials, but also special knowledge and efforts. Not every person is able to make them with their own hands at home. To create a nipple drinker for ducks and geese, you must prepare a pipe with silencers, a nipple, pressure regulators, containers, drains and tools.

Holes must be made in the pipe, the number of which is equal to the number of nipples. With improvised tools, you need to make a place that will act as a drainage system. The protruding parts must be sealed with silencers. Now the device should be mounted in the place that you prepared for it in advance. You must pre-think about the location of the device so that it does not interfere with animal walks.

After the pipe has been fixed, you can install a nipple and water drainage. Make sure you have a sealant in advance. It is possible that it will have to be used in order to minimize the flow of water. A pressure regulator must be connected to the drain. There is another way that is less costly in terms of time and effort. To implement it, you only need the pipe, nipple and capacity.

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Cheaper options

There are options that rely on the use of plastic bottles, which are best suited for those who are going to make a do-it-yourself drinker at home and not buy materials for manufacture. Such devices are usually used by those owners who keep a small number of geese. Such people keep the household not for sale, but For yourself, that’s why geese don’t need such care.

If you are interested in how to make a product, there are quite a lot of videos on the Internet that show how to make a do-it-yourself drinker for your geese at home. Moreover, most of the training lessons are based on improvised materials. You do not have to spend money and buy materials in specialized stores.

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