Causes of worms in gobies

Causes of worms in gobies


Unfortunately, any farm animal can easily catch parasites. When this happens, you need to be fully aware of what to do next in order to maintain the health of the animal. Worms in gobies, cows and calves are a fairly common phenomenon, the specificity of which any farmer should know. Since they are serious pests of the liver, they can adversely affect the metabolic processes in the body of the cow.

  • Alvet. The medicine is aimed at reducing the growth activity of parasites, at disturbing the nutrition process of helminths, at their further death. Treatment occurs orally through “absorption” and is well tolerated. You can’t drink the milk of the cow that consumed the drug for another 3 days, but it is suitable for other animals after preliminary boiling. It is forbidden to enter medicine without special uniforms.
  • Flubendazole. The treatment has the same mechanism as in the previous case, and helps to quickly cleanse the animal’s body.
  • Albendazole. An effective and popular suspension that destroys parasites, disrupting their metabolic process and inhibiting activity. Due to its low toxicity, the drug is not harmful to the animal at all, therefore it can be used in recommended doses without risk.
  • Tetramisole. A moderately toxic drug whose absorption comes from the intestines. Worms disappear in a day.The presence of a therapeutic effect is highly observed already an hour after administration.

For preventive measures, you must wait until spring or autumn, when the animal is transferred to another place of residence, you also need to monitor the regular treatment of the barn with special antiseptics and medications prescribed by the veterinarian. You should be aware of the possibility of various side effects that many medicines are famous for, therefore, when conducting prophylaxis for the first time, you should not forget about preliminary consultation with your doctor. “vd”>

Worms in cows
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Cattle. Treatment.

The presence of such a thorough and scrupulous approach to treatment for parasites is necessary, because the first stages of the disease often pass without a trace, but after the onset of the advanced phases can cause such a big blow to the cattle that it will be cured it’s difficult, and sometimes impossible.

A person should be treated with sick animals as carefully as possible and in a minimal amount, because some parasites are easily transmitted to people. e milk that was obtained from an infected cow is better to pour out, its use will only be harmful to health. In general, timely detection of a problem makes it easy to get rid of worms. The health of cows and calves is exclusively in the hands of the owner.

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