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Horses are one of the noblest creatures in the world. They cause tenderness and tenderness, they want to be cherished and cherished. In different countries, individual breeds are popular, depending on the need for their use: someone needs frisky horses, and someone needs hardy hard workers. Suffolk horse deserves special attention – the breed, albeit too light, but no less beautiful.

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Суффолькская лошадь

Suffolk horse

Where it came from

Surprisingly, the exact date of the origin of these graceful horses has come down to our days.The first records date back to 1506, and in 1768 the stallion Crisp was born, who later became the progenitor of the whole breed.

Chestnut color is considered I’m the main evidence of a purebred suffolk. The name of the English county where the breed was bred was the name of this type of horse, and German Bidell became known among the breeders and devotees of the breed because he gave half his life to breeding.

Suffolk horse weighs only 900 kg, but not inferior in its zeal to other heavyweights. If this species is crossed with any other heavy breed, then you will get the offspring of the harness, which is also called the Suffolsky Punch. Where “punch” in translation from English means “strength”, thereby characterizing artiodactyls without unnecessary words. Animals delight the eye with a variety of red shades inherent in them.

What is the peculiarity

Let’s find out why the Suffolk breed came up to the military and is it comfortable. If you look at the photo, you can see well-developed, but short legs, which does not prevent the pets from being excellent harness horses. From the perspectives, I would like to highlight the following:

  • unpretentiousness in maintenance and the fact that the horse needs very little feed;
  • the mare is ready to work faster than other heavyweights: for example, you can harness the usual at the age of three, and Suffolskaya for the second year already;
  • the light and flexible disposition, good nature and devotion will not leave anyone indifferent: pets are ready to become a friend for everyone, from children to adults;
  • One can not help but mention the longevity of the breed, most of which live up to 30 years old and at the same time bya feels;
  • the duration of the childbearing period in females reaches 20 years.

Even the appearance of special agricultural equipment did not affect the prevalence of the species within the country and still in the fields of Great Britain there is an opportunity to observe how chestnut beauties work. They have become another symbol of conservatism and commitment to the traditions of the inhabitants of England.

What is different from the others

There are so many horse breeds on the planet that it is impossible for an inexperienced person to distinguish between them, although each has its own characteristics. What are the signs of Suffolk harness?Main characteristics:

  • the height of the animal is 1.65 m at the withers;
  • 25 cm – girth of the horse’s metacarpus;
  • of impressive sizes head and neck;
  • a rather high forehead and extremely mobile ears;
  • the chestnut torso is painted evenly and there should not be any marks of a different color on it;
  • asymmetrically located legs: the rear legs are put closer to each other to a friend than the front ones – this allows you to withstand heavy loads when working on the field without harm;
  • shiny eyes;
  • barrel-shaped horse shape;
  • massive case for short their legs;
  • stamina and high working capacity, allowing the breed to be used for hard work;
  • the complaisance and kindness that bribes everyone.

Not too bright appearance, but existing features that make it easy to recognize the Suffolk when meeting.

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Ease of maintenance and maintenance

The ability of the breed to survive even in harsh conditions on scarce and small forages against the background of other heavyweights makes the variety even more popular . To such conclusions at the beginning of the century came a farmer engaged in breeding various thoroughbred and outbred horses. According to him, 20 ordinary horses eat as much food as 25 representatives of the Suffolk breed. Savings on the face.

And he also had to give outbred not only hay and fodder beets, but also almost 35 kg of corn every week. Suffolk cost 23 kg per week. It is about adult and labor horses. Such a comparative analysis of the diet in numbers emphasized the superiority of the breed, which is already popular in its homeland.

It has no special conditions of detention and requirements for conditions. Even novice horse breeders will appreciate a cute and very hardy animal. Withstanding unrealistic loads, they eat less than others. The fairer sex is conquered by the developed large muscles on the torso and legs, and children are happy to play with them and find a true friend in their face.

It is enough to see the magnificent Suffolk harness only once to remember it forever, and, having become acquainted with a unique horse, it is easy to be conquered by it.A meek disposition and at the same time an energetic temperament with a constant willingness to work does its job, and more and more farmers are choosing in its favor. And they do not lose, because no shortcomings have been found in the entire history of its existence, but countless advantages are obvious. Summing up, I want to confidently say that the Suffolk breed is one of the best on earth. Do not even doubt it: leaning in its favor, you certainly will not lose.

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