Who is called the heifer

Netel – what is it? This is the name of the heifer, which has never brought offspring. A heifer is called a cow until calving. Care and rearing of heifers is an extremely important moment in the prosperity of the farm. You need to take care of the proper development of the organs responsible for lactation, milk formation, muscle, bone, and normal metabolism.

  1. Features of the care of the heifer
  2. Carrying out a mating
  3. How to find out that a burenka is pregnant and to take birth
  4. How to choose a domestic cattle
  5. What to look for when selecting an animal
  6. The final part



Care features for a heifer

The main thing that will help to grow a healthy cow or heifer is a proper diet. a, cows are often susceptible to various diseases of the digestive, reproductive, cardiac, and other systems. From six months, the heifer should be fed with solid succulent feeds. Insemination of heifers is recommended for 18-19 months of life. After about 6 months, it is necessary to increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed for the necessary development of the mammary glands .

The duration of pregnancy is influenced by many factors:

  • specificity of care;
  • features of feeding;
  • individual characteristics of the animal;
  • breeds;
  • gender . Enka

Most inexperienced farmers believe that to grow heifer – it is absolutely not a difficult task.However, they are very mistaken, because in order for the heifer to bring good milk yield in the future, it is necessary to seriously approach the cultivation and care.

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Carrying out a mating

As already it was said that the female will be seeded only when she reaches a certain age. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the mass of heifers should be at least 400 kg. Only in this case, the animal can normal pregnancy and gain optimal weight. To avoid problems with metabolism as a result of obesity, after insemination, it is necessary to carefully monitor feeding. Disturbances in the body occur due to the fact that the stomach grows in size, preparing itself to receive large volumes of feed.

Only balanced feeds should be used to feed seeded heifers. Silo and concentrates should be excluded from the diet. The feed itself should be carefully checked for mold and mildew.

How to find out that a burenka is pregnant and to give birth

Pregnancy of heifers can be determined by behavior. Pregnancy will be indicated by such signs:

  • during grazing, a young calf behaves secretly, tries to hide;
  • labia and nipples swell;
  • there is a loss appetite;
  • the pelvis becomes wider, and milky yellow fluid is released from the nipples.

Directly, before calving, the heifer becomes restless, cannot find a place for itself.Frequent bowel movements are observed. These symptoms may appear for several hours. During the time that the contractions last, it is necessary to prepare the place for childbirth: lay an erased rag, pick up a few buckets of clean warm water. External genitalia need to be prepared by treating them with a warm solution of manganese.

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The first-calf will give birth for more than an hour. After calving, the cow is thoroughly washed and wiped dry. Young animals are left with their mother for 15-20 hours. Half an hour after calving, you need to drink warm water. The first month the calf is kept separately, especially if the birth took place in the cold season, in which case it should be taken to a warm room.

After 1.5 weeks, the cow begins to be fed more. Beets and concentrates should be added to the main feed. After calving, the cows are milked more carefully, always with a fist, and not with ordinary tweaks. Proper bedding is the key to good milk. Much depends on the proper nutrition of the animal during this period. A heifer can be of great benefit to any household, although you will have to try first.

How to choose your livestock

To choose the right cattle for your yard, you need to take into account the peculiarity each breed and rely on their preferences and needs.

  • Herefords – meat representatives of cattle. Gobies and heifers are highly regarded for their high-quality marbled beef and high meat yield for slaughter.Breeding bulls are often used to improve the quality of livestock.
  • Holstein individuals are famous for their high milk yield. They perfectly adapt to any climatic conditions, however, they need a large amount of specialized food, which flies into a penny to the owners. The initial milk yield is 6500 liters of milk per year.
  • The Simmental breed is referred to the meat and dairy direction. This representative is less demanding to care for. Its milk is more fat, but the milk yield is less than that of the Holstein people.
  • Representatives of the black-motley breed are the most common inhabitants on our lands. The species has earned popularity due to its endurance and excellent adaptability to any climatic conditions.
  • Ayrshire breed cows have a small physique, the color of their wool is red-motley. Such individuals are recognized as the most budgetary species, are more suitable for meat production.
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Buying heifers is a rather profitable business, which must be approached with all responsibility. Prices will depend on the pedigree data, the condition of the animal at the time of purchase. Many enterprises provide the widest selection of cattle, designed for any farmer.

What to look for when choosing an animal

If you decide to get a cow, the enterprise should begin with repair work. First you need to prepare a stall, equip it and calculate all the possible options.Many enterprises specialize in selling heifers and carefully monitor their cleanliness within the genus.

To select a cow, you need to pay attention to its external characteristics. The middle part of the body should be more massive, and muscle mass should have a not very pronounced relief. In particular, you should look at these qualities if a cow is bought for meat purposes.

The second thing you should pay attention to is the udder. It should be large in size, the skin should be elastic. Such parameters are the key to a good milk yield in the future.

First-calf. Netel. Preparation for the first calving .
Netel before calving
Signs of a dairy cow, who is better than a heifer, heifer or cow? // Personal experience // Spring 2017
Life in the village // Netel brought a little girl

The final part

Many people think that it is easy to grow a heifer, but it’s not so. . The main work, which requires proper cultivation – is compliance with the rules of care, feeding and walking the cattle, and to achieve excellence in this will have to spend more than one month

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Most interested in the question, how much heifer.. The price of cows is very different. Many farms are able to provide customers with goods that will meet their needs. The price will depend on the condition of the animal, pedigree, belonging to a meat or dairy species, the characteristics of care, etc.

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