Basic rules for mating cows

How to make a mating in cattle? This is an urgent issue, especially for beginner farmers. It is very important to have healthy and strong animals in the herd, and thanks to the planned mating, the appearance of weak and sick offspring can be prevented. It is important that the more calves are born, the better for farming.If only 1 calf is born per year, measures must be taken to increase the number of livestock, as this indicator is very low. In this article, we will examine in more detail how cows are mated.

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  1. How do I know if a young male is ready to mate?
  2. How to determine whether a horned can become a seedling
  3. How to understand that a cow is ready to mate
  4. How does the mating process
  5. How to understand whether a cow will have calving
  6. To summarize

Спаривание коров и быков

Mating cows and bulls

How to understand that a young male is ready for mating?

As a rule, an animal is considered sexually mature at the age of 8 months. In heifers, puberty lasts longer, the willingness to have offspring occurs 10 months of age.

  1. A young bull must gain at least 70% of the adult body weight before mating.
  2. It is recommended to test for the ability of the animal to give good offspring, since it provides an increase in the household.
  3. On the first mating, animals should not count on success: young animals may not start mating.But don’t worry, it’s better to try repeating the mating after a while.
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How to determine if a horned can become a seedling

This is a rather lengthy process, and often the bull himself does not live to see the quality of his sperm. If his daughters in relation to their peers at the same level have the same level of productivity, then the bull is neutral. In the case when the daughters of a bull on the farm have lower productivity than peers in the herd, then this is the reason for it – such a bull is not used for insemination, its sperm is disposed of. Well, if the daughters give a good offspring, it means that the bull receives the status of the inseminator, its sperm is frozen and stored for a long time.

How to understand that the cow is ready for mating

In order to give healthy calves, the cow must grow stronger, gain at least 70% of the main body weight and reach at least ten months of age. The first signs of readiness for mating are manifested when the heifer becomes excited and restless: loudly mumbles and jumps on the backs of other cows. The cow begins to discharge (estrus), which lasts from 2 to 5 days, at which time the animal eats poorly. During hunting, the animal’s vulva is slightly swollen, the inner surface of the lips is pinkish, hyperiminated, slightly mucous. A more accurate answer to the question whether a cow is hunting or not will be given by rectal examination.

How the cow hunts, you can clearly see the video on the Internet. Veterinarians do not recommend rushing offspring if the heifer is very young. It is better to wait until she gets stronger and gain strength, and only after that you can start mating, otherwise an early pregnancy is fraught with getting weak offspring. A cow can give little milk after calving.

How the mating process works

For farmland, insemination of heifers is the most important and responsible process. It is important to regularly mate cows with bulls, combining with artificial insemination to achieve high results. If livestock numbers are low, it is necessary to start breeding animals as early as possible. In this case, the timing of bearing the calves is taken into account. There are several different methods for mating animals.

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  1. First method: mating occurs during grazing. In this case, the bull is able to inseminate up to 40 females. Animals mate involuntarily. It is likely that the bull will not fertilize a sufficient number of females, this method does not allow to control the mating of cows with bulls.
  2. Second method: planned mating of cows. The method is more suitable in the case when you want to save breeding offspring, for example, if you have a dairy breed. It is important here to maintain the mating of the bulls. To obtain healthy and strong calves, a large bull-seeder of large breeds is selected.
  3. The third method: artificial insemination of the heifer, made by hand. A plastic sequin containing bull sperm is put on the tip of the syringe. A rubber cover is put on top so that the metal surface of the syringe does not come into contact with the genitals of the cow. A glove for rectal examinations is worn on the arm. The rectum is cleaned of bowel movements. It is also necessary to pre-massage the uterus, stimulate it. The syringe is carefully inserted into the vagina. You need to get into the hole – the entrance to the cervix, and then – into the body of the uterus. To do this, help yourself with your fingers to move the tip of the syringe. The cervix has 3 folds and a blind bag at the entrance to the cervix. These are the main obstacles to the syringe. Once in the body of the uterus, you can press on the piston and squeeze out the sperm. In this case, it is necessary to carefully monitor the introduction into the body so as not to injure the uterine mucosa. Then, uterine massage is also performed. The cow is allowed to smell the rubber cover, which was put on the syringe, which made insemination, so that she knew the smell of a bull. Visual video can be found on the Internet.
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How to understand whether a cow will calve

There are several signs by which it is realistically understood that a burenka calving soon: you need to look at the cow under the tail. Somewhere a day before the calving period, the cow has a characteristic discharge of 15-20 cm. The heifer licks the sides and mumbles. Before calving, the cow’s udder swells, becomes hard, but milk is not yet flowing.The animal stops eating.

After calving, it is recommended to continue feeding in the volume usual for the animal. The process of birth of a calf can be seen on the video on the Internet. The horse demonstrates the same manipulations.

To summarize

How to care for a newborn calf? After birth, the calf is wiped with a muzzle from the mucus. The umbilical cord is treated with iodine solution. In the first hour after the birth of the baby you need to feed with warm milk. Cows and horses get along well together.

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Young stallions can be in a stall with calves, but when puberty begins, animals are seated, you need to carefully monitor your pets, follow all the requirements, and then you will really achieve the desired result.

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