Description of the Holstein breed of horses

Holstein horse breed – an ancient variety from Germany. These horses were mentioned back in 1225. Of course, since the breed couldn’t help but change, however, these athletic horses still exist.

  1. Historical data about the breed
  2. Exterior
  3. Pedigree line
  4. Breed today

Holstein breed of horses

Holstein breed of horses

Historical data about the breed

The Holstein breed of horses appeared in the Middle Ages: references to these horses can be found in documents of the XIII century. The Holstein horse was very relevant during the war. All because she is distinguished by courage and fearlessness. m, for which the riders really appreciated it.

Holstein has a rich pedigree. According to historical data, this horse was crossed with a Neapolitan, Eastern, German, Spanish horse. At a later time this breed was crossed with a Yorkshire carriage breed. Despite in name, the latter was used not only for harnessing to a carriage. The knights mounted her battles on horseback, and she also participated in ceremonial and cavalry exits.

Today, a horse breeding factory located in Elmshorn, a city in Germany, is engaged in breeding this horse. The modern representative is even more athletic, but he managed to maintain an easygoing character. With the qualities that this breed possesses, you can safely win awards and medals in various competitions.


The Holstein breed of horses is a real athletic breed, the muscular body also speaks of this.

This horse has a rather unusual exterior. The average growth of an individual ranges from 168 to 172 cm. As for color, it is most often seen:

  • bay;
  • black;
  • gray ;
  • dark bay.

The external characteristics are attractive: the horses have large eyes, the profile has regular shapes, the shape of the head is slightly elongated, the nostrils are wide. The neck is distinguished by its length and graceful bend, as can be seen from the photo.

Appearance of the Holstein breed

Holstein breed

The stallion has a truly athletic build. The body is sloping, strong, muscular. The width between the forearms is sufficient, which ensures the correct setting of the legs. This contributes to horse endurance. The wrists are powerful, dense, their diameter is 20-24 cm.

A horse can develop an enviable speed, due to his physique. She has wonderful hock joints. Strength and endurance of the horse is provided by tendons, which differ in strength and dryness.

The Holstein breed of horses is a workaholic. Also, its representatives are characterized by ambitiousness in conquering new peaks.

By nature, the horse is distinguished by obedience, but loves movement very much.The Holstein breed of sports horses combines beauty and strength, a love of movement and poise, muscularity and elegance.

This is ideal if you need to participate in equestrian competitions or ceremonies. The horse’s universal abilities allow it to be used in various fields.

This breed cannot be called numerous, because a very small number of plants are engaged in its breeding. But those who take this horse to sporting events often win. Among the representatives of the variety known bay horse, whose name was Meteor. His story was remembered thanks to three Olympic medals.

Today, horses find their place in horse riding and other sports.

Tribal line

Inside the breed There is a tribal line specializing in some equestrian sports. These breeding horses have a special love for sport and movement, they have incredible coordination, they are characterized by increased energy and rare obedience.

The horses of the Holstein breed are energetic and obedient

Horses of the Holstein breed are energetic and obedient

These horses are very fond of learning, diligent, interact well with riders. Pet owners say that these horses have a sometimes stronger spirit of victory than the people themselves. These are horses with pronounced leadership qualities.It is thanks to them that horses are taken to real tournaments for knights.

The kings of Sweden and Denmark keep this subspecies in their stables in order to make solemn trips to them.

Breed today

Today, the described horse belongs to the category of sports. Everyone who wants to receive the most prestigious awards in competitions around the world should look at these horses.

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Современная лошадь этой породы является отличным выбором для верховой езды, все благодаря психологическим и внешним характеристикам лошадей, у них даже есть прозвище Highlander, что означает внедорожник.

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