What should be the feeding of goslings at home

Feeding the goslings at home conditions – an extremely important aspect in the maintenance of poultry. It depends on how well the caterpillar was fed, whether it can quickly gain mass (this is especially true for broilers). Also, the quality of feeding influences when the goose will bring the first offspring, how good and tasty the goose meat will be, whether the bird will be in demand if it is grown for sale.

Importance of wet food

How to feed a goose besides dry food and purchased compound feed for goslings? Wet food plays an important role goslings are fed in. However, when using them, you need to know that it can never be stored. Experienced poultry farmers already know how much you need a form for a certain number of birds. It is advisable that the chicks eat the mash mats in no more than half an hour, only in this case the food will not sour for sure.

If mold or foam appears on the stern, immediately discard the spoiled food. in case of spoiled feeds can provoke the development of disturbances in the digestive tract.

You should be afraid of too sticky consistency of the feed, as such food at home may cause the gosling to not be able to breathe on its own obstruction as a result of obstruction of the nasal passage. The ideal option is when, when rubbing the mixture, it scatters between the fingers. With such a check, it is worth starting each feeding.

Organization of a feeding place

After the chicks were born, you need to feed them using the feeders in the form of a baking sheet. Already on the second day, you can organize feeding in traditional troughs. There are many videos and photos that capture how you can organize space for a goose and a goose with geese. In parallel, you need to put a stationary container in which chalk, a small shell, as well as small pebbles – gravel are placed. Black ducks and many geese love this kind of food, they cannot be raised without such a food ingredient.

In addition, care must be taken to ensure that birds have constant access to water. As for young animals, for prophylaxis, you need to add a few drops of a weak solution of manganese to drinking water, this is called drinking, drinking or drinking. This should be done no more than 2-3 times a week. We must try to maintain the correct water level in the drinkers, so that the baby can calmly dip its beak into the water. If young animals can’t drink on their own, you will have to drink it up to a certain point.

It is recommended to switch to boiled potatoes after 20-25 days, i.e. closer to one month. In addition, at the same age, food wastes habitual for geese are allowed. The norm is considered substitution, which does not exceed 1/3 of the usual diet. When choosing root crops for poultry, carrots and beetweed should be preferred, since these vegetables contain many vitamins and are an inexpensive feed for poultry.

Care for goslings and the organization of feeding and keeping play a huge role in poultry rearing.It is necessary to try to provide young people with adequate care, to organize decent living conditions and to follow all the recommendations given above. Then it will be possible to grow a healthy livestock of birds, the growth of which will not stop. According to the rules, the livestock can glorify the owner’s name as a knowledgeable poultry farmer, after which you can record your own videos as a guide for the care of geese.

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