What is the fastest horse in the world

A horse is a powerful and powerful animal. In every century, horses were appreciated and respected, and horses were always irreplaceable on the farm. High-speed horses were especially appreciated. The fastest horse in the world today can compete with a large number of modern cars. No wonder the speed of the machine is measured in horsepower.

  1. Horse power
  2. Characteristic view
  3. A list of famous horses who showed incredible results
  4. The fastest way to run

Самая быстрая лошадь в мире

Most the fastest horse in the world

Horse power

Today not everyone knows which horse is the fastest in the world. There are two types of horses. The first type – these are traction horses, they are famous for their strength and power. They pull objects, a cat They are several times heavier than themselves, but there are horses that are designed to participate in horse racing: horseback riding.

The standard speed of an ordinary horse is 14-21 km / h, and the fastest run is with a horse , which participates in races, reaches speeds above 50 km / h.

Allure plays one of the most important roles in equestrian sport. It includes:

  • lynx;
  • gop;
  • step;
  • amble;
  • quarry ;
  • move.

The fastest view among all is a gallop. On short runs, the distances of small segments are 2900 meters. And while the horse can and should accelerate to 62 km / h. At long distances (they are more than 5 km) a horse can develop its power and speed up to 57 km / h.The breed of the fastest horses in the world is exclusively purebred English horses. On the video you can see how impressive the run of this breed is, how graceful the horses can be. They are distinguished by their speed and energy. They absorb kilometer by kilometer.

Species Description

The English horse is the fastest horse in the world, today it occupies a leading position. If you look after the stallion correctly and well (especially his legs), he will bring joy. The legs should be constantly bandaged so that the horses do not damage them. In any training and racing, so that the horse does not injure the ligaments, you must always keep them in good shape. Ligaments are the most vulnerable spot in the horse’s body structure.

We will examine the distinctive characteristics of English racehorses in more detail.

  1. The fastest horse carries only the pure DNA of its ancestors.
  2. For breeding of this breed use only fast horses.
  3. They can carry large and maximum loads that are intended for horses. Not everyone knows that the fastest horse in the world has the biggest heart: horses have more hearts than ordinary relatives. Because of this, the strength and endurance of these horses is 2 times greater. It has been documented that the largest heart is 6.5 kg.
  4. Incredible speed, precisely because of this in the world of equestrian sports, they received the title of the fastest horses.

But besides this, the fastest horses in the world have their own limitations. There are few of them, but still they are significant: mares are not very fertile, due to the fact that they are constantly in pace, it is difficult for them to bear a stallion. Like any “stars”, these horses are distinguished by their picky food. They need as much hay as possible, it should only be natural and of high quality. Permanent access to fresh foods and vitamins is also required.

This breed has a very weak structure due to constant breeding information and experiments. Because of this, they are a little weak for health and you need to constantly monitor their immunity and take vaccinations. But a quick and lively temperament, lightning-fast reaction are the main distinguishing features of their behavior. This breed is undoubtedly perfect for walking and professional racing.

List of famous horses that showed incredible results

The first stallion, who became famous for his amazing speed is Beach Racket. He is a tribal stallion who for a very long time held leading positions at the races. In 1945, in Mexico City, he showed the best result, which is still famous. He was able to develop a speed of more than 70 km / h at a distance of 410, 27 m. This result immediately entered the history of equestrian sport.

The second stallion who tried to get close to Beach’s result is Oniol Rohl. He did not have a few meters to beat the result of the previous horse and establish a new one. An animal named Siglevy Slave without an assistant (rider) galloped a distance of more than 810 m at a speed of 69.5 km. All in all, some 5% of the speed was not enough for him to beat the result of Beach.

The last trotter that went down in history is John Gurney. He was able to reach speeds of up to 60 km in a short distance – 2500 meters. This is due to the fact that he was wearing a rider and all the equipment that in total weighed more than fifty kilograms.

The fastest way to run

Of all three existing gait gallop is considered the fastest run. The main feature of the gallop is that the animal is not looking for maximum support with its feet, but rather, as if hanging in midair. This method of running is very convenient for the horse and helps to develop maximum speed. If the rider is a professional, then he knows: in order to help the trotter to develop speed, he must get up from the saddle, leaning on his legs, and lean forward slightly. Such a pose will significantly help the animal develop maximum speed in this situation.

By nature, the animal uses a gallop in order to escape away from impending danger or in order to quickly overcome a short distance. Animals quite rarely jump with all the power of more than 3 km.In addition, today there are several types of gallop. Speed ​​gallop (fast gait) – 50-60 km / h. Slow gallop – 20 km / h.

The fastest horse in the world
The fastest horse in the world ✦ Fastest horse in the world ✦ LUCKY
Fastest horse in the world!

For this kind of movement, like an allure, it really matters, with what legs the horse will tread. If the animal started its run from the left leg, it means that it will not have any problems with repeating to the left, but turning to the right will become a big problem.Only a rider with great experience can cope with such difficult situations, for a beginner, high speed can be fatal.

The English horse is famous around the world. Its positive characteristics outweigh the disadvantages of the breed. Riders are very energetic and fast.

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