Pony breed Appaloosa

A pony is a type of domesticated horse; it is no coincidence that the word translates as “little horse.” Ponies Appaloosa are their most interesting and unusual inhabitants.

Breed history

It is believed that the first representatives began to breed somewhere on the far islands of Europe, on the outskirts of Scandinavia, where today there are the most famous and largest nature reserves in the world.

According to official figures, for example, horse breeds were brought to the United States, and Indian tribes lived in the area, so they were wild observers because they consider the prey to be reconnaissance. for completely different purposes, incomprehensible to them. p26>

They got used to these assistants and began to tame them in droves. Horses helped house and transport heavy objects. Locals began to move quickly.

The Nez Perce tribe is experienced equestrian specialists, they are chosen by the fastest and most painful people, and thus get rid of huge and painful animals. That is why horses in the northwestern territories were highly appreciated.

After the hostilities, as a result, there were almost no purebred representatives. Claude Thompson, realizing that he will play an important role in the future, decided to create a fund to support the preservation of the costume.

In 1938, the club opened the official name of the breed Appaloosa. Each made every effort to revive the breed. This organization is working today. According to recent data, the abundance of this species increases in season. You can find museums, registers, reserves, horse races, competitions and equestrian competitions.

The name Appaloosa comes from the Palus River, which flowed in the area where ponies were first tamed and used.


The height of the pony is up to 157 cm. The body is athletic, toned and muscular.

Появление Пони Аплодисменты

Appearance of the pony Applus

Appearance differs in the following requirements:

big head;
strong and stable legs, slightly dry and not very strong in appearance;
small, elegant back;
sharp, slightly rounded at the base of the ears;
big eyes, a deep and penetrating look;
wide neck smoothly passing into the body;
medium size but neat chest;
high rise, pleasant to the touch tail and mane, hairline after wavy and curved at the ends

In general, the color itself is a sign of difference from other horses, the colors are mainly leopard, white and black are also not rare in color.

Horses have spotty even hooves. If other horses have the consequences of injuries or simply light shades, then in this genus they were striped for life, with fancy lines and even polka dots.


These are complaisant and noble horses. These are very active animals, they are constantly in motion, on which photographs are often displayed.

Аппалуза пони персонаж

Appaloosa breed pony nature

Horses feel like them, and if you behave warmly, you can get confidence in the answer. The horse of the Appaloosa breed per mile feels the person and his intentions. If the horse is really nervous, behaves in an unfriendly way and constantly tries to break out, it means that in this way she shows her discontent.


participates in the breed, also does not become smaller. On the contrary, modern breeders are developing this direction and are ready to discover new and no less interesting facts about ponies.

Pony competitions, exhibitions, shows, photographs, shows and other entertainment programs have been very successful. Among the benefits are often mentioned the ability to quickly change direction and turn around at speed. This tactic helps confuse the enemy.

Maintenance and care
Ponies can be kept on the field or in specially equipped stables. The second option is preferable.
In winter, pony fields are not the best option: animals will be injured, they will have hoof and leg diseases. The only plus of street service is the development of immunity to respiratory tract infections, which cannot be said about keeping in a stall.
Fresh grass and hay are the main element in the diet, but concentrated nutrition with vitamins and all the necessary additives to restore the strength of the animal.
To feed often and in small portions is recommended by specialists not only the smallest, but also adults. Immediately after feeding you should not use the pony for any purpose, especially if it is a race.
Cleanliness is another important condition for keeping Appaloosa horses, you should pay special attention to feeding troughs, drinking bowls and all tools.

Interesting Facts

You can rarely swim and wash the ponies. In this case, the weather should be warm, without wind and rain. And to wash your pets, you need to be able to find an approach and have a lot of patience. At the same time, the tail needs to be washed much more often, because the breed is often famous for its blond hair, therefore, it is simply necessary to keep it clean for sanitary and aesthetic purposes.

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