As evidenced by dreams in which geese dream

We have dreams almost every night, but, alas, in most cases, after a few hours after waking up, we forget 90% of what we see .

  1. Wangi’s dream book says
  2. What happened in the dream
  3. Geese nibble the grass
  4. Gnawed birds
  5. To steal and buy a goose
  6. What do the goslings dream of
  7. What do the dream books say about the killing of the goose
  8. Kill the bird in a dream

К чему снятся гуси

What the geese dream of

If you need to know what this or that dream is talking about, try to quickly open the dream book and to find out its interpretation.

It is impossible to determine exactly what the geese dream of without remembering a number of nuances important for interpreting the vision, for example:

  • color of the plumage of a bird,
  • manner of behavior of the protagonist of sleep,
  • number of birds,
  • your actions in relation to birds.

Dream of Wangi says

According to Wanga, if you I had a dream, where there are geese of any color and in any quantity, this is a sign of prosperity and prosperity. But modern dream books do not quite agree with this statement. In most cases, it is: geese are indeed a good omen, promising to receive unexpected wealth and good news, but sometimes these birds bring bad news.

So, if in a dream you went to graze a whole herd of proudly walking white birds, it means that those around you respect and revere, and soon this will certainly appear. And to see a goose dreaming of grass alone in a meadow in a dream means to expect success in scientific activity.

If lovers dreamed of flying wild geese, the modern dream book says that their feelings are mutual, so dreamers should take care of their soul mate, which they have, give her a lot of attention, hug and kiss her.

What is the color of the birds you see in a dream:

  • White geese are considered a symbol of unexpected wealth. Most likely, you will be awarded a prize in the service or, by accidentally buying a lottery ticket, you will break the jackpot. If a snow-white bird was lucky enough to see an unmarried woman or girl, she was soon destined to meet a wealthy gentleman holding a high status in society. The child has a white goose dreaming of the guests whom he has been waiting for a long time.
  • If you see gray geese, especially flying in the sky, it means that life lacks emotions. It’s time to change something dramatically in it, especially since the appearance of such a dream says that it is in our power to make each new day brighter and more exciting than the previous one.
  • But the black goose can lead to serious troubles, problems and family conflicts .

What happened in a dream

A goose sitting on your head says that a person who has a strong power over you, and get rid of other people’s influence on your own will not work. And if you pet a beautiful white bird, it means that soon, there will be a chance to pull the enemy to his side. Most likely, this person will come and say something like: “I’m tired of fighting against you, let’s live together.”

Have you decided to feed the goose in a dream? He will thank you by giving a happy family life. All your problems will be solved if you wanted to conceive a child for a long time, but it didn’t work out, in the near future there will be successful fertilization, and therefore replenishment in the family.

If you are still alone, see in a dream geese that you tried to catch all night, means that you will soon meet a soul mate and create a strong and friendly cell of society.

Geese gnaw grass If the birds from sleep went to pluck juicy grass in the meadow, soon a series of events in life will lead the dreamer to tremendous success. But for this, it’s not enough to look in the dream book about what the geese dream of, you need to try hard yourself, because sitting on the couch you will definitely not achieve anything. It’s time to start catching luck by the tail.

Randomly flying poultry is considered an unkind sign.According to Miller’s dream book, when you see flying ducks in a dream, you should expect problems that will cause severe feelings of depression, depression and longing. If on the contrary, you see wild swans soaring beautifully in the air, this indicates the prosperity of the business and the receipt of important news from abroad. According to Freud, if you dreamed about geese, it is always a new acquaintance.

Feeding a goose with your hands means speedy achievement of your tasks, provided that in real life you will be patient and prudent, without the use of physical force.

Having a dream about a goose and a goose peacefully walking in a clearing and cooing about something, for single men means a meeting with a beautiful flexible girl, at the sight of which you will immediately understand: “It was created especially for me” .

Gagot feathered

If during events, walking in a dream, you see how geese from the flock loudly rumble about something, sometimes making a hissing sound, this can be interpreted in different ways:

  • Some dream books believe that this is a sign of stability in affairs and improvement material well-being.
  • Others see this as an omen of imminent troubles at work.

You, of course, can choose for yourself any variant of interpretation that you dream of a flock of geese, which cackles in the meadow, but still, just in case, be prepared for any turn of events.

If in a dream a flock of flying birds landed and decided to swim in a pond, this is a favorable sign that promises cardinal changes in life. It’s very good if in this dream you started feeding floating birds, it means that you will soon find a solution to all problems and life will move to a new, higher level.

Geese behave aggressively in a dream, attack, attack, pinch and bite, it means that in real life there are ill-wishers weaving intrigues against you. But all their efforts will be in vain, so don’t even worry if you start to dream where the gander attacks you, even if it bites your leg hard.

Steal and buy a goose

Goose theft in a dream is interpreted differently, depending on who the performer is:

  • The bird was stolen by your close relatives or friends – expect a small financial reward;
  • You yourself have become a participant in the theft-a vision promises to soon make big profits.

Buying a bird is not very good. A goose bought in a dream, on the contrary, indicates that in reality you will part with a large amount of money, spending it on an unnecessarily expensive purchase. Listen to the warning from sleep and before you get your wallet, think whether the thing you are planning to buy is really useful in the future, if there are any cheaper analogues.

If you managed to convene the whole herd into a special pen, this is a great achievement that will help you to move up the career ladder without problems. So expect a promotion or proposal for a new very profitable project. In addition, collecting geese in a herd can mean acquiring real estate.

Reading the birds in a dream is always the news, it doesn’t matter whether they started to pick grass in front of your eyes or fly over you in the sky. Soon you will receive important news, but it will be good or bad, only time will tell. In many respects, it depends on what you will dream together with geese.

I had a dream, as you teased, running past a bird, and the gander gave you a response, get ready to meet a close friend whom you have not seen for a long time.

What do goslings dream of

Watch in a dream how hatched yellow ducklings appear in the nest of eggs and goslings, great happiness, this is considered a favorable sign. Hatching chicks indicate that all previously conceived successfully will be realized.

Л vit geese in the dream is also a good sign. For example, if in a dream you started to feed the chick, he pinched you, escaped from the hands and runs away, and you run after him, trying to catch it, it means your work in life will always bring satisfaction.

And if for several days in a row you have dreams about how little yellow chickens go to pluck grass in the meadow, wait for a lot of guests – they are almost at the doorstep, it’s time to buy refreshments, because you will need to have all of them something to feed

What the dream books say about the killing of a goose

According to Miller, a dead plucked goose, seen in a dream, portends near losses and disappointments, but do not rush to get upset as the compilers of this dream book say, all misfortunes will be short-lived and life will soon be settled.

To kill a feathered bird in a dream and begin to pinch it is interpreted differently, depending on how it happened:

  • If the dreamer, wondering what the goose was dreaming about, didn’t kill himself a bird, but simply witnessed this, for example, a flock of stray cats attacked it and one bite became fatal, which means you should not worry, it’s better to think about what to spend the large sum of money received on the inheritance.
  • If you wake up he begins to strangle the bird or decides to cut off its head, this is serious and it’s time to think about your m will, because a dream does not promise anything good.

How exactly it was decided to kill the bird, also says a lot. If a living goose has lost its head, your future life will be calm, measured and prosperous. If the bird was shot, a lean year is expected.

According to the English dream book, an unmarried woman, to see in a dream the geese that are being killed before her eyes, means that in life she will face the betrayal of her beloved and separation from him. A similar dream about geese comes to family ladies when they have a secret admirer from their close circle. Take a closer look, maybe this is fate.

Kill a bird in a dream

As you can see, killing a goose or a duck in a dream, oddly enough, is most often interpreted as an omen of the offensive favorable events. And what is a goose dreaming about if you had already dreamed of an initially dead bird?

  • If you decide to pluck a goose carcass, then using an esoteric dream book to pluck a goose means to get a lot of unnecessary things in real life and subsequently become disappointed with – for thoughtless waste of a large sum of money. The larger the plucked carcasses, the greater the waste. Such a dream will not be in vain, warned – it means armed, so try to avoid all sales for several months.
  • Eating a lot of fried goose meat means liver problems, in real life it’s better to refuse for a while from all fried and greasy. But in no case do not self-medicate until the doctor confirms the diagnosis, even if such a dream continues to dream day by day.
  • Independently fry a bird – quarrel with someone from the inner circle; to watch how someone else does this – to mediate in the reconciliation of old friends.
  • If you were born in the summer or in the last spring month, a dream where you enjoy the taste of perfectly prepared goose, means that Your life will be full of pleasant surprises and pleasures. Those who were fortunate enough to cook meat on their own will have an early meeting of guests.
  • Dream about eating a goose in people born in autumn, winter and early spring promises good health.

Simultaneously with the question of what the geese dream of, many are interested in what the goose eggs dream of. This dream is always a good interpretation. In general, any homemade eggs, even those that have taken down chickens, are a symbol of freshness, unrealized potential and the emergence of new ideas in the head. A goose egg can be seen as an omen of profit, any other financial gain, career growth, high position in the service.

Now you know what goslings and geese dream about in a dream book.

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