Is it possible to determine cattle body weight if the scales break

Is it possible to determine cattle body weight if the scales break

Finding the answer to the question of how to find out the weight of a bull without weights will not Become a cheated seller or buyer of meat.There are several ways to determine the body weight of cattle, having studied which, you can practically immediately deceive the deceivers into clean water, as well as easily determine the dose of medications suitable for your pet. Let’s quickly figure out how to find out the weight of cattle.

  1. Prerequisites for calculating body mass index
  2. Assistants in determining living cattle weights
  3. Methods for determining the body weight of cattle
  4. How to find out the weight of cattle from the tables
  5. Characteristics of fatness of cattle
  6. Calculation of body weight using the formula
  7. How to determine the weight of a live bull by girth

Как узнать вес КРС без весов

How to know the weight of cattle without weights

Prerequisites for calculating body mass index

There are several prerequisites for giving a detailed answer to the question of why determine the indicator in question . The first is an assessment of the health status of the offspring (which is why there are separate calf weight tables). The second is the possibility of obtaining a decent profit (the greater the mass of the animal, the higher the seller’s income).The third is the evaluation of cattle productivity (calf weight determination tables help identify a prolific younger generation). The fourth is to learn to make the right diet to maintain good health and increase the life expectancy of livestock.

For example, the weight of the circumference of a bull indicates its ability to continue the genus, therefore, it is not worth it to slaughter, although the demand for such an individual will be high, as well as the price.

The averaged cow body mass indices allow us to subdivide cattle into the following groups: selected (in the mid-ton area), first class (about 430 kg), second class (390 kg), third (slightly more than 300 kg). It is important to know that the value in question depends not only on the nutritional characteristics, but also on the livestock breed. For example, a white-porcelain male may be 750-800 kg.

A correctly studied and used table for determining the weight of cows can make a farmer a rich man. Do not agree? Get to know the peculiarities of setting the final body weight of the animal to change your mind.

Assistants in determining the live weight of cattle

Do not hide that one of the most loyal methods body weight estimation of large animals is a weighing procedure. Of course, the classic steelyards with which the kitchens of modern housewives are full, and even floor scales can not cope with the task.For this purpose, special measuring platforms with a large carrying capacity and a working surface are used.

But what if there is no way to purchase such a device, and it is problematic to organize transportation of a cow or young animals? How to determine cattle weight without relying on the eye? There is a solution: it is impossible to weigh, which means that it is necessary to use a measuring tape, which is also called a “centimeter”. But how to get an approximate indicator of body weight from measurements? Here come to the aid the cattle weight measurement table, the live cattle young live weight table and special formulas.

Methods for determining cattle body weight

If weighing gobies is problematic, then to find out the mass calf or cattle, it is enough to use the following methods:

  • classic version;
  • calculate body weight according to the formula;
  • use the determination of body weight by chest circumference.

Although the approaches have different names, they have one thing in common: in any case, it will be necessary to measure the body alive disagreeable. What is the difference between these options? Which one is better to choose? Find out soon.

How to find out the weight of cattle by the tables

So, to determine the weight of cattle by measurement, you will have to prepare a number of devices, which include:

  • piece of paper;
  • tape for measuring live weight of cattle (centimeter);
  • pencil or pen;
  • determinant of parameters (table for determining cattle weight).

Measurement of a living indicator by measurement is as follows:

  • Measure the circumference of the chest of a cow or a bull (in order not to get errors in size and correctly calculate the result of the circumference, you need to take measurements around the body from the edge of the scapula along the chest line). You can learn the specifics of performing this procedure when watching a video (you should learn how to determine the chest line in order to go a step in search of an answer to the question of how to find out the calf’s weight without weights).
  • Measure the oblique length of the body using a tape measure (tape measure from the place where the shoulder blades connect to the shoulder to the posterior protrusion of the sciatic tubercles, on the surface of the chest). Important: the tail is not taken into account.
  • The data obtained are correlated with the results that are known for determining the weight of young cattle (if the calf had to be measured) and just cattle (for a cow and large stock).

After studying such an unusual way to get the desired result, the question of how to find out the weight of a cow should stop worrying you.

Of course, the animal body mass index in this case will be approximate, but the method under consideration, which allows you to find out the weight of the calf and any other representative of livestock without weights, has been working for a long time and does not have any complaints. The only thing: the table for determining live weight of young cattle should always be at hand.

Characteristics of fatness of cattle

It should be noted that the cost of an animal is affected not only by the weight of cattle by measurements, but also the necessary indicator of the fatness of livestock, which can be determined by probing and examining the animal. Initially, fat (still in calves) begins to be deposited in the back of the body (in the tail, sciatic tubercles), then goes to the lower back, ribs and only then to the shoulder blades and neck. Such an additional examination can help isolate young animals from the herd without additional calculation.

For clarity, you will find a characteristic that makes it easy to determine the fatness of the animal.

First (highest)An individual with a noticeable relief, roundness, fleshy thighs and fat throughout the body, therefore, with good weight.
Second (medium)the angular shape is noticeable (this is a bulging shovel ka, ischial tubercles and tail), musculature is noticeable, but there is not enough circle of forms.Fat is located at the tail.

Looking at such an individual, you might think that it was slightly underfed.

ThirdWeak muscles of the animal, increased body angularity, flat hips, protruding shoulder blades and lack of fat. You won’t look at such a cow or a bull without tears, because it seems that the animal was starved.

From this it is clear that individuals of the highest demand will be in the first place categories, then the second, but they significantly reduce the price. As for calves, their fatness is determined by the same characteristics as cattle, therefore, three groups are also distinguished.

Calculation of body weight by the formula

If the table To determine the weight of young cattle, cattle is unavailable, it is permissible to use the old “grandfather” method – calculate according to the formula (according to measurements of living). For its implementation, you still have to use the measurement.

To understand how to determine the weight of a bull, you need to consider and remember the following instruction:

  • measure the circumference of the chest of a living representative (unit – centimeter) ;
  • we measure the oblique length of the body (it does not correspond to the growth of the animal);
  • we multiply the obtained indicators;
  • we divide the result by 100;
  • multiply by a factor of 2.5 (if you have a meat breed) and 3 (if you have a dairy).

The error in such calculations will not exceed 5%, therefore, the weight of cattle by measurements is calculated quite easily, and most importantly – competently and efficiently.

How determine the weight of a live bull by girth

There is another way to determine the weight of a bull by girth. This approach is most often used for small individuals – calves or heifers, as they are easier to keep in one place, and measure.

The method consists in measuring the circumference of the chest in the widest place. The result should be compared with the data indicated in the table of the weight of cattle by measurements (girths). For example, if the value on a centimeter or any measuring tape is 80 cm, then the mass of the animal is equal to 30 kg.

Naturally, these are average values, but all the materials used in the work have already been repeatedly checked. You want to make sure the proposed methods for measuring the weight of a cow according to the table, calf by girth, etc., are working, conduct an experiment.

As you can see from the review, there are several ways to determine the body weight of cattle:

  • The clearest one is to put it on the scales.
  • Optimal for calves – by chest circumference.
  • According to the tables – suitable for any cattle (currently there are recorded data even for pigs and wild boars).
  • According to the formula – with a lower percentage of flaws (suitable for any age of the animal).

What kind of Riant use?The answer to this question will depend only on the capabilities of the farmer or the person who wants to buy cattle in the market (with hands).

Tip: take measurements several times and select the average value (for example, determine the weight of the bull from the table, then calculate according to the formula). This recommendation is associated with the famous proverb: “Measure seven times – one cut.” Be careful – stop doubting the results.

Measuring the weight of cows and calves with a standard measuring tape
How much does a cow weigh. Measuring our cows using the tape
Watch the weight of the bull.

Now you can confidently say that you know how to know the weight of cattle from the tables, and the weight of the bull from the girth. Determining the weight of cattle in practice is not so difficult.

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