Description of horses of breed Russian Rysista

Russian trotter is a special breed of horses with the best qualities. Animals received an excellent response from people who had already dealt with them. This type of horse is perfect for both sports and rural work.

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Русский рысак

Russian trotter

Russian Trotter breed of horses was bred in Soviet Union: In the mid-50s, 2 of the best breeds of horses of their time were crossed I. It was the Oryol trotter and the American horse of the Standenbird breed.

The appearance of the breed Russian Trotter

The very history of the breed Russian Rysista begins, as already mentioned, in the 50s years of the twentieth century.Russian trotter began to engage in the active formation and breeding of the breed in the 90s.At this time, English horses of the Standenbird breed began to be massively supplied to Russian lands. These horses at the hippodrome were a healthy competitor to our Oryol trotters.

Soon, foreign horses began to defeat all the horses that they rivaled them. In obedience and endurance, they had no equal. Fans of horse racing and riding immediately drew attention to these horses.

The most paradoxical thing is that these horses on the lands of America were not considered elite professional horses. The owners of these horses sold and exported animals abroad for a lot of money, considering them not very good and hardy. But here, after a series of studies, experiments, complex tests and trainings, in the early 50s, a completely new breed called Russian Rysak was bred. The best horses were taken as a sample: Orlovsky Trotter and American Standenbird.

The difference between Orlovsky and Russian Trotter is obvious. At the age of three, Russian horses gain about 450 kg in weight, and the Oryol horses are behind in terms of weight. The same cannot be said about the rest of the animal’s body. In the Oryol trotter, in contrast to the Russian, the chest is wider, much thicker than the mane, the limbs are longer. The Russky Rysak breed has a more sinewy body than the Oryol horse.

Characteristics of the horses Russian Rysak

Most often you can see the Russian Rysak black, red, in rare occasions lucky enough to meet a gray color. These horses are characterized by a wide forehead, a long back, a straight neck, sinewy, developed, symmetrical body, black eyes, long ears. The Russian Rysstoy breed ideally shaped skull, tightened body muscles, protruding chest.

The limbs of representatives of this species have a slight defect: the front hooves look a little at each other, and the rear, on the contrary, to the side. All this perfectly brightens their taut, strong look. Due to the improper structure of the limbs, the Russian trot, in comparison with other horses, has a significant priority: it can overcome high obstacles at high speed. The hooves of the Russian Trotters are quite solid and have a rounded shape. Due to this, they are able to endure strong blows.

Depending on the crossing, the most incredible, beautiful views of the Russian Rysakov were born. All this was done for testing and the best result at the races.

As mentioned above, Russian Rysaki are completely physically formed by 3-4 years of life, and gain playfulness by 6 years. Like all breeds of horses, the Russian Lynx has its own standards of growth and development:

  1. The height of the withers is not less than 145 cm and not more than 170 cm.
  2. Body length should be 165 cm .
  3. The circumference of the chest is 185 cm.
  4. The circumference of the mouth of the horse is 22 cm.

Also, the Russian Trotters are divided into several species. The guild type of horses is famous for sinewy front hooves, large body weight, long-range endurance. Representatives of this breed were Gilas and Lucifer. Another species is known as the Overseas Miracle. He was introduced by the grooms Ginger and Miner. The characteristic of this species is the great mass of the body, sinewy.These horses were considered the fastest.

The next breed is named Anthony. The riders Chekanny and Razgulyay introduced this species. He is characterized as very hardy, with strong hooves. The horse has great weight, but at the same time sinewy, is able to gain very high speed. Ideal for riders.

The last type of horse of this breed is Awe. The characteristic of this species implies the small size of the animal and strong hooves. Representatives of this species were Rooster and Evening.

At the moment, the breed Russian Rysak is quite common. If you wish, you can visit, for example, the stables of the Dubrovsky Poltava region, the Lavrovsky stable of the Tambov region and other places. It was there that sports horses were trained in agricultural work.

How to care for the Russian Trotter

The most important thing in the care is washing and cleaning the horse. Health directly depends on the cleanliness of the stable and the horse itself. It is especially important to monitor the cleanliness of the animal during the period when it is in the sump, since the probability of getting dirty in the stable is very high.

What could be better than the skin of a horse shining in the sun? In order for the horse to remain beautiful, it is worth monitoring the purity of its skin. Immediately after walking, you must clean the horse from dirt and sweat.

If the walk was made during wet weather, it is necessary to wet the skin of the horse with a washcloth.It is recommended to use natural wool. Such a washcloth absorbs more moisture. Such care will help to avoid the disease of artiodactyls.

Also, timely cleaning and care are also important because they allow timely detection of injuries and wounds to the horse. With each cleaning, the animal makes it possible to better recognize itself, its character and its own character.

Russkiy Rysak breed does not require special care, but in the stable there should always be standard equipment for caring for the horse. Here are the accessories that should be kept on the farm: a scraper, a woolen sponge, a metal comb.

A lobster breed of horse loves water very much, so horses are recommended to be doused with water, preferably in the warm season. The most convenient and easiest way to bathe is to shower the horses with a hose

Cleaning and caring for the hooves of the Rysista Russian horse

I am one of the main components of the hoof animal. It is on them that the entire load falls, so the purity and health of the animal also depends on the state of its hooves. The cleaning procedure is performed every time after a walk, no matter what breed of horse.

But caring for the hooves of the Russian Rysista is not just cleaning. It is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection, because it happened that during a walk some kind of rolling pin fell into the hoof and the animal inflicted injury on its own accord.

The most important thing is to notice and take all necessary measures in time to avoid serious problems.They recommend contacting veterinarians immediately and not accepting independent conclusions. Since the textbooks explain poorly and not completely clearly what to do in this or that case. To avoid complications and health problems in the future, it is important to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Russian trotter
Russian trotter under saddle
Russian trotter

Diseases of the horses of the Russian Trotter breed

In general, the health of horses suffers due to improper care.Pets can have colds, ticks, and even limb injuries. In addition to all this, the trotter breed of horses very often suffers from stomach pains and respiratory diseases, therefore it is necessary to prevent these ailments.

It is also recommended to regularly show the horse to the veterinarian to prevent or timely treat various diseases. It is also desirable to be vaccinated against ailments to which animals are most exposed. If you follow all these simple rules, the horse will serve his master for a long time and faithfully.


Having studied the breed Russian Rysak, we can conclude that this is an amazing breed of horses. A lobster horse has an incredible history of origin and a difficult path of development. Every day, a lobster horse became stronger and stronger. Now this breed is unique, it is used everywhere. She is able to work all day in the field or overcome the same tens of kilometers with the same ease.

Russian Rysak is an amazing breed of horses, this becomes obvious even when looking at the photo, any site will confirm this. This horse is not only incredibly kind, but also incredibly beautiful and strong, as a result of which it is often used in races and at various exhibitions.

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