Description of the horses of the Kladrub breed

Horses of different breeds are animals with their own character and history of creation. Playful, fast or massive horses vary in purpose and are kept in special conditions. Kladruba’s horse compares favorably with his relatives in color and in the speed with which it can develop.

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Characteristics of Kladrub breed horses

Characteristics of horses of the Cladrub breed

Before you get a horse, you need to study the remarkable Cladrub horses.


The Cladbrew horse breed was bred at the beginning of the 17th century in the north of the Netherlands.

The breeders managed to cross one of the local breeds that are resistant to temperature extremes and the Spanish fast steed. Breeding took place over several generations, as a result – a steed with a stable immunity and a cheerful disposition, capable of not only winning the races, but also decorate any private stable. What is the difference between the Kladrub variety?

Black horses can always be recognized by exposure. From the outside it may seem that the Friezes are ready to break into a desperate race along the green steppes. The elongated massive neck with a beautiful bend goes into a well-built body. A long head highlights the breed in a series of similar horses. Long ears create a unique “straight” profile.An incredibly photogenic animal species participates in many exhibitions, proving its superiority over and over again.

Appearance of the Kladrub horse breed

Appearance of the Kladrub horse breed

Massive thick legs are covered with long “brushes”. A thick mane and hairline that covers large hooves give the appearance of originality. The group of bred horses has a fluffy tail that stretches to the horse’s hooves. The calling card – Frisism – is striking when you first meet the Kladrub breed.

The color of the animals has changed. Initially, the bay suit of the Kladrub horse took unexpected shades over time. The furry stroke of the friezes is a hallmark of this type of horse. At short distances, the animal is strong, but long-term trials to massive horses are too tough: due to the sweeping step of the horse, they quickly get tired. black suit, found in other colors only in cases where the horse’s pedigree includes crossbreeds. A distinctive feature of the variety is smooth skin, which is devoid of spots or bumps. On the side of the hairline of the horse has one uniform color without marks. The photos demonstrate such a feature of the breed as one of the main advantages of breeding friezes.

The suit of Kladrub horses

Kladruba horse suit

Representatives of the breed that can still be found in stables around the world:

  • black;
  • bay;
  • gray (beautiful dark ash color);
  • Chubaray.

Today, most often there are 3 colors of harness horses: Chubaray, black and gray. The variety of color has decreased due to the crisis of genetic crosses. Black horses are the main representatives of the breed, which retained all the strong features of their ancestors. Mares have small marks resembling a bright star. Such a horse immediately stands out among a large number of horses and draft horses in the stable.

Friza’s nickname – “black pearl” – speaks for itself. A unique hairline, which has no equal, fascinates even the most experienced horse breeders.

Programs in which black animals (show, shared, likes) can participate will improve the skills of horses. Crow harnesses are the best choice for experienced horse breeders and beginners. Owners of large stables proudly say “our horse” when a horse with a perfect black suit appears.


A special kind of animal is bred among hounds of horses and in simple stables. Kladrub horse is from Holland. The growth of the breed at the withers is from 1.5 m to 1.6 m.Photos of black horses cannot convey how beautiful an animal is when moving in a natural environment.

View Kladrub refers to large oblique horses. High-legged horses with a harnessed torso of the body, albeit massive, but very elegant. Exposure and durability distinguishes the breed from other horses that can be harnessed to a harness. A photo of a black sheep will help make the right choice for a horse breeder who is considering buying.

An animal with a thick hair can be used both in a harness and for riding. Reliable horses will avoid various problems on the road or at short distances.

Massive horses behave in a friendly manner towards other animals or people. These are horses with a calm disposition and simple character, easy to train. A calm animal is used for multi-layer teams, where horses have to contact other horses.

Raising a black sheep takes place without any special complications, especially for an experienced horse breeder. The freedom-loving animal quickly adapts to new conditions.

In movement, the dense brushes on the horse’s legs give the breed an elegant look. Noble and yet simple horses can be kept in common stables, without requiring special care. Photos of horses bred back in the 17th century decorated the covers of magazines more than once, because the beautiful color and unusual hairline distinguish the variety from the rest.


A naturally energetic animal is not marked by violent disposition. For amateur riding, the Kladrub horse is the safest option. Universal animals to this day remain one of the most popular in the world.

The Kladrub horse in the photo looks no worse than noble breeds, thoroughbred horses, which are several times more expensive.

Description of the horses of the Kladrub breed

Kladrub horses can handle dressage of any complexity

Draft universal animals can cope with dressage of any complexity. The Friezes are characterized by a well-developed lynx, which not every type of harness horse can boast. Playful by nature, such horses can withstand the most adverse conditions. Breeding the breed will require a little skill and patience. Experienced horse breeders are happy to breed Friesians in their own stables.

History of occurrence

The animal differs from similar horses in the article, its mane and character. In behavior, lifestyle, habits, Kladrubsky look immediately stands out from the rest of the “inhabitants” of the stable. In the run, the ravens reveal their nature. A thick luxurious mane and tail develops in the wind. Prototypes of faithful companions of noble knights, such horses adorn any exhibition.

How did this unusual breed come about?

A loose body is a legacy of a species that was born by crossing two completely different breeds.

In appearance massive and strong, Kladrub horses do not withstand too much stress. From cold-blooded breeds the horse got a noble appearance, become and bearing. It is very difficult to distinguish a purebred horse from individuals of the described species. High slender legs allow the horse to gain speed and to overcome even the greatest distances in a short period of time.

The animals got endurance from heavy-duty horses. Spanish roots have allowed modern individuals to develop high speeds even in the most adverse conditions. For the competition of teams of sleds, Kladrubskaya is an ideal horse that will lead a rider or coachman to victory.

Often, black individuals take part in various performances.

Friezes are bred in European countries and in America. Ravens are selected for filming in historical films.

The habits and manners of the breed will also not leave anyone indifferent. The color and size of the horses changed over the years, but the manner of their behavior has not changed. Even an unprofessional horse breeder will cope with a raven who is obedient and calm during training.


It does not take a lot of time to breed horses.Voronoi can be bred:

  • in private estates in small stables;
  • in specialized sports clubs;
  • in societies involved in horse training.

The landed and unusual beauty of black horses is fascinating. Conditions for keeping black animals will also not be a problem for experienced horse breeders. Spacious grounds for walking, clean water and green balanced food – all that require friezes. The black horse loves running space and clean air. In such conditions, the horses grow rapidly and gain weight.


It is better to breed the breed outside the city, away from noisy streets and the hum of cars. An ecologically clean area in the suburbs will be the ideal residence of Kladruba.

The average cost of a horse does not compare with how much benefit you can get from a horse. The participant of the sledding and exhibitions competitions is a great pride for the owner. Neither an experienced horse breeder nor a beginner will be able to walk past a breed with a thick mane.

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Friezes do not require special skills for breeding. The main thing is the desire to provide animals with good conditions and care. Unpretentious and obedient Kladrubsky horses will decorate any stable in all corners of the world.

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